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  1. Rydia

    Item/Ability request

    I've been trying this out to no avail. I realy need an Item that you can throw that has an area effect of poison or freezing/slowing. I just want a simple item like "Vial of poison gas" that you can throw into a group of enemies and poison them. Same with the freezing. Thank you so much to...
  2. Rydia

    Scythe Icon

    Would anyone please be able to make me a scythe icon? Or send me one you have? I'd realy appreciate it! <3
  3. Rydia

    Female Model Needed

    Hi, I'm making an RPG. As you may have guessed, I am in need of a female model. Here are the specifics. I need two actualy. 1: Human, Weaponless, Femenine figure (not like beastly woman kinda deal) 2: Elven (elf not nightelf, meaning human colored skin just pointy ears), Weaponless, Femenine...
  4. Rydia

    Healig Percentage

    I posted this before but I can't seem to locate the thread. So, I'll ask again. Is there a way to have a healing spell heal a percentage of the unit's max life rather than just a set ammount? Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. Rydia

    Demon Hunter

    Deos anyone have or know a location to download a skin for the demon hunter that has no weapons or hero glow? send me a message, post on here, or contact me on MSN: [email protected] i appreciate it :D
  6. Rydia

    Mounting Positions

    Can anyone tell me all of the mounting positions? All i know is hand,left hand,right foot,left and foot,right. Are there anymore? if you know of any please let me know