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  1. xw1995327www

    Hawstrider Cavalry

    100/5! outstanding work, thank you. :piru:
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    Demon Hag

  3. xw1995327www

    Forsaken Dread Guard

    Very useful!:cute:
  4. xw1995327www

    Dwarven Buildings (Wildhammer)

    Excellent architectures again!
  5. xw1995327www

    Dwarf Prop Pack

  6. xw1995327www

    Dark Portal <Azeroth>

    Thank you, I re-uploaded the .mdx file with extents re-calculated.
  7. xw1995327www

    Prince Kael'thas

    [Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe] :xxd: (I know the spell breaker of campaign UI also uses this in-game texture.)
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    Scarlet Monastery

    Great! :ogre_love:
  9. xw1995327www

    Gnome Firework Launcher

    Sorry for late reply, I did replace part of them by the WC3 textures with same name in this model. If you find problems about particle textures from WOW with alpha channel not shown in-game, try to set materials (or particle emmiters) in blend (then adapt transparency) or addtive mode not add...
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    assets-wings effect (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    assets-wings effect (Warcraft 3 Model)

  12. xw1995327www

    Fangs of the Father, with wings effect. (Model)

    Credits to Blizzard Features: 1. Fixed transparent glow outlayer of the dagger edge part. 2. Animated texture of elementium surface of dagger. 3. Addtional particles and glows. 4. Dropping particles of molten blood havent been fixed (to be upgrade) 5. Eyeball animation has been fixed (in...
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    Fangs of the Father (Warcraft 3 Model)

  14. xw1995327www

    The Burning Crusade Main Screen

    Use Ladik's MPQ Editor. Tick off the read only mode. and remember, Move the files (with path folders) i provided in .RAR in #3, into War3Patch.mpq (not War3X or War3.mpq).
  15. xw1995327www

    The Burning Crusade Main Screen

    I think yes, Just change into the right path. maybe need some extre adaptions of animation or camera setting I guess.
  16. TBC Mainscreen <RenderEdge Widescreen applied>.gif

    TBC Mainscreen <RenderEdge Widescreen applied>.gif

  17. xw1995327www

    Fel Kargath Bladefist

    Very good edit of this HD one
  18. xw1995327www

    Moarg <Optimized> (Model)

    Credits to Blizzard Features 1. Improved details with gradient luminance of his fel armor part (see at previews). 2. Some addtional glows and particles. 3. Hero aura, portrait cam.
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    Moarg <Optimized> (Warcraft 3 Model)

  20. BloodElf Paladin <WeiWang 2006>.gif

    BloodElf Paladin <WeiWang 2006>.gif

  21. xw1995327www

    Archerus - The Ebon Hold (Scourge version) (Model)

    Credits to Blizzard Fetures: 1. Replaced part of textures by Wc3's. 2. Colour of some textures (WOW doodads' textures) have been adjusted. *which means if you are gonna import other WOW models sharing some textures, make sure being careful to choose overwrite textures or not.* 3. With click...
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    Archerus - The Ebon Hold (Scourge version) (Warcraft 3 Model)

  23. xw1995327www

    Comment by 'xw1995327www' in media 'Coastal City'

    Love all your works about buildings and doodads
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    Comment by 'xw1995327www' in media 'Demoness.gif'

    Thank you. but the UV and texture selection work are done by original author. I did the geosets transfer, bone rebinding and adding some customized things on this model. :wink:
  25. Demoness.gif


    credits to Hexus-XGM.RU- (model bone)
  26. xw1995327www

    [RenderEdge] Widescreen Fix

    Is this magic?
  27. xw1995327www

    Optimized Thunderfury Blade <Classic>

    No I said '[Thunderfury Blade]' cause there is a damn limit of <50 characters in thread title. :ugly:
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    This version is much better. :spell_breaker: Especially refers to the texture quality of armors.
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    Kultiras Structures and Doodads

    Each one is great! Glad to use them to replace old building models in WC3. :cute:
  30. Arcane Fortress.png

    Arcane Fortress.png

  31. Scourge.png


  32. xw1995327www

    Kultiras Structures and Doodads

    very nice buildings
  33. Maiev HoTS.png

    Maiev HoTS.png

  34. xw1995327www

    Dark Portal <Azeroth>

    I checked after upload the bundles, u can see the preview of the model shown in WE in this thread. My advice is checking the path of texture (delete the path suffix 'war3mapimported\'), if problem still exists, try to open it in Mangos, Edit--Calculate Extents, then save it in mdx again...
  35. Shandris Feathermoon.png

    Shandris Feathermoon.png

  36. Dark Portal.png

    Dark Portal.png

  37. Fortresses.png


  38. Some terrainarts.png

    Some terrainarts.png

  39. xw1995327www

    Legion Teleporter (Model)

    Credits to Blizzard Features: 1.Adapted model size 2.Portrait Cam & Click ball 3.Improved light effect with light source and crystal glows
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    Legion Teleporter (Warcraft 3 Model)

  41. xw1995327www

    Legion Sign Doodad (Model)

    Credits to Blizzard
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    Legion Sign Doodad (Warcraft 3 Model)

  43. xw1995327www

    Dark Portal <Azeroth> (Model)

    Credits to Blizzard Entertainment Features Compared to old resource from [HIVE]Dark Portal (Classic), 1.Fixed the void part of portal 2.Added light source 3.Adjusted size of model 4.Improved colour of model Previews:
  44. X

    Dark Portal <Azeroth> (Warcraft 3 Model)

  45. Illidan Demonform <Warglaives replaced>.gif

    Illidan Demonform <Warglaives replaced>.gif

    Credits to Darkholme
  46. Illidan<Warglaives Replaced>.gif

    Illidan<Warglaives Replaced>.gif

    Credits to Darkholme
  47. xw1995327www


    A extremely good model to make a To'vir. :cute: :cute:
  48. xw1995327www

    Optimized Thunderfury Blade <Classic> (Model)

    Credits to Blizzard Entertaiment Features: Additive layer with animated texture. Cloud particles. Attakc Ribbon. Replace some external materials (zap1, lightningball and blueglow.blp) with existing textures in WC3. Adapted size for typical units of WC3. Previews In-game Preview in Magos