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  1. Warglaive91

    Skeleton Garthok

    I'll put it to good use
  2. Warglaive91

    Night Warrior Tyrande

    This Tyrande model automatically becomes one of my favorites, thanks for creating it, I love it!
  3. Warglaive91

    Shandris With "Immersive Bow" and upright stance

    works and looks great! I loved it
  4. Warglaive91

    Hammer Doom Guard (Reforged Beta)

    excellent model, I will put it to good use
  5. Warglaive91


    I like it! could you bring the dragon onice the dark
  6. Warglaive91

    Blood Elf Death Knight v1

    I was amazed with the model! do you also have it without mount?
  7. Warglaive91

    Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: The Scourge of Lordaeron Act I

    Thank you for your time to improve this game!
  8. Warglaive91

    Silver Hand General

    I just saw that they already uploaded the mode
  9. Warglaive91

    Death Knight Shield Maiden

    I liked the model, could you make the same version without the helmet pls?
  10. Warglaive91

    Lord Garithos Reforged Unmounted

    Thank you! I wanted to have this model, I love it, it works wonderfully
  11. Warglaive91

    Nightborne Male Warrior WoW Port

    I love these models like this from ardenweald if you have more models of units, nature buildings or whatever is from ardenweald I would appreciate if you upload it, it is for a campaign
  12. Warglaive91

    Critter - Beaver

    I already saw it, thanks
  13. Warglaive91


    Hello, I love this model but the portrait looks like this and it changes position but it never looks good, could you solve that? thank you
  14. Warglaive91

    Orbs of Frostcraft

    thanks for uploading it, I really liked them
  15. Warglaive91

    Critter - Beaver

    Hello friend, do you have any cat models that are wow or in hd?
  16. Warglaive91

    Silver Hand General

    The model is great, the only bad thing is that it has no sound when walking, by the way, could you make the original Garithos model but without a mount? I would be a good model
  17. Warglaive91

    Chaos Hellscream Reforged Fix

    Better than the current one thanks for uploading it
  18. Warglaive91

    Thalassian Ballista 1.5

    I like very much! good job
  19. Warglaive91

    Dalaran Doodads Re-Reforged

    Great contribution
  20. Warglaive91

    Ra / Ossirian

    Your models are amazing! you're great
  21. Warglaive91

    Troll Grunts

    who do you want to kill me? hehe good model!
  22. Warglaive91

    Dreadlord Jaina / Female Nathrezim

    Incredible model! If you decide to make another similar model, put a weapon whip on it, since blizzard deleted them from the game :(
  23. Warglaive91


    I like your Mufasa
  24. Warglaive91

    Drek'thar Dismounted

    I will introduce it for the remastered cinematics of rexxar :)
  25. Warglaive91

    King Terenas Menethil II Remake

    You showed off with this model! we will use it for a video of Arthas vs Uther, we will give you credits of course thank you for creating this model
  26. Warglaive91

    Anubithas / Anubis

    I was left with my mouth open, speechless, this fantastic model is luxurious!
  27. Warglaive91

    Dread Jaina

    I like it, good job!
  28. Warglaive91

    Elite Archers

    I liked the model! all your models are great
  29. Warglaive91

    Tsukarii Sniper

    Well thank you very much friend! do the same with your other model pls i would love it, take your 5 stars
  30. Warglaive91

    Tsukarii Sniper

    Good model, could you put another version of this model:Death Ranger-Lieutenant Maricar Valens and this one with the upright posture with the same posture of this model? Blood elf archer stand up
  31. Warglaive91

    Draenei Paladin

    Tremendous! great your models thank you very much!
  32. Warglaive91

    Scarlet Crusade Archer

    What a good job, I like these models
  33. Warglaive91

    Scarlet Crusade Knight

    well done, everyone will like it
  34. Warglaive91

    Scarlet Crusade Footman

    I really like these models, good job!
  35. Warglaive91

    Gilneas Worgen Stalker

    A rogue Worgen I love this model
  36. Warglaive91

    Gilneas Worgen Druid

    You know the campaign "el destino de akira" there, the safest thing is to make a map with all your Worgens (For a future)
  37. Warglaive91

    Gilneas Worgen Druid

    I see that you are uploading worgen models, in the future will you upload worgen buildings? It would be great, keep following these models, I love them
  38. Warglaive91

    Death Ranger-Lieutenant Maricar Valens

    Love it! you could have another version with the upright posture like this model:
  39. Warglaive91

    Illidan crystal wagon thingy

    incredible, this model was hidden, yesterday I realized that they have deleted this model from the game database and what is necessary, thank you very much for uploading it
  40. Warglaive91

    Araj the Summoner Re-Reforged

    Good model friend!
  41. Warglaive91

    Belagerungsritter (Revamped and Reforged)

    Much better than the original good work
  42. Warglaive91

    Kil'jaeden Reforged with WoW Animation

    The best! I like it much more than the original by reforged
  43. Warglaive91

    Human rifleman

    I really like your model, I am using it for the campaign of the blood elves, of the Garithos troops
  44. Warglaive91

    Primal Hydralisk

    I love those colors! much better than the original
  45. Warglaive91

    Alexandros Mograine

    Good model, I like that armor!
  46. Warglaive91

    Anduin Llane Wrynn Reforged

    I always wanted to have this reforged model, thank you very much for creating and uploading it!
  47. Warglaive91

    Zergling Primal

    I really like the model good work!
  48. Warglaive91

    Grommash Mag'har Reforged

    Right to my reforged, friend I really liked
  49. Warglaive91

    Advanced snapdragon

    Good work mate, that naga I'll put it on my maps
  50. Warglaive91

    Elite Abomination Re-Reforged

    :O Brutal!