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  1. Xonok

    Techtree vs Techweb

    When making one of my projects in the past I came across a problem. I had 4 kinds of walls: Basic Wall(Horisontal) Basic Wall(Vertical) Basic Wall(Diagonal1) Basic Wall(Diagonal2) I needed to make a techtree requirement, that tells you to build a wall - any wall of the ones mentioned...
  2. Orcnet

    Map Description Making: Good & Bad

    Map Description Making: Good & Bad 950 The Community expands and changes from time to time, and because of it we venture ourselves more into defining the very sources of the map by giving an in-depth scope of its gaming mechanics, system-based features, print-screened images, and a lot more...
  3. Nestharus

    Spherical Coordinates

    The spherical coordinate system maps points relative to an origin given two angles and a distance. What makes this different from the Cartesian coordinate system is that rather than defining a point by its x,y,z distance from the origin, it defines a point by the magnitude of an x,y,z point...