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    HotS Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner + alts

    Forget it, i have taken care of this. The problem is that the textures are not detected. I edited the textures in the BLP lab, then relinked them to the model in the model editor. Problem solved.
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    [Solved] Warcraft 3 world editor can't load models.

    Thanks dude, i was same problem. Your explanation is not complete, but it was enough for me to understand what I should do. I have removed texture paths in texture manager. After that, i have imported same textures again and restoring paths. And then, it works.
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    HotS Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner + alts

    This models not working on my war3 map editor! Maybe needs any more materials.
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    This is Perfect! Many Thanks :infl_thumbs_up: Gul'dan is one of my favorite characters in the whole of Warcraft series! He is evil but i love this old guy :D
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    WoW Rip - Mistweaver

    Thanks, very good model just very smal but, i know how to make it larger on model editor.
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    BLP Lab v0.5.0

    Thanks, this is very simple and good.
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    WC3 Model editor: Making a model smaller?

    My english is not so good, i don't fully understand you. Please reply this with more simple words. If you are don't understand to my message, then i can use some pictures for better understanding.
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    Shadowlands Spirit Healer

    Awesome model! But, she needs more animations. She Deserves more animations!
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    Anduin Wrynn, King of Stormwind

    This is great work! Culd you make Orc, Night Elf and Undead Units please?
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    Aenea WoW Rip

    I like it that model, thank you for it. She is too small. I was too much struggle for resizing this model without corrupted. But, i did it!
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    WC3 Model editor: Making a model smaller?

    Yea Bro, i know your problem. I tried very hard to solve this problem and i did it. The way is very simple. First, you must download Retera Model Studio, you can find it in link of down side. After opening your model file with Retera Model Studio, click to "Edit". In the "Edit" you can see your...