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  1. Luashine

    Complete Command-Line Arguments Guide

    See Bogdan's post above for Reforged args. 1.33.0 added -legacykerning EDIT: The new renderer's text is wider, each character is more spaced out. Most annoying to me is the chat input. Before it looked like "helloI" now it looks like "hello I" (the gap to the cursor is so big it looks like a...
  2. Luashine

    Warcraft III Reforged Patch Notes - Version 1.33

    @Wrda Must be Blizzard internal yes, like the Jass "debug" keyword. Based on what I read today (impression) Blizzard won't have time until 2013: First Overwatch 2 and Christmas events. But breaking this much might cause a change of plans. The managers may have learnt counting money, but still...
  3. Luashine

    Warcraft III Reforged Patch Notes - Version 1.33

    // Automation Test native AutomationSetTestType takes string testType returns nothing native AutomationTestStart takes string testName returns nothing native AutomationTestEnd takes nothing returns nothing native...
  4. Luashine

    Tint Corrected Tilesets

    I agree with @MWM. The files should be placed inside _hd.w3mod/... inside the archive, so it can be imported as a whole folder inside the map and then it will only override the textures for HD players. Of course reducing the size by eliminating unused textures is still the map maker's job.
  5. Luashine

    Warcraft III Reforged Patch Notes - Version 1.33

    Fixed :ogre_hurrhurr: I'd love to have older snapshots but I didn't care back then.
  6. Luashine

    Warcraft III Reforged Patch Notes - Version 1.33

    @BossGengar it's a WE crash, they broke left something broken. There's nothing you can do. PS: Opening a black market for the 1.32.10 archive. 10€ per download.
  7. Luashine

    How to run maps with high gamespeed

    This method works on all maps, but it was WorldEditor which stopped you from using it on all maps. I've made a tool exactly for this here: WGC Utility (Test maps at high game speed)
  8. Luashine

    WGC Utility (Test maps at high game speed)

    @Regno I don't think there's anything broken? I will soon use it myself anyways.
  9. Luashine

    Warcraft III: Reforged PTR – Version 1.33.0

    Network blocked, main menu without video background, memory consumption: x64 (Release) PTR Warcraft III.exe Working Set 797 MB 616 MB Warcraft III.exe: WS Shared/Shareable (single copy) 26/268 MB 24/86 MB BlizzardBrowser.exe (all instances, sum) 1121 MB 1330...
  10. Luashine

    Resources have a different CSS style, breaking WYSIWYG editor

    I expected the Resource page to look exactly like in the editor, but it looks awful instead because the headings are not as bold as they should be, deviating from the editor preview.
  11. Luashine

    Incorrect line break mode for Resources tags

    "Open Source should be either split upon the space character" or with a dash or not at all (personal preference).
  12. Luashine

    WGC Utility (Test maps at high game speed) (Binary)

    Warcraft 3 .wgc launcher This utility allows you to generate a .wgc (Warcraft 3 Game Configuration) file according to your settings and launch the game to test a map. WorldEditor used this only to test AI scripts (in the AI editor) and had a limitation of only allowing melee maps. Annoyingly...
  13. L

    WGC Utility (Test maps at high game speed) (Binary)

  14. Luashine

    Image upload limit

    I uploaded this totally cool new thing Notepad++ Jass/vJass syntax highlighter and wanted to attach a big beautiful web image that showed syntax highlighting of a big boring code file with vJass. The screenshot was 8-bit palette PNG, why would you need to know? Because I optimized it very well...
  15. Luashine

    Notepad++ Jass/vJass syntax highlighter (Binary)

    Features: 100% Jass2 syntax support 95% for vJass (see below) Partial support for JassHelper directives: //! All current natives added for highlighting (v1.33) All functions from common.j, blizzard.j, variables and constants Different colors for blizzard.j, common.j's natives and variables...
  16. L

    Notepad++ Jass/vJass syntax highlighter (Binary)

  17. Luashine

    Improve automated extraction of (listfile)?

    Yes @Retera, @Drake53 is right about the "Live game scanner" which hooked into the game and intercepted the load calls. This is one possible way, but it's not automatic and very, very slow because you have to play for a long time. And yet it doesn't provide a 100% success rate, especially for...
  18. Luashine

    Windows 11?

    There needs not be any logic for the copyright holders to demand certain restrictions. For example, Google's Widevine DRM has different "levels". The lowest level is software-only and will permit you to watch 480p/720p on most services. Higher levels, that work only with compatible hardware...
  19. Luashine

    Windows 11?

