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  1. Da InF

    move order?

    Hi im trying to make a spell that triggers when a unit is ordered to move somewhere.. but i can't seem to get the correct order of "move"... when i write "move" in the order string it doesn't work, nor does it with "move to" what is the name of the move order? thanks in advance :)
  2. Da InF

    Preset Players

    Yep i do seem to come up with alot of newbish questions lately, but im currently on the stage of my map where i have to set all the small details i kept pushing off while making the content of the map itself ^^ Anyway --I was wondering in basicly every single map on battlenet outthere when...
  3. Da InF

    Computer heroes not rezzing?

    Hey im having problems with what seemingly would be a very simple trigger.. but for some odd reason.. it doesn't work.. i've made a trigger that will revive heroes a number of seconds after they die... now... player 1-10 works fine... but 11 and 12 (who are the computer controlled factions)...
  4. Da InF

    Making a Scoreboard?

    hey, im finding myself in need of making a scoreboard, fx how many kills the different playes have made and what level they have reached for a hero based map. Now, i've been mapping ofr several years but for some odd reason never added such a scoreboard.. a good example of what im looking for is...
  5. Da InF

    [Req] Falling Arrow Model

    Hey :), i'm finding myself making an archer hero, and then i say to myself "hey why not make a ripoff from rain of fire and just replace the firetingies with arrows... however silly me forget that i would then need a model of an arrow falling from the sky.. SO that's why im here, i'd simply love...
  6. Da InF

    Secret passages and Tilesets...

    'ello! Wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but i figured i would go under Terrain as the question(s) does... well... concern terrains ^^... Anyway! onwards we go! Firstly, having played through the Single Player part of Warcraft 3 and frozen throne a good 10 times now, i'm starting to get...
  7. Da InF

    Why don't my change work correctly? :(

    Hi, i'm makig a hero who's basec on a good / evil concept and one of his spells is to go from good mode to evil mode, changing his spells to a more destructive side of themselves (giving him new spells). THe way i do it is that when the spell has been cast, it hides the caster (good) setting...
  8. Da InF


    Hey, i'm currently trying to make a spell using a target / stormbolt function, which then will cause a thunderclap at the target, i was thinking of making a dummy unit at the target (using check if unit has buff (buff from stormbolt) ) and then create a unit at the target having the buff. So far...
  9. Da InF

    [Trigger] Set cooldown? ( sorry for asking again so soon)

    First of all, sorry for asking another stupid question, but.. heh yea, just aint my daytoday, however, what i wonder is, is it possible to start the cooldown of an ability, so you'd have to wait for the cooldown without actully using the spell? thanks.
  10. Da InF

    Request for icon

    I belive this would be pretty simple for a decent Icon-maker (lack of better word), what i need is a arthas icon having a splitting line from top to bottom on one side he would be his "human" him, like on his normal paladin icon, and on the other side he would look evil / undead, i hope im not...
  11. Da InF

    [Trigger] Angle question

    THis is very likely a noobish question, but i was wondering wether i can set the angle of a newly created unit to be the same as an existing unit, i bet it's simple, but just don't know, if you wanna help me out, thanks alot :)
  12. Da InF

    Mana drain on attack? :)

    Hey, i tried making this myself, and i just dont see why it dosen't work, to me it seems kinda simple.. yet.. dosen't work .. well, i wan't an abillity that gives the hero 2%,4%,6%,8% and10% of it's damage it deals to enemies to its own mana, so that if it deals 100 damage, it will at level 5...
  13. Da InF

    Need help with a few spell ideas

    Greetings i've recently been playing with a few ideas for spells i'd love to be able to make, yet lack the abilities and/or knowledge to do so. I'd be delighted if any of these spell ideas are met with a solution and i'm sure some of you guys will find these laughably easy to do. Also...
  14. Da InF

    Hero Switch spell

    Hi!, im correctly working on another dota(ish) map and im trying to somehow recreate a spell that i met on another dota(ish) map. Well i had this cow(tauren) hero that would transform himself into a firebull and gain new fire versions of the old abillties, i just cant get this system to work...
  15. Da InF


    well its in the map where my whelp(fire) needs to fly to northrend and gets sucked into a vortex to some loderen summer place. Now im there and i can fly round kill murlocs and stuff... but I DONT HAVE ANY QUESTS! i really cant find any, i would think im supposed to talk with the trolls cuz they...
  16. Da InF

    Rage war update :)

    ok i know thismust b kinda annoying for u guys... me posting jus to let u kno that my map is updated.... its just that last time i really dident got any feetback at all! and i would really like to know if my maps are worth playing and updating... anyway, updated it and 6 heros for each sdie are...
  17. Da InF


    I jus saw the gallery with all thoose AWSOME made cool elfs(mostly shadow elfs) and i just WAAAAANT that butcheress and all of the others :D :D :D :D is there ANY! place i can get 'em???
  18. Da InF

    Rage war

    Hey i've jus finished the first version of my new map Rage war: Hope you like and PLZ RATE IT :P
  19. Da InF


    replaying the FT Campains for cool secret area ideas.. i noticed that many of their secret places are somehow made blackbehind stones and doors and nothing making them kinda hard to c... i would like to know how to do this since im making some kinda weird troll in ruins village thingy :P
  20. Da InF

    New map Project.

    Hey i just began my first DOTA like map. Its pretty simple choose outta 6 heroes on each side(orc/human), and begin fighting. Units spawn at 3 way every 42th second, and go fight eachother. From both south and north on both main bases nagas attack, they can not be stopped from attack, only held...
  21. Da InF


    Yet another Question... how do i set a condition so it only will work if its a hero that dies?
  22. Da InF


    HOw do i make spawned units from two sides run to attack another unit or building behind the others spawnpoint, then when they meet they will fight, and after fight go on against the building/unit?
  23. Da InF


    Hey i cant seem to find a cannon in here... and would really like 1 for a fort... plz tell me where to find or make 1
  24. Da InF

    Need work/job

    Hey i really dident knew where to put this topic since none of em really is met to theese things but, i really like to map and the last few weeks i've been making some pretty cool Fortress' Tombs and other stuff... the 2 probs is that first, i really dont like taking time making triggers 'n'...
  25. Da InF


    ok i kno we neeed to B jus 8 'n' all... but IS the map getting on at all??? no news in many weeks... no new topics... u guys gave it up or???
  26. Da InF

    More Murlocs/Mur'guls models plz.

    I really really want more models of Murlocs or mur'guls with diffrent kind of weapons. Maybe a Berserker or somethin with 4 arms, would B awsomE!... :D, also i would like more nagas and hydra, maybe a hydra witch got an animation for growing like from 1 - 3 - 5 heads. plz if some1 want to do ANY...
  27. Da InF

    Digging Zombie/Ghoul

    I really would like a cool zombie or Ghoul like model that actully had a dig animation, so it can dig down and suprise unsuspecting enemys from behind. If any1 would like to do so, u could use some of Mr Psycho's if U R allowed, he made some real awsome Zombie Models, witch only needed some...
  28. Da InF

    How i use gmax???

    Well i downloaded gmax, but cant import any files... :S.. what files can i import or open?? or what can i do with and 'em??? None of my downloaded Wc3 models can B opened, plz help me'h
  29. Da InF

    Flying Ilidan

    I need a model of Ilidan flying, like moving his wings... i kno any1 who would make it would have to make a new animation, but i really need it... could B awsome... Ty.. Btw: still looking for some more Druid Models..
  30. Da InF

    how to use Icons?

    I kno' this is kind of a noobish Question but i would like to know how to use my downloaded icons, that some times comes with good models. I've tried must paths but they just WONT show up in the icon selection palce :S plz post me'h thank u :)
  31. Da InF

    Druid of the tiger/owl

    hey im not such a big fan when it comes to elfs, but i really really LOVE the druids. The way they change form 'n' such. well i've downloaded the hero Druid of the claw, and the archdruid, but now i'll need another 1, a druid of the tiger or own. plz some1 think about it k? post me'h on...
  32. Da InF

    Where can i find beta Models?

    i've heard and seen alot 'bout beta models witch should have been in warcraft3 but never came. I just wanna kno' where to find alot of theese... thoose i've already found by random seaching where awsome so... Give me'h a link or a hint plz
  33. Da InF

    The maps aint there :S

    I downloaded the ROTD campain, and opened it, but when it looked there was 2 folders 1 named goodies, containing wallpaper folder, other maps folder and a outtakes or something folder. Then i open the Campain folder and c only ONE file called RoTD and a link to Campain Website.ur... Where is the...
  34. Da InF

    Where do i get a modeling program?

    Hey, i really really wanna learn how to make models for my units, and not just downloading new 1's, or atleast how to give models new animations. Plz post a link or somethin' plus help to some program... By Da InF
  35. Da InF

    N help Making Spells...

    Hey im a mapper 'n' i need some help making some spells for my custom heros. Ofcuz i kno' all the basic spells making stuff, and i have also tryed thinkgs out here and there 8) . But on this site i find an AWSOME spell :shock: i downloaded, witch casted something u guys called mass life drain...