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  1. Marcraft22

    Looking for bnet Alpha testers (The Culling ARPG conversion)

    (EDIT: Already got them, this thread can be closed)
  2. Marcraft22

    Warcraft 3 Legacy Installer (1.21b - 1.27a)

    Hi people, This year is being a very special one since Blizzard has shown renewed interest for the Warcraft 3 community, making up new game updates as well as giving continuous support for both the core game and the editor. Unfortunately, Blizzard does no longer distribute old versions of the...
  3. Marcraft22

    [Capture the Flag] [Isometric Shooter] Parsec: Orcs vs Humans (Alpha Released)

    Parsec is a multiplayer class-based 10v10 capture-the-flag game which takes advantage of the last features introduced in the patch 1.29, like the native mouselook function (instead of the traditional point and click gameplay), in order to create an unseen isometric shooter experience where skill...
  4. Marcraft22

    [Shooting / FPS] WH40K: Dark Millennium Battlegrounds

    Stay awhile and listen, a long long time ago back into the olden days of Hive (like 10 years or so) a user named xXx-Tricky-xXx surprised the whole community by releasing his renowned map Sharpshooter Online, a masterpiece of Warcraft III GUI triggering that literally converted the game...
  5. Marcraft22

    100% Dark Night (Menu)

    Hi :) I'm making a suspense styled map and I'm using the call SetDayNightModels("","") script to make a deep dark atmosphere. The problem is when I access into the ingame menu all the screen gets revealed ruining the experience. Any solutions? Thanks.
  6. Marcraft22

    Quake Project [Model Request]

    Hi people. I'm making a project about the great universe of Quake (set on the second and fourth games era). By now I just need a model, I'll report other needs in the future. Of course everyone who helps me is going to have credits and +rep. The first challenge is that beauty: The...