    At first I wanted to avoid ranting about Windows 11's requirements, specifically TPM and its friends. Funny that Ravager mentioned Valorant's rootkit anti-cheat actually requiring TPM 2.0 and everything else that goes along with it. Trusted Computing is the keyword. The first two paragraphs on...
  20. Luashine

    [JASS] Latest map script leads to incorrect lobby and not being able to play the map

    For Lua, the game always generates a meaningful error message in memory if it was a script error. I used to dump process memory and search for "war3map" in it to find the error msg (see my luahelper thread for extraction commands). I'm not sure, but I think the error message is also written to...
  21. Luashine

    High speed triggers or a slow TriggerRegisterTimerEventPeriodic()

    There's no point but for me to explore the Warcraft Internals :wcool: I consider anything that uses <0.01s for game trigger logic as unnecessary. Ideally, you wouldn't use 0.01s neither (approx. twice per game tick). Instead have game-tick-aligned triggers. They must run exactly once per game...
  22. Luashine

    Parsing metadata from w3m w3x w3n

    The Mega link for old rare maps is already dead. I've downloaded the map archive, if all links go down please tell me to reupload. PS: Excellent work.
  23. Luashine

    High speed triggers or a slow TriggerRegisterTimerEventPeriodic()

    Yes, I didn't have time to yesterday
  24. Luashine

    [General] Using game events as a clock source instead of timers?

    I don't remember if I've seen Handling Timer Imprecision by @_Guhun_ before, but he talked about the same thing. Namely timers that are not a power of 2 are imprecise. But after looking at timer numbers carefully, even the power-of-2 timers are imprecise. They do not accumulate rounding errors...
  25. Luashine

    High speed triggers or a slow TriggerRegisterTimerEventPeriodic()

    Hello, I'm back with another WC3 scripting insight that has cost me more time than I'm willing to admit... Timer and Trigger frequencies. What's the minimum interval of a Timer? "0.0" definitely works for a "fastest possible" setting. What's the minimum interval of a Periodic Trigger? The...
  26. Luashine

    [Solved] Broken graphics and no cursor in menu inside VirtualBox

    You can run Warcraft 3 if you enable VBoxSVGA graphics with 3D acceleration in VirtualBox settings. Yet the main menu will have broken colors and won't show a cursor. Nonetheless the game works fine once you load a map. Solution: Go to game's graphics options (hotkeys or navigate your cursor by...
  27. Luashine

    vJass2Lua WebApp (powered by JavaScript) - now supports ZINC!

    This one breaks. I was modifying WE's generated code and wanted to convert it to Lua: //=========================================================================== function InitTrig_TimeOfDayTicker takes nothing returns nothing set gg_trg_TimeOfDayTicker = CreateTrigger( ) call...
  28. Luashine


    Great explanation. Although it is weird not to have more/all results, the real problem is a lack of feedback to the user when there were more than 25 relevant entries, and in this case there were. There should be a footer with a helpful message when the limit is reached. I think about regular...
  29. Luashine


    I tried to find a function that'd remove a sound after playing: Search - sound -> nothing? I had to look further and a function exists: "native KillSoundWhenDone takes sound soundHandle returns nothing" Search - takes sound -> here it is! Why wasn't it shown for the "sound" query?
  30. Luashine

    This made me laugh XD

    Today his post just hits different :peasant-shocked:
  31. Luashine

    Logging library: How to exfiltrate game data?

    I started working on this problem today and decided to go with Method 6: "Process memory dumps". I chose it because, unlike the Preload file method, I have full control over the process and don't have to work around Preloads' speed problems. The downside is that you must start the process dump...
  32. Luashine

    Windows 11?

    I think of it the same as Windows 10. Precisely nothing. :peasant-thumbs-down-angry:
  33. Luashine

    [Lua] Control the order of the scripts

    What is this?
  34. Luashine

    How can I edit the size of the Open/Save file menu of the editor?

    #Persistent ; Change window settings however you like pos_x := 0 pos_y := 0 width := 600 height := 670 ; see for special options: windowTitle := "Open Document" ; Since "Open Document" is a common name, also require this window class...
  35. Luashine

    What is your favorite song at the moment?

    PS: my 100th post here!
  36. Luashine

    How can I edit the size of the Open/Save file menu of the editor?

