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  1. UgoUgo

    UgoUgo's Character/Monster/Creature Designs

    Welcome to my gallery. Not all of my artworks are posted here, but if you are interested in every single sketch/artwork of mine, you can visit my instagram page. Pictures below are made for my personal laptop's wallpaper, since I enjoy using stuff belonged to my own only. They are...
  2. UgoUgo


    So recently, I have started to perform digital artworks again after a long hiatus. This is one of it: Now before you comment, I want you to know that the picture above is done purely with using mouse. Therefore the anatomy will look a little distorted, but in time I'm sure I will get better...
  3. UgoUgo

    Incorrect GMT

    Greetings, I don't know about other people, but I'm using GMT + 8 and it's showing 7 am when it's supposed to be 6 am.
  4. UgoUgo

    Downloading files from pastebin

    So I dumped a mp4 file into pastebin from a friend's computer. Now I'm trying to retrieve it from my own computer. How do I do so? I tried clicking the mp4 file, all it does is playing the file directly from HiveWorkshop. Before start asking 'why do this, how etc', I'd just say it's a long...
  5. UgoUgo

    Two sided materials

    I've been wondering this for quite some time now. What's the difference between the one-sided material and two-sided material other than the two-sided material shows two side of face... obviously. Say if I use 100 footman, each of them using one-sided material in a map and another hundred...
  6. UgoUgo

    A model WIP

    Hey guys. I have recovered from my illness (hopefully) and Im on a 2 weeks holiday so I planned to spend my time to create a model for fun. As usual, my model will have a weird concept which I dont expect most people to like it. But whatever, thought I wanna share my progress with you guys...
  7. UgoUgo

    Multi Player Instancebility

    Hello guys, Im wondering if my trigger below is MPI. CRoom Port 6 TOP Events Unit - A unit enters CloneRoomPort6TOP <gen> Conditions CRoomWarping[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] Equal to False Actions Set CRoomWarping[(Player number of (Owner...
  8. UgoUgo


    Hello. It seems there something wrong with the Greenwich Meantime. I live in Malaysia so my time is GMT + 8. It is supposed to be 5 pm currently but the site shows 6 pm. EDIT: After the server hiccup, it seems the problem is solved.
  9. UgoUgo

    Question about vertices

    I am wondering, what happens if there's a lot of vertices on a model? Lets say theres two model, one model is with 500 polies with 1000 vertices another one is with 500 polies with 500 vertices do they have difference? Will the one with more vertices cause more lag? or create more filesize...
  10. UgoUgo

    An Attempt

    Sooo... I must be a daredevil to post poor picture at this section. Aaanyway, I took an attempt to draw a face, heres how it looks. Please note that I did not used a tablet to draw this, and Im too lazy to draw the neck. The gap between two eyes is weird, yes. Very blurry, yes. Other than that?
  11. UgoUgo

    MDLVis Model Deforming

    Hey guys, I am a user of MDLVis. Long ago, I have tried to create my own model from scratch and animate it myself. But it seems that the model mesh deforms whenever I tried to animate it (rotate it), such as rotating the arm. However, normal wc3 models dont seem to have this problem when i...
  12. UgoUgo

    Custom-made sound in models

    Hello, Is it possible to use a sound that is not located in the warcraft mpq on a model? For example, lets say I have a custom explosion sound that I wanna use for my model, but I dont want the sound to replace other sound (overwrite file paths) in the mpq. Is it possible to do so? If yes, how?