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  1. Drakosa123

    Gold Drain

    Can anybody change the siphon mana to yellow/gold then i mean the model and lightning effects. Can anybody change the blue to gold/yellow on this icon and upload it in blp format. Thanks
  2. Drakosa123

    Got problem with some spells

    I got some problem with a few spells. First out is Shockwave. The problem is when the shockwave is on the level 5 it buggs so when you cast it you must be standing infront of the caster too damage. Second: Faerie Fire In level 4 the Faerie Fire gets bugged so you need to go infront of the...
  3. Drakosa123

    Decrease Size on Song

    Sorry if im doing wrong but i don't know where to request this but i try. Can anybody make this song size less or make the song only have intro. Thanks =)
  4. Drakosa123

    Request: Equipment System

    Equipment system are like this you can only have 1 type of item like armor 1 armor, weapon 1 weapon and helmet like that. Types: Weapon: Melee Weapon(Only Paladins), Range Weapon(Only Archers) Helmet Armor Shield (No Archer) Use Ammo ( Only Archer) Runes (Druid, Mage and Archer But...
  5. Drakosa123


    Do anybody know how to change string. If you don't know what i mean then i can tell you. When exempel you activate Avatar ingame it comes up a string there experince bar should be and the string will say Avatar in a blue bar.
  6. Drakosa123

    Request Icon!!

    ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNEtherealFormOn.blp Can somebody make this to passive.
  7. Drakosa123

    Request Exp System!!!!

    Can anybody make a exp system, i need it because it's to my map. This is how it works when you kill an enemy it comes up a text over your hero exempel down and level up exempel down.
  8. Drakosa123

    Need Multiboard!

    Can somebody make me this multiboard in GUI. The players name must be colored like this player 1 red and so on and in a order. Example: Hero Image Name (Colored) Kills Deaths Hero Image John111243 122 2
  9. Drakosa123

    Spell Requests!

    Hi can somebody make me 2 spells for me +rep for that who helped me. Spell 1: Trueshot = Done Descreption:Shoots a arrow that deals much damage in physical, its a 10% chance to deal double damage and a 2% chance to kill the unit instantly. Important: Dealing 275/415/625 physical damage why...
  10. Drakosa123

    Need Help Fast!!!

    Hi can any help me im making a map. I want so a player gets a random unit (Not Hero) in random place on the map and when it dies it makes a agian and agian please can you help me. And i want a Scoreboard that see how much you have killed and that player got 100 kills wins please help me.
  11. Drakosa123


    Hi i need help with spells. This is the problem you know item spells? If you do help me look when i trying to copy a item spell to a hero spell its black in the game and then i mean you can't see it i have try buttons but i doesn't work. Please help me i rep that person thats help me.
  12. Drakosa123

    Need Help!!

    Hey i need help to my map. Ok now i will ask a question. Have you play dota? If yes then when you pick a hero the rest heros in the tavern disappear for the player that picks a hero please can you help me with that i need it to in my map and can you show it in triggers. Second question: When...
  13. Drakosa123

    Help Fast

    I really need help this may be easy but i dont know it. How can i make a computer be a computer. Look i choose players and choose it to be a computer but when i host it then its empty so a player can be the computer tell me please its easy but i dont know.
  14. Drakosa123

    Replay HELP PLEASE

    Hi i dont know to write about replay but how can i see what the other teams write? on a replay for when i watch on a replay i can only see the first teams message why? hELP ME PLEASE
  15. Drakosa123

    Request: Raiga from naruto

    Hey can someone make Raiga to my new map Naruto Hero Arena. I want him to do lightning animations like when he dies he gets a lightning on him. Raiga its a lightning user. I can show some pictures. Raiga has 2 swords i show a picture.
  16. Drakosa123

    Upgrade Allies Unit

    Hey guys i need help with upgrade. It exist maps that you can upgrade your allies unit. Like dota the attacking units/ Treant, Druid of the talon them. Can you please tell me how to do?
  17. Drakosa123

    Need Anime Models?

    Hey guys i have many anime models. I have Fate Stay Night and Naruto models. Give me a reason why you need them. If the reason its good you can have it but if the reason are doesn't good then kiss your dreams good bye.
  18. Drakosa123

    Icon problem

    Hey guys where can i learn to make icons?
  19. Drakosa123

    Need help with Import Manage!!

    Hey guys i need really much help to my new map. My problem is When i import Black_stans models to my map like Archer and Spearman and after that i restart WE but they are nothing i import like this. Archer: war3mapimported\Archer.mdx Ashigaru.blp Cloth.blp Katana.blp Please i need help.
  20. Drakosa123

    Stargate Models!!

    Hi everbody i need help to find some stargate models or please help to make stargate ships. If you want to give me the link to Stargate. i already have it
  21. Drakosa123

    map protection

    i need a map protection for wc3x
  22. Drakosa123

    Please Help Fast!!!

    Can somebody say how i make black on the terrain so you can't walk there or fly?
  23. Drakosa123

    Avatar Model (Last Airbender)

    Hi i have some models i have made but if you want they so give me many naruto models and Saber, rider from fate stay night. I have Avatar The Last airbend with hair and with not. I have Yugi from yugioh.
  24. Drakosa123

    Help PLZ!!!!

    Hi i need help to wings.... When i import Allies1 and Allies2 and i do right things but dont work help please i want them. them are so cool. I have see other maps have they wings.:witch_doc_sad:
  25. Drakosa123

    Need Help to do Loading Screen

    I Need help to do my own loading screen and can't picture on heros and import it to my map (but i know ho to import now):sad: