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  1. Zodiac the barbarian

    DISBTNAngmarim.blp HELP!

    I have figured out where to put the the BTN icon/etc but I have no clue where to put the DISBTN icon/etc specifically what line in the editor ? Thank You
  2. Zodiac the barbarian


    I have had a few models do this when the model dies in game it goes to the skeleton and all of a sudden a image or partial image pops back up above the skeleton and it takes a minute or 2 to fade what am I doing wrong ?
  3. Zodiac the barbarian

    Help with importing and getting them to work

    I imported a model I have read on how to do it but it is going in one ear out the other but the model has the mdx file and one blp I am sure were the mdx goes but the blp is throwing me off and the model is invisible this is what I am doing not sure about the mdx is listed correctly and no clue...
  4. Zodiac the barbarian

    MDX MDL and BLP question

    I downloaded one of the skins etc it is a .mdx extension or whatever you want to call it and imported it was a skeleton peasant /worker I was going to use on the human peasant so I clicked on the peasant and started going through the list I cannot find a mdx file to replace the only thing...
  5. Zodiac the barbarian

    Simple question

    Making a Map in warcraft 3 frozen throne I made a map set my location and 2 ai's to fight but every time I hit test map I get a pop up saying victory my ai's are not working I know it is a simple fix but after placing everyone colors starting location what next ?