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  1. peterpants

    Footman Model implementation

    Why are custom models such a pain? Correct me if I'm wrong but to implement this guy as a working unit I need to do a few things. I create a new unit, with an actor attached to it that references the new model I make which refers to the footman.m3. Ok. Then I have to create a new weapon...
  2. peterpants

    Aiur Chef Question

    How is the item/ingredient bar made in Aiur chef? I've opened the map but cant seem to find any triggers that fire when a unit picks up an item. Did they use a custom UI?
  3. peterpants

    Turn based game

    I'm trying to work on a turn based game but am struggling to decide whether or not the gameplay will be fun. I don't have a good quality video at the moment but the combat would be akin to -> -Any general thoughts on this? -Would it need to be PvP...
  4. peterpants

    Text in a dialog label, change size?

    How do you change the size of text in a dialog label? Is there a hidden text tag somewhere I'm missing? And bonus question, how do you make new text styles?
  5. peterpants

    Better sc2 section of site?

    Is there any plan to improve the sc2 section of this site? tutorials/models/etc?