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    RaceLaneWars v2.8

    Btw I have the furlborg race idea set up, just waiting to see if you update the game before I spend time writing it :P
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    RaceLaneWars v2.8

    I beat 1 vs 2 AI with all races (but gnoll but it just takes more time because you need to use well your special) When you play alone you have 2500 gold while both AI have 1500. So I still thought that 1500 * 2 > 2500 + you also have your units on one lane and often the second AI attacks your...
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    RaceLaneWars v2.8

    I just read above someone who spammed shadow hunter as troll, I didn't do this strategy, I did two other strategies and it worked fine, I think it's one of the best race to play. I tried with the melee unit, it requires to wait end game but it works very well. I also tried with only ranged units...
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    Hmm sorry but I completely edited my first answer before you answered, check it out on...

    Hmm sorry but I completely edited my first answer before you answered, check it out on RaceLaneWars :P it's very lengthy
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    RaceLaneWars v2.8

    Oops, I just added this "- I successfully won with using team upgrades, but it's hard. So I wonder if team upgrade's cost should be lowered and increase as the game goes on. Also you could add "increase range" for ranged units maybe. - The night elf special which gives boot to units is cool but...
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    RaceLaneWars v2.8

    I played the 2.6 version to death but only in solo againt AI on Insane mode. At start I couldn't beat it during 3 rounds. Then I found how to do it and I finally beat it with every race. Then I beat it again with every race but against 2 AI on Insane mode. Then I tried some weird strategies and...
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    Inappropriate content

    No, it's sensual. Ok its not
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    A [Mod]est Proposal to "improve" the modding community

    LoolZ Right hiveworkshop could get in trouble if they earnt money with it. But if a mapmaker does it by himself, he won't have any problem. Only the pimp would be in trouble.
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    Gideon - Wrath of the Old Ones III

    omg cool imma test it, I remember the previous ones ! I wanted this kind of map today, shit i didn't come here first :(
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    Hunter's Hall 1.6.0

    About the map name, or the cinematic or other things I mentionned, it's only to help you reach a broader audience because I think the map can become very good, something like Ninja Vs Samurai (a map I played a lot). Every little downside of the map can make some players avoid it. So think a...
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    First War Memorium

    hmmm it's very annoying to have no rally points makes it hard to play also it looked like killing the AI's base was very very tedious and AI kept targeting the immune Eredar for Undeads (it was useless)
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    First War Memorium

    5 HP units army ?? I need to play this !!!!!!!
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    Roguelike 2.40

    and a hint : never take any pill
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    Roguelike 2.40

    you should give the warlock summons 1 inventory slot (it should be an upgrade purchasable) and two slots for the imp and more active abilities for the summons so it's harder to micro !
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    Ninja vs. Samurai - Showdown 1.2

    How are we supposed to play it without the map being hosted on public bots ?
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    Roguelike 2.40

    its not single player -___-
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    Roguelike 2.40

    I played as knight and owned everyone without a doubt (solo play). The goblin which kept respawning was weird, he reached like 1500dmg because of this so I had to cheat to kill him (because I already killed him 10 times so it wasn't fair :D). The puppetmaster got me but I saved right before and...
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    You can only strike v1.5

    Why is the camera upside down ? Otherwise this is pure s̶h̶i̶t̶ gold.
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    Hunter's Hall 1.6.0

    Each round is the same in my opinion. There is only one way to play. If you're a beast you teleport and use your spell and run away in hope of surviving. If you're almost dead you split in two. If you're a hunter, you wait for the beast to teleport and you net it. Then you spam your attacks and...
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    Hunter's Hall 1.6.0

    Not like I enjoy minimalist maps (it looks like the map is very boring with only 3 spells), but i wanted to try it but it's not on makemehost so it's impossible to play it in multiplayer. EDIT : ok I tested it in solo and after 1 round of each class I got bored. Also the hotkeys are not...
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    [Miscellanous / Other] [Puzzle Adventure] The Adventure of Jex and Flex

    Didn't test yet but it looks the kind of map I enjoy. However, how is the gameplay ?
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    The end of Warcraft III is comming... in theory...

    wow thanks for the information dr supergood
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    The Idealists Challenge #2 "Mythical Creatures"
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    [Role Playing Game] Shadow Over Blackwood

    You can hide HP bars, don't know how but I think I played maps where it was hidden. Or you can make them appear at the upper left corner of the map maybe
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    [Role Playing Game] Shadow Over Blackwood

    Don't put different modes, it's going to split the playerbase and it always fails. Otherwise it's cool.
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    Bankai V# 3.00

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    Minotaur's Labyrinth v1.9 + AI

    And making traps easily detectable is another stupid idea. For the hunted music, you should let it like it is, so when players are being chased, everybody is freaking out and finally tends to be used to the music and when the Minotaur shows up, they cry. Well you should really make it much more...
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    Parasite 2 v1.14B

    Here's a replay (in english) for nostalgics : Watch the replay as Red to see dialogs and turn off fog of war to watch others and still have the dialog. In the end, you can try to watch LB's point of view for a little surprise. It shows...
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    Beast Craft

    No don't bother for me :P
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    Beast Craft

    Hope you'll make another map of this kind. It's original, fun and can be played in solo.
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    Beast Craft

    I think this map is cool. However you could put much more work into it ! It was cool during 5 minutes. AI on insane is too easy, I played like a noob and I won. Everytime my scorpion dies in 3 sec and my wolf dies pretty quickly but I still win. However 0 replayability.
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    Can you make more of this ? :P Always loved Grow. After 10 attempts I got -276% :)
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    Ancient Protector 0.36b

    I've got a bug in solo (hosted in multiplayer but i was alone lol) When the fist hero came (far seer), and I killed him, I was stuck forever at 1 enemy still not dead. So i couldn't end this wave.
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    To the Bitter End

    Oh ok, I read a little the manual and diddn't see that.
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    To the Bitter End

    Anybody struck by the "Soul Reaver" and "Kaine" ? During years I thought this was a copy of legacy of kain on warcraft 3 so I avoided it. I killed kaine and it's not related xD
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    [email protected] Can't you be serious?
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    Do you even logic?

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    Best Map!

    PARASITE 2 (needs 9 players minimum) By the way, "the devil made me do it" is not downloadable :x If someone has it, please answer here or PM me ! I'd like to try it out
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    Looking for a map

    tower defense tycoon or tycoon tower defense something like that
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) loool

    Reputation (+1): (Post) loool
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    Do you even logic?

    The cooking thing was pretty weird (when it comes to choose the right "food") And I'm stuck at the portal riddle because it's kind of boring to try them all...
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    The Necromancer - Reanimated Edition

    It took me like 30-45 min, it was pleasing but easy. The hardest bosses were the arcanist and balnazzar. SPOILER : Seriously, make the next map much harder, because it's a good map !
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    Gideon - Wrath of the Old Ones II

    lol nice but that's not needed when you choose the undead guy and the huge army I had. I only played as undead, not worgen or the neutrals. I played the previous map too, and I prefered it because it was shorter and a little bit harder (but still easy).
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    Gideon - Wrath of the Old Ones II

    it's really too easy I still spent 2h on it xD but really too easy.
  45. T that answer was funny that answer was funny
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    Clash in the wild v.1.4(Forest)

    Preview image = very nice
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    Project that needs anyone experienced in ANY FIELD

    I post here to see how this ends.
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    I don't give afuck about you fixing your map or not, i tried to help you, i could have say nothing but i took time to retry it and then you answer like the cocky kid you are Stupid guy " Single-player mode for anti-social people or when you can't find anyone or just want to give it a try...