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  1. Rydia

    Graphic's Guy Looking to work :)

    If you're good at making icons, Could you make a few for me? I need 2, both related to starwars. If you could, I would realy like: the Republic Logo The Empire logo...
  2. Rydia

    Item/Ability request

    I've been trying this out to no avail. I realy need an Item that you can throw that has an area effect of poison or freezing/slowing. I just want a simple item like "Vial of poison gas" that you can throw into a group of enemies and poison them. Same with the freezing. Thank you so much to...
  3. Rydia

    Scythe Icon

    Would anyone please be able to make me a scythe icon? Or send me one you have? I'd realy appreciate it! <3
  4. Rydia

    MTG RPG: Koilos

    Isn't that "Warchasers" map in a diferent tile set?
  5. Rydia

    Female Model Needed

    Hi, I'm making an RPG. As you may have guessed, I am in need of a female model. Here are the specifics. I need two actualy. 1: Human, Weaponless, Femenine figure (not like beastly woman kinda deal) 2: Elven (elf not nightelf, meaning human colored skin just pointy ears), Weaponless, Femenine...
  6. Rydia

    Healig Percentage

    That is Extreemly helpfull, thank you verry much! :D
  7. Rydia

    Healig Percentage

    I posted this before but I can't seem to locate the thread. So, I'll ask again. Is there a way to have a healing spell heal a percentage of the unit's max life rather than just a set ammount? Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Rydia

    Demon Hunter

    oh, alright -^.^- ill watch out for it then, thank you.
  9. Rydia

    Demon Hunter

    shure, send it to my e-mail. Or contact me one of the ways listed above.
  10. Rydia

    Demon Hunter

    ah, ok so its a model i want not a skin. Well then deos anyone know where i can get a model of the demon hunter with no weapons or hero glow where the weapons used to be? Please let me know i realy need it and i cant find one.
  11. Rydia

    Demon Hunter

  12. Rydia

    Demon Hunter

    Deos anyone have or know a location to download a skin for the demon hunter that has no weapons or hero glow? send me a message, post on here, or contact me on MSN: [email protected] i appreciate it :D
  13. Rydia


    awsome :D but if you let him stand still long enough he spits blood 0.o like hes dying but theres no animation to it. it jsut plays the dying sound and blood comes out
  14. Rydia

    Mounting Positions

    yeah your right, i forgot about those. Deos anyone know any that refer to the body? like the torso and back. Thats what i need most right now.
  15. Rydia

    Mounting Positions

    Can anyone tell me all of the mounting positions? All i know is hand,left hand,right foot,left and foot,right. Are there anymore? if you know of any please let me know