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  1. EvilShade


    Nice model indeed. Can only join the chorus of the posters before.
  2. EvilShade

    Little attachment point problem

    Thats not possible I'm afraid. I found the model by sheer luck. The creator, Tenebis, is inactive for a long time now.
  3. EvilShade

    Little attachment point problem

    Hi there. I'm working on a rpg/puzzle/story map featuring Raziel from Soul Reaver. However the raziel models attachment points (hand left, hand right) float in mid air in front of his acualy hands. And thats a little problem, since he should be able to hold The Soulreaver (sword). But right now...
  4. EvilShade

    Request: Ogre-Magi with Stand Channel Anim

    I would request an Ogre-Magi with an stand channel anim. Its for my mplayer rpg, where it is important to see when your enemy starts channeling (for stunning him and stop the spell). So its just a quick anim transfer. Would someone assist me with that?
  5. EvilShade

    Graphics gallery

    Sweet Norinrad, as always.
  6. EvilShade

    Rock Elemental

    Very nice. But i agree with my forerighters, the dust shoulndt be white. And give him an other walk animation, elementals seem fly slow over the ground, not walking.
  7. EvilShade


    Looks pretty cool. I would use it as an hero in my secret project if he would had a potrait. But thats missing. Is one planed or something?
  8. EvilShade

    WoW Succubus

    Ive seen the WoW Voidwalker that has been maid and its realy awesome. As the most of you might know the wow succubus also looks different then the war3 model. Thats why i would request a wow sukkubus. You could use illidans wings or the ones form a dreadlord and give her anims of a sentry, and...
  9. EvilShade


    Say what you want, but armel did a great job there. It will complete my Elvenseed-Elvenrace Techtree. Many thanks and 5/5.
  10. EvilShade


    Maybe i could use it as raid in a map or something. Probetly i reskin it. Give it a 4/5
  11. EvilShade


    I will upload the frostgiant later.
  12. EvilShade


    Lol? You havent heard of world of warcraft, did you? Paladins can only be played by humans and dwarves, so... i think you'r wrong, huh?
  13. EvilShade

    BTNHillGiant (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
  14. E

    BTNHillGiant (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  15. EvilShade

    OgreOneHeaded (Model)

    Realms of Auril: Hillgiant --------------------------------------------------------- Model and Skin originaly made for my Realms of Auril campaign. Pleace give me (EvilShade) credits for the Skin and Makuza for modifieing the Model. Path for the skin is Textures/Hillgiant.blp Thanks for...
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    OgreOneHeaded (Warcraft 3 Model)

  17. E

    OgreOneHeaded (Warcraft 3 Model)

  18. EvilShade


    Like me. I make an elven campaign and this gonne be real handy :D
  19. EvilShade


    Yes GORO is one of the best doodad maker around here. Good that he is in my team :D
  20. EvilShade


    First, nice Model. I will use it in my current project and the one thats gona follow. But, theres a bug at the model. When the Assasin Dies the face flows over the corpse. Please remove that. And, if possible, a Portrait would be nice. I give you a 5/5. I like the idea of cloaked assassins...
  21. EvilShade


    I could use this when the glow is a bit smaller and white, so that he looks like a highmage of Quel'thalas.
  22. EvilShade


    Nice AcolyteOfDoom. Pretty usefull for making marktplaces in villages or even citys. Keep up making sutch usefull models :D Give it 5/5
  23. EvilShade


    Nicely done. 5/5. Many tried to give the Demonhunter eye, but this looks better then the most i know. Maybe you can help me with some skins around :D
  24. EvilShade


    The birth animation and stuff looks weird... a crane at that time? Looks like the one from Generals. Could you give it the orc birth animation or something? Then it could use it in my campaign.