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  1. Foopad

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good Job!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good Job!
  2. Foopad

    ProgressBars v2.0.1

    This could have so many uses. Great upload :)
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    Starcraft II Melee Contest #1

    Patch notes have been released and I spotted a little something something. "Maps Desert Oasis Destructible Rocks have been added to make natural expansions easier to protect. " Sounds like a "novice" map to me. Maybe Desert Oasis should be excluded from the map pool?
  4. Foopad

    Starcraft II Melee Contest #1

    I would like to participate. Foopad.757 EU
  5. Foopad

    THW SC2 Tournament

  6. Foopad

    THW SC2 Tournament

  7. Foopad

    THW SC2 Tournament

    I would like to participate. Also I can livestream some of the matches, if that is needed. I might buy premium livestream quality for the finals. But when is this tournament taking place? Information: Foopad.757, Europe, GMT +2, Weekends are the days I prefer to battle.
  8. Foopad

    A Hiveworkshop Tournament

    I did miss something! Thanks for linking the other thread :)
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    A Hiveworkshop Tournament

    Regular Hiveworkshop tournaments is what we need! I haven't seen anyone making this recently, so if someone is, and I am missing the thread please redirect me, and forgot about the following :). I suggest we make a tournament exclusively for the members of Hiveworkshop, not that it is hard...
  10. Foopad

    My Starcraft wont update..

    I've had similar problems with other Blizzard games, usually a redownload of the patcher is the solution. Try what Hindyhat said, if that does not work, i suggest you ensure that your computer is the administrater, it seems that some files or modifactions to the files have some sort of access...
  11. Foopad

    Looking for EU beta-testers

    I'd be happy to test out this map! Foopad.757
  12. Foopad

    The avatar picture is a character from League of Legends called Annie. You said that my spells...

    The avatar picture is a character from League of Legends called Annie. You said that my spells would be good for your map, but I can't find it in the resources, I would love to see your map :).
  13. Foopad

    Share your Starcraft II experiences with The Hive Workshop community! – Replays!

    I haven't really had the chance to battle any hive members yet :(. I think it would be fun if we had regular hive battles. Create our own league or division. I'd be willing to participate!
  14. Foopad

    The countdown to Christmas (or SC2)

    Preordered right to the door, when I wake up i go out and check the mailbox and I'll have my SC2 ready to be installed!
  15. Foopad

    THW smileys

    Agree with the OP, a new set of smilies would be refreshing
  16. Foopad

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice observations :). Keep it comming!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice observations :). Keep it comming!
  17. Foopad

    Aparently, Starcraft II Version of DotA is comming...

    Sure, DotA was a good map. Although it was not as good as the hype it got. I mean I know players who only joined to Wc3 to play DotA. They have been AoS nearly as good as DotA, just not as detailed.
  18. Foopad

    Having Trouble with Start Locations.

    Yeah, that might be it. Ups! :)
  19. Foopad

    Having Trouble with Start Locations.

    I've added a start location using the "Start Location" button under Points. Somehow when I am ingame I don't have a base nor workers. Have anybody experinced the same problem or does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  20. Foopad

    Pathing Error

    You could increase the collision size in the data editor. I don't know exactly how this works in SC2 though. I find it easier using No Pathing, if it is something that you pre-place on the map.
  21. Foopad

    [Terrain]Space City

    Maybe you could add roads to the city. Otherwise I like it, it looks really good :)
  22. Foopad

    Estate Tower Defence

    The land you buy differs. The way of assigning terrain via. the editor is actually giving me some trouble :(. Here is the trigger for the normal type of land you buy. Basic Dirt Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions Actions Set TempLoc = (Position of...
  23. Foopad

    Estate Tower Defence

    The reason I haven't shown more of the map is because that is the only terrain currently done :P. When the overall terrain is done I will post a birds-eye view for you.
  24. Foopad

    Estate Tower Defence

    Do you think of yourself as the ultimate mazer? A clever brain is certainly needed for this unique tower defence! With the construction obstacles of mazing, and the unique combining possibilities. You need to include every factor in your maze in order to get the perfect result! Up for the...
  25. Foopad

    Simpl "Fear" and "Blink" v 1.0

    Don't be harsh with no constructive criticism. Most of you guys are saying the same things over. In the guys defence it's his second month here, so take a chill pill! :P. For more help on how to improve your spells go hereClick me! This is where you can get help from other people without...
  26. Foopad

    Weapon system 1.0

    At least that made me laugh :). Seems usefull, I can't recall seeing any of these systems. Well yours include sharpness which is an improvement.
  27. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

  28. Merry Christmas 2

    Merry Christmas 2

  29. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Just something I made while a bit bored this winter. I am hoping for snow here soon :)
  30. Foopad

    Spellpack by Foopad ver 1.02

    Thank you :)
  31. Foopad

    Earth Zealot Spellpack (v3)

    I'd better mention this before D4RK_G4ND4LF comes along. Your Earthshatter ability is going to destroy every destructable, even brigdes etc. stuff that might be useful to the map. Destructible - Pick every destructible within 200.00 of tempoint and do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
  32. Foopad

    Swordplay SPELLS (a lot of sword action!)

