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  1. Stylo

    Rate the Song

    Hello everyone, Rules: A person adds a youtube video with a song, he would like people to rate. The next poster rates the above song and adds his own song. The third poster rates the above song and posts his. And so on... Note: Add one song ONLY. You must listen to the whole song before...
  2. Stylo


    Hey is it possible to rotate unit through object editor ? :D because now when I place them, they face to me, well I can't change their rotation.
  3. Stylo

    Tree, tiles suggestions for island map

    At the moment I'm making an AOS map, which terrain is a kinda big island at the moment im using sunken ruins sand tile and ashenvale grass tile, for tree I took: This palm tree but I don't know if it fit there, do you have any suggestions, or samples of island maps?
  4. Stylo

    Place unit on doddad

    Sup, I'm trying to place unit on doddad. Unit will be there all game and won't move. Trying to use gold mine, but doesn't work. Any suggestions how to do that? PROBLEM:
  5. Stylo

    Fix grammar please.

    Hello I'm making AOS map, and at the moment I was creating a story, but have a lot of mistakes I think :D(yes I used google translate for some words), if possible fix grammar mistakes. Thank you! TEXT: Once it was a quiet island where natives lived a peaceful life and everything was fine...
  6. Stylo

    [Solved] Import Problem

    Something is wrong, trying to import and models, but it doesn't work. Did everything like...
  7. Stylo


    Hello, I'm really confused, because I can't find how to add armor(specific number) with using this upgrade: Apply Defense Upgrade Bonus. Or it's impossible to change armor? I'm using this trigger: Global Upgrade 01 Events Time - upgrade_timer[0] expires Conditions...
  8. Stylo

    GUI and vJass

    What can happen if we combine GUI and vJass triggers? Like: there is 4 spells, 2 spells in gui and other 2 in jass? :ogre_datass: Or it's better to go for full GUI-only or just full vJass-only ?:ogre_datass: TY
  9. Stylo

    Latin Translator

    Hey, looking for Latin/Greek translator :D As far as I know; Tabula Rasa in English means Blank Slate, but I need That someone translate me this: Blank World to greek/latin thanks! :)
  10. Stylo

    [Trigger] Syntax Error

    Hello, so I tried to copy 1 spell from other map(map creator allowed me to do this), but something wrong.. getting syntax error and game doesn't start, just frozen throne main screen opens. Spell Night DartNight Dart Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability...
  11. Stylo

    Problems with WE - Tilesets

    Sup everyone, How to get more tilesets in JNGP ? I tried to press extensions and edit tilesets, but window don't appear, any other solutions ?