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  1. Lingonberryjam

    [Trigger] Affecting a Units Attack cooldown

    Well hi there, I have made a spell, enabling a hero to swing his sword manually, dealing damage to enemies in range of his sword (the hero is a blademaster). The spell is based on a 'Howl of Terror', but that is just to have a 'triggerer-spell' with no target (the spell actually has no...
  2. Lingonberryjam

    Loka Labyrinth - A roundbased Hero Arena

    topThis thread is all about: Loka Labyrinth by Lingonberryjam Introduction Brief History Rules Gameplay Spells Items Progress Screenshots Download intro Introduction What type of map is Loka Labyrinth? Loka Labyrinth is a roundbased Hero Arena supporting 8 human players...
  3. Lingonberryjam

    Cinematic in a Loop

    EDIT - Maybe this belongs in the Triggers & Scripts section. Hullo! I'm making my first cinematic. I'm having some problems though, so please take a look at this. The cinema is supposed to show all heros being summond in the labyrinth (in the beginning of the game, as you may have...
  4. Lingonberryjam

    Bug: *Action - Cinematic - Fade out using texture* hides tooltips

    Hullo everone! I have discovered an unpleasant "bug". This is what i pm'd to Bob27 after i had read his Cinematic Tutorial and created my own cinematic. After reading this, and looking around a bit, Bob27 pm'd back to me, saying this: *** Now in this thread im asking if anyone has...
  5. Lingonberryjam

    Making a TD run smoothly

    Hullo! Im creating a TD wars where you play in teams, 2 v 2. (The red lines represent the path the creeps take) What i've done to prevent blocking is to have the creeps attack1 enabled, and have towers vulnerable. So when blocked, the creeps will go to attack. To make them soldier on...
  6. Lingonberryjam

    Demon Hunter model for Tower; uses alt. model

    Hullo! Im having a bit a of a problem. Im making a TD-wars and i use unit-models for the towers (yep thay can rotate, dont ask) and im having trouble when i try to use an imported model, based on the Demon Hunter, for a tower. Here is the model im using (works just fine in WE and in-game)...
  7. Lingonberryjam

    Short Novel: Vengeance

    Hullo! I wrote this short novel for an english-class homework we got about a half a year ago. We all got the same picture, and were supposed to write the story out of the inspiration we could get of it. Heres the picture: Dreamfall And heres the short novel: Vengeance Shira...
  8. Lingonberryjam

    Lingons Artwork

    Hullo! I thought i could submit some of my artwork here (all can be found on my dA account) I work mostly with coal pencils - "Gah! boring without colours!" some might say, but with coal one can make quite dramatic art in my opionion - and traditional painting, sometimes modified...
  9. Lingonberryjam

    Recruiting 3 or more Beta Testers for Loka Wars

    EDIT- Maybe i should not call this *recruiting*. This is not