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    Small Code Snippets

    That looks like you just too out a piece of my code and called it your own code..
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    Better Searching

    I noticed the new searching system.. Thanks :grin:
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    Need models

    Maybe this might be of use to you.
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    [Trigger] Custom Text & native functions

    Try this: Without JASS Tags (The One you copy) function GetCreepsOnMapBoolean takes nothing returns boolean return IsUnitOwnedByPlayer(GetFilterUnit(),Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE)) endfunction function GetCreepsOnMap takes group a returns group local group...
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    Need models

    So basically a ghostly model? :confused:
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    [Trigger] Custom Text & native functions

    I don't know 100% if this will work But you can try it.. I just freehanded it function GetCreepsOnMapBoolean takes nothing returns boolean return IsUnitOwnedByPlayer(GetFilterUnit(),Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE)) endfunction function GetCreepsOnMap takes group a returns group...
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    The point of this was to figure out why it appears blue on this site. any idea why?
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    Umm..why is it blue here? In warcraft 3 it was red...
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    BTNSharingan (Icon)

    I took a sharingan picture located at and made it into an icon Just here for anyone who needs it.
  10. H

    BTNSharingan (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    How many units can one computer player handle?

    OK this should help Mass Movement System I found this while browsing on The Helper :grin: So..does this solve the problem?
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    Better Searching

    Oops.. Sorry about that then..I'm used to the forums on The Helper...thought the rules might be very similar Truly sorry.
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    Reputation: (Post) Thanks

    Reputation: (Post) Thanks
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    Better Searching

    Why shouldn't I have bumped? I asked a question and didn't get it answered until now Thx Pyritie +rep
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    Some old Icons I made

    Well those are bad quality images....there jpeg :thumbs_down: If they were png it would not be so yeah P.S. I forgot to mention they are free handed..with some effects from photoshop (glows and etc.)
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    Need models

    Whats a Naruu? I cant really help if I have no idea what Naruu is
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    Donar's Icon Packs

    Yeah..probably took a couple minutes to set that up..thats all
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    Multi Attack

    There is a tutorial here that can show you how to achieve this.
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    walk on water.

    Look for Illidan in the Object Editor..and look at his settings He can walk on water...I assume buy copying his movement type and etc. you can achieve the same thing
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    Some old Icons I made

    Dark Arrow: Acid Rain: New Blizzard Icon: These are some icons I have made in the past...they are not up for download...because this was just a rough draft. I made this icons a long time ago..I might start making icons again :con:
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    Dark Ranger counterpart

    To do this you would have to edit the model...I am not perfect at doing this but I could try to add an emitter and skin it I will try to do this...but don't get your hopes up...I may decide not to if it is way too annoying. I will see what I can do :cool:
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    But he needs to use a group to select every unit that is in the map at the beginning and everytime a unit is added to the map (created) when a unit dies...try to remove the event for that unit so that it saves a little space while playing and doesn't lag intensively
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    [JASS] ?UnitHasAbility?

    To check if a unit had an ability you can simply Just check the level of the ability if it is greater than 0 then that means the unit has an ability.
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    Better Searching

    Bump :eekani: ___ Message to short..
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    Better Searching

    I was talking about better searching for skins,models,icons, and etc...basically the any idea when the new one is gonna be done? I can't wait :grin:
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    Hooked Peasant

    Nice man 10/10
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    Better Searching

    When will this be? :eekani:
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    Reputation: (Post) random rep

    Reputation: (Post) random rep
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    Better Searching

    We need better searching in the models,spells,tools,skins, and icons section. Sometimes the search doesn't even work properly..and I think we should add a search author's name for their resources. I attached a poll to this post to see who else agrees with me.
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    I can't upload my resource... Please help

    Just wait for a mod to come by...I'm sure one of them can solve this...maybe even an admin if you are lucky
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    pictures of you (and maybe friends/family)

    Werewulf is a girl :razz: I always though she was a boy...(that sounds wierd) Well sorry...for that thought...anyways I don't like how that cat does look evil :eekani:
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    How many units can one computer player handle?

    Ok try this...when the unit is created add it to a group called ZombieUnits or something Then order the whole group to attack move (or w/e command you are using) to attack a random location. You might need to use a loop if you want every unit to attack a different location instead of a...
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    stoping a unit

    Sounds like a good option...all he has to do is edit the skill so that the net does not appear..which is rather simple
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    stoping a unit

    I don't understand why you won't just Pause Unit and Unpause :eekani:
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    [JASS] I need a jass expert on this........

    Well in that case we can just do it from scratch just like everyone else
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    stoping a unit you want the unit to stop when the skill is right clicked? (auto cast-on) Does it have auto cast? Then you will need to detect when it is auto-casted not when it is used
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    How many units can one computer player handle?

    There is a system that someone made that had a similar problem I'll look for it really quick ____________ Ok I looked into it..apparently the system is made for mass moving units through triggers (like knockbacks) not orders But if it helps anyways MaD Object System
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    [JASS] I need a jass expert on this........

    Oh and this might really help you It contains an index of many dota spells
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    How many units can one computer player handle?

    I've never had this problem...and my maps usually have AI(made in jass) doing everything
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    2 custom spells possible without trigger?!?

    Well that can not be made w/o triggers because of the or they hit nothing part Otherwise Starfall is the way to go as mentioned above
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    [JASS] I need a jass expert on this........

    Well....if you want the spells you could request them..I'm pretty sure the people around here (including me) will be glad to make them for you
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    Locust + Chaos = Attackable?

    If you hide a unit and remove the locust ability then unhide the unit it should work Example here
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    Real-Texture LumberJack

    Looks good except the problem with all Peasant skins.. His eyes look so weird :cry:
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    > Werewulf: I cant really tell what this is, explain in more detail of the icon process. To me it looks like an infernal falling from the sky..which is what is intended to look like I believe
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    Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool 1.5

    I just scanned it and got 0 Files Infected.. It works great! and has NO viruses..10/10 from me
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    Revive Trees

    It is now posted there too
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    Small Code Snippets

    Regrow Trees This is a script I made that will revive trees that die for some reason. Whether it be a peasant picking at it or a spell that destroys trees like flame strike. function RegrowTrees takes nothing returns nothing local destructable tree=GetDyingDestructable() call...
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    Revive Trees

    Sorry I've been away from wc3 in a while.. Updating soon.. ________ Updated
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    Rural Zombie Onslaught 2 may know me from The Helper :thumbs_up: Anyways I awaited for this map..for so long...I will test it and tell you what my comments are
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    RZO 2: The Onslaughtening V3.72B

    Hehe..I awaited so long for this