    You should atleast mention what type of third party program you used to create this, I am not even able to open this with my JNGP ><... Plus I might as well tell you know, the filesize tells me there's a lot of either models or icons in use, probably models. These should be removed if they're...
  33. Foopad

    Hehe, yeah well I don't know exactly how his name is written though, I just wrote how I...

    Hehe, yeah well I don't know exactly how his name is written though, I just wrote how I remembered it from my books, and they're danish :)
  34. Foopad

    Earth Zealot Spellpack (v3)

    I had a hard time defining what I meant in a few words, but more user configuration. You make it easy for the user to configure the spell. I can give you an example from one of my spells. -------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changeable...
  35. Foopad

    You just had to ruin my very well arguemented statement? :P Nietzsche was a german philosopher...

    You just had to ruin my very well arguemented statement? :P Nietzsche was a german philosopher in the 18th century :)
  36. Foopad

    Earth Zealot Spellpack (v3)

    Yes this sure is a discussion :). Well I've personally learned that if you don't question things you never get onwards. As you mention there may be some way to improve paladon's system, though I doubt it's that big of an improvement, but that's besides the point, if someone were to make a...
  37. Foopad

    Earth Zealot Spellpack (v3)

    @ Aspard, nice review mine is kind of small compared to yours :). Well this is probably more of a personal opnion than actual rules, if you ever create your own system, you learn something new. If you simply copy paste someone else's system you learn notihng. @ XenoStalker, I don't think, I...
  38. Foopad

    Earth Zealot Spellpack (v3)

    You should probably know this, you've just agreed that you've read and understood the rules, in which it is stated that you're allowed to use libaries and systems, but I think if it can be avoided you might aswell make your own. Try pressing upload once more and just read over the rules... I've...
  39. Foopad

    Earth Zealot Spellpack (v3)

    I see that you're using some icons there. This should probably be avoided to reduce filesize etc. A quote: "Third Party Material Spells should avoid using third party material (other than systems). If it is absolutely necessary, then the creators of those resources must be credited in the...
  40. Foopad

    Spellpack by Foopad ver 1.02

    Thanks, I will fix that in the upcomming update, some new spells might also come.
  41. Foopad

    Spellpack by Foopad ver 1.02

    Heat Ripple should probably have larger AoE, but that's very easy to adjust. The Freezing Spiral is designed like that, it's set to come out at a random angle though so it's very hard to hit someone.
  42. Foopad

    Fan of Knives v1.1

    Well I just started reviewing, and that is my template, he did acutally score 5/5 in something I haven't mentioned, but I guess I will mention that catagorey next time.
  43. Foopad

    Spellpack by Foopad ver 1.02

    Thanks! Yeah good you pointed that out, I forgot to add wantdestroygroup = true, I'll just do that
  44. Foopad

    special item slots

    I'd try this system from Anachron. Advanced Inventory Handling
  45. Foopad

    Spell - Tunnel

    Yes seems pretty interesting. I would like to do this, but I have no time atm. I'll wait to see Maker's result, it's usually pretty good :)
  46. Foopad

    Spellpack by Foopad ver 1.02

    Thanks :) Maybe at some point, though I would need to do some optimisation on them I think, and maybe change them a little. But not atm.
  47. Foopad

    Easy Bag System v. 1.01

    It does however have something to do with the submission rules... This is what I am refering to: "Originality Submissions should be at least somewhat unique, except in cases where they greatly improve on an existing spell in terms of performance, cleanliness (of code), visuals, or...
  48. Foopad

    Fan of Knives v1.1

    It's not math, I just couldn't give this spell 4/5. Besides there are points not taken into account in my review, but they should be next time..
  49. Foopad

    Fan of Knives v1.1

    Spell Idea = 0/5 Coding = 5/5 Effeciency = 5/5 User Interface = 5/5 Documentation = 5/5 You Scored = 5/5 My Comments: - Although the spell idea is a blizzard remade one, I think this spell is great. I was not able to find any bugs or leaks. The spell is MUI aswell. I love...
  50. Foopad

    DG`s Fire Spellpack v1.1

    Spell Idea = 4/5 - Coding = 5/5 Effeciency = 5/5 User Interface = 3/5 You scored: 4/5 My comments: - There's not much that could be changed, the spells all seem nice. I like the ideas and they're okay executed, I can't seem to find any errors, although I personally dissaprove of...