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    MWS Hardcore x4.12.3

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    Freddy Krueger Escape 2.7

    fun map
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    LOAP GOLD 3 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Introducing: Hive Heroes!

    why not just decrease the amount it increase XP gain by like 50%. a small buff would be nice for newer members.
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    -As terrorist, you can take yourself hostage, getting 4k and tping you to the park. Hopefully Fixed (to-be in next version, which will be 3.2.3) EDIT: You can go into the jail with any hero multiple times to get 4k each. I was able to get 55k in one try in the first few minutes of the game with...
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    -Lifeguard is spelled lifegarud Fixed -You can have multiple roles if you repick Fixed this and other outstanding issues with roles (only 1, loose when dead, etc) -Roles have the prosecutor's spell to prosecute players Removed -Bioswat has no texture Fixed -Bullies can be charmed and used to...
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    Life of a Peasant Ascension

    hey could i get a unprotected version of this? I would love to edit it and do to it what I did to gold
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    Hiveworkshop's 17th Anniversary!

    cheers to that!
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    really nice map and gameplay
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    MWS Hardcore x4.12.3

    one of the best wc3 maps ever made IMO. Sure wish dev would provide a update though
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    will update and add them this weekend

    will update and add them this weekend
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    Comment by 'FSK' in media 'bank.PNG'

    all good ideas!
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    Comment by 'FSK' in media 'cop.PNG'
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    I pretty much explained how its different in the description. There is really no other loap like it that works in reforged, has 24 player functionality, has a projectile system for weapons, has toggleable laws/policies set by the mayor that impact the game, and has a crime and police AI system...
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    Zombination v1.8

    I edited this to fix the bugs (unlimited barricades, frost fire that never went away, etc) and added a couple other fun small changes ;)
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    LOAP GOLD 3 (Map)

    LOAP GOLD 3 Classic Life of a Peasant with a fully developed criminal record & policing system, a political system, updated models, a new weapons system, and a new factions system (mafia, cartel, street gang). Go to school, get a job, join a faction, commit petty crime--whatever your peasant...
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    LOAP GOLD 3 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Police Officer

    also, it would be cool if there was a animation where they didnt carry the gun all the time. For my map i dont want them to have the gun out all the time. would that be possible to add? great model btw. edit: also, would you be willing to release that beautiful swat version?
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    Police Officer

    gonna add a female version?
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    Reforged UI Designer

    Fantastic! Thank you
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    Reforged UI Designer

    is there a way to hide the buttons with a trigger? (toggle them hidden/not hidden/)
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    Reforged UI Designer

    can we anticipate (appreciatively) a custom-text field soon? :D
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    Reforged UI Designer

    i did realize after posting this theres one advantage to it as is--if you have to click numerous times you can click once and then press/hold enter instead of having to spam click. If possible it would be nice if each player could configure that option on or off, or something. Edit: If you can...
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    Reforged UI Designer

    how do you de-select the button? my problem is the button remains selected even after turning the real variable flag back to -1, so when anyone presses enter it clicks the button and triggers it again. Is there any to use triggers to de-select the button? or is the only option for the user to...
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    Protect the Train 1.11

    fun map but police seem really OP. played lots of games and yet to see natives with when police are deployed. its fun but the police seem OP. played 10+ games with different people and natives have yet to win a single one.
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    Combined Camera Slider System

    very nice & useful system. discovered it from its use in Black Forest. will probably use it in future maps I make.
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    Black Forest 1.6

    pretty fun game. difficulty levels yield high replay value. cool resource system concept. The pathing within the house is atrocious and has resulted in very frustrating losses.
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    Risk World War (v1.3.5)

    fun map
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    [Horror] Maniac with Saw HARDCORE

    sure would be nice to get a update
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    Zombination v1.8

    @TheSpoon three bugs fyi: 1) cloth & wood mixed to create barricades are not removed after mixing, so you can make endless barricades 2) is frost fire in the game? i recall it had a bug where it wasnt on a timer and never went away, so you could perm. block areas 3) shocking water and the...
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    Toy Soldiers v1.56

    map is bugged in reforged. DCs frequently. also cant save the map anymore (tried to resave to fix dc bug) due to compiler errors. @deepstrasz @Ralle @Drake @SnaKy either of you know anyone who might be able to take a look at the custom script to try to get it so this can compile?
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    Comment by 'FSK' in media 'windmill in game'

    no model?
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    ATTACK of the BRAINLESS (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Geopolitical Diplomacy

    This geopolitical simulator is the next advancement in the TAF/Diplomacy series, and now features dynamic resource and financial markets which respond to changing financial and geopolitical conditions in real time. This map is in development and needs testing and recommendations. New beta...
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    did blizzard ban me?

    they banned me for 30 days. of course they have the right too. unfortunately im not surprised. doesnt change the fact its lame AF. ROTN was a great game. FUCK THE CCP
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    did blizzard ban me?

    If someone reports you and blizzard penalizes you for it by blocking you from bnet, do they inform you? Out of nowehere i am getting 'error handling request' error on startup. I suspect its cause i've been hosting ROTN. If they are banning for that, wow, lame af.
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    The Big Fellowship Quest V.5.4a

    spelling and grammar could use some work. fun map though.
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    okay. fixed. moved link to OG zomb. to main post, deleted screenshots since Spoon replied.

    okay. fixed. moved link to OG zomb. to main post, deleted screenshots since Spoon replied.
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    Comment by 'FSK' in media 'Upper_lab'

    right, well ive got a shit RAM too unfortunately. New computer soonish