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  1. EricDread

    Blackhand the Destoryer

    An incredible and cool model, please can you make also the other characters of the movie like Orgrim and Durotan? it would be wonderful, thank you very much.
  2. EricDread

    Azog, The Defiler

    amazing model, can you make the unmounted version please.
  3. EricDread

    Night Elf Captain 2.0

    Brutal model, looks amazing, thank you very much. I'm using this model as Capitan and the old model as soldiers :D Great job.
  4. EricDread

    Ogre leaders

    Great! great job! i like these Ogres, custom icons would be great, thanks.
  5. EricDread

    Drek'thar Dismounted

    Hey! thank you so much, I always wanted this rimless model, I really like it, great job! love the rimless models.
  6. EricDread

    Wind Rider Dismounted

    great! thank you very much, we need more disassembled models, again thank you very much.
  7. EricDread

    Death Knight Mounted

    Amazing model, I love it, and thank you for all your work. Is there a possibility to have it without mount?
  8. EricDread

    Gryphon Knight (AoW)

    thank you very much, it works perfectly :)
  9. EricDread

    Gryphon Knight (AoW)

    I thank you very much for the answer, I tried the map editor way, but it keeps flying D:
  10. EricDread

    Gryphon Knight (AoW)

    hello! i really love the model, i always wanted a model like this, thank you very much for the work. I have a question, how can I make it only terrestrial? I tried importing the model to the knight with horse, but it keeps flying. Is there any way to have it only terrestrial? I would really...