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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for help :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for help :)
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for help :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for help :)
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    Spellbook's Ability Button placement {ability buttons randomly changing positions}

    Hello guys, I'm having this small problem with spellbooks. When I put multiple abilities in, they get placed in random locations on the button grid, and when I level up the spellbook-based ability, the abilities within the spellbook change places again. Would someone mind telling me how to...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) damn awesome

    Reputation (+1): (Post) damn awesome
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    Admiral Ackbar Icon [Giving Rep]

    Maybe this is the reason?
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    Favorite Bands (Metalheads only!)

    Mine are: -Sonata Arctica -Bal-Sagoth -Blind Guardian -Slayer -Edguy -Therion Of course I listen to more bands, but it's about favorites, isn't it?
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    Why Bal-Sagoth hasn't been mentioned yet?
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    Dar'Khunor - A different multiplayer RPG map

    Creator: Me. Map forums Dar'Khunor forums Dar'Khunor is a RPG styled map for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. It is set in a world taking a lot of inspiration from myths, like Atlantis and Mu, the lost continents. But what is unique about Dar'Khunor? Unlike in most RPG maps, in Dar'Khunor...
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    World of Warhammer ORPG

    World of Warhammer is a single player ORPG in form of a campaign. The aim is to create a large area of the warhammer world. Races (1st full playable version) -Empire -Dwarfs -Chaos(not beastmen) -Orcs and goblins You will be able to use many classes, including the generic warrior...
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    A complicated trigger, I need help!!!

    Yeah, I know I cant use it in multiplayer. It doesnt matter.
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    A complicated trigger, I need help!!!

    I want a trigger that: When I enter a specified region, the unit/hero is transferred into an other map, and then the other map starts opening. The you will have the hero/unit with all his items and abilities in an specific location on the just opened map. Like in the TFT beastmaster campaign.
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    That's pretty cool icon!
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    Legends of Therania

    Screenshot from humans starting location, Port Estador. [/img]
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    Legends of Therania

    Sorry, not for a while.
  15. Warp-Rider

    Legends of Therania

    If you were thinking if the project is dead, fear not! The project was on a break, and I continue the map.
  16. Warp-Rider

    Beyond Borders of Knowledge - new-style RPG mod!

    I'd like to be a tester /(Cant help now in mapmaking, as im makin Legends of Therania.)
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    Legends of Therania

    I haven't had time to write the classes page. (they're on paper already)
  18. Warp-Rider

    Legends of Therania

    Please comment or ask questions....
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    Legends of Therania

    Legends of Therania is a upcoming ORPG map. Features: 3 Factions 7 Races 9 Classes 7 Professions Battlefields (mini-Dota areas) Lots of Quests Weapon & Armour attachments ...and More! Visit the website: The website will be updated at least every day...
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    3segs Cube

    I'll use it in my map. 4/5
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    Needs something. Otherwise good. I'm using this in my map, I just remove the particles and the hood.
  22. Warp-Rider

    Removing Particle Emitters

    How can I remove particle emitters from models?
  23. Warp-Rider

    Need trigger help

  24. Warp-Rider

    Need trigger help

    I need a trigger that changes owner of a particular unit when a particular ability is used on the unit.
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    Texture sucks,and model is too much like box. :(
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    Trigger help needed!!!

    ThankS!!! I will add you to the Credits of my map!!!
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    Trigger help needed!!!

    I need a trigger that gives 1 gold every second to player that owns a specific unit. How can I do it?
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    Model is nice. But the skin is made by Paint, wich is not nice and there is no spell animations. 3/5 (would be 4/5 if it had a better skin and spell animations.)
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    good model 4/5
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    Warhammer 40k Project

    Forums page link here:
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    Warhammer 40k Project

    WH 40k in Wc3(Warhammer 40k Project) Coming in V1: 8 Playable Races: Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Tau, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tyranids and Chaos. Up to 8 players per game. Also AI will be implemented in later versions, so you can play against computer.
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    Awesome 5/5!!!!
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    runescape SUCKS!!!!!
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    Simple Golden Sun Model Request

    I could try....
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    Please comment... NOTE:You DON'T need to import the Textures\Bandit.blp!!1 :P
  36. Warp-Rider

    OgreOneHeaded (Model)

  37. W

    OgreOneHeaded (Warcraft 3 Model)

  38. Warp-Rider


    good modle and small filesize
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    Lol! Nice!
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    BTNHumanWarden (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
  41. W

    BTNHumanWarden (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    The dragon riders will not be paralyzed on the dragons. I will merge them with Gmax. I make them later, because Im now playing Wh40k Dawn of War Winter Assault......
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    I did this almost only to test Oikerwinkle's tools and I thought this was cool enough... but ill try harder. In fact, im going to make some dragon riders, more customised than this one... You will see them soon... :arrow:
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    Please comment ideas how to improve my modelling
  45. Warp-Rider

    Archemonde (Model)

    It's a Warlock with Proudmoore's Sword.So simple.
  46. W

    Archemonde (Warcraft 3 Model)

  47. Warp-Rider


    im going to use it in my golden sun map
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    lol its cool
  49. Warp-Rider


    cool... 4/5 i liked more the original skin for this king of creatures...