    I could write you a small tool to automagically detect and resize this window? But ultimately Bliz aka "The We-Will-Continue-Updating-Game-We-Considered-Dead-Company" should fix it. Before replying I tested the 1.27 editor and it has a default File Open dialog from Windows. The thing works...
  37. Luashine

    [Lua] Control the order of the scripts

    Sure it's possible they've changed it with recent WorldEditor changes. And you mentioned Jass. JassHelper's output for vJass is different, it does put some things at the top and few at the bottom (above/below all else) iirc. Lua has no such surprises :peasant-thumbs-up:
  38. Luashine

    Problems with JassHelper in Reforged

    Great testing! This must be really annoying. What happens when you set the .conf file to read-only or set it to "archived" mode? Bnet app shouldn't be able to overwrite it. I imagine another working solution on Windows, interception via "debugger". Windows allows you to set a debugger program...
  39. Luashine

    Subscribe to my OnlyFans, I will post naked Lua code there

    Subscribe to my OnlyFans, I will post naked Lua code there
  40. Luashine

    [Lua] Control the order of the scripts

    You start with a wrong premise. Take a look inside war3map.lua again, triggers and scripts are placed in the order they are defined. First trigger at the top: placed first. Last trigger at the bottom: placed last. WorldEdit does have a few structures that are placed before/after GUI+Trigger...
  41. Luashine

    How can I edit the size of the Open/Save file menu of the editor?

    First of all, I can resize this window by clicking the top border. Second of all, you should report such bugs in Blizzard forums to increase the changes of a fix. Even on a 1080p screen, this window was 835px high (80%). Anyway, to help you with your problem: ESCAPE key = close window. The...
  42. Luashine

    [Success] Hybrid 12/24-player map | Backwards-compatible 1.24-1.28.5 & 1.31+

    @Drake53 thank you, you were right. I can't say this with utmost certainty, because an old Warcraft 3 bug invalidated some of my test results (the map didn't show up due to file name limit). Also the MPQ header looks totally empty for recent versions. There's nothing hidden there. GOAL ACHIEVED...
  43. Luashine

    [Solved] My map doesnt appear on the list of maps

    I've just encountered this problem with 1.27 client. Same reason: file name of the map was too long. I didn't know about this and ended up wasting a lot of time, because I relied on the map showing up/not showing up when I edited war3map.w3i. Exact numbers: Is visible? File name length (with...
  44. Luashine

    "Page could not be loaded" for threads

    Update: while I've not witnessed this again yet, the error page probably doesn't come from the server. Xenforo (the forum software) adds a Javascript service worker to the browser. When there's no connection to the internet and you try to load any Hive page, the service worker will generate and...
  45. Luashine

    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    @abbsomes all existing WC3 languages: Looking for Multilanguage Warcraft 3 Legacy Downloaders - respects to @dq11 for buying an expensive Japanese version with his own money! You can use megatools to download conveniently from MEGA. If the link becomes unavailable, the internet does not forget. Ask.
  46. Luashine

    Improve automated extraction of (listfile)?

    The topic has come up recently again where people cannot retrieve all of the file names of a broken MPQ map archive when using MPQEditor. Why is the situation so bad though? Explanation (if you know how listfiles and MPQEditor work, can skip reading this) I tried MPQEditor's W3X Name Scanner...
  47. Luashine

    Map doesnt open in MPQ master, shows ERROR OPENING ARCHIVE

    No, what happened is that the MPQ archive is protected and read-only. You cannot change that archive file any more. To add changes to the map you must: 1. Successfully extract all files with their real names (if obfuscated) 2. Create a new map/MPQ archive (the goal is to have an editable MPQ...
  48. Luashine

    [meme] Transpiling Rust to Lua via WASM

    Lua >5.3 has an integer type. But Warcraft has Lua compiled with 32-bit everything (tested float) to have the same behavior as Jass. -- lua 5.3 console for k,v in pairs({1,2^63, 1<<63}) do print(math.type(v), v) end integer 1 float 9.2233720368548e+18 integer -9223372036854775808
  49. Luashine

    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    @BogdanW3 I said "1.27++" and not "1.27+" :D In my head I mean "later than 1.27" but I know I should've made it clearer. I tested 1.30.1 from the archive thread, 1.12GB. I found that 1.31.x has a hidden startup parameter "-nocasc" and tested it (no success). I will add details to my post above...
  50. Luashine

    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    @BogdanW3 to keep it short, I almost exclusively played Farmer vs Hunter before release. Before the patches the memory consumption was so low that I didn't pay attention to it. Then it rose to at least 800MB, later 1-1.2GB. I talk about the War3.exe process only, the web browsers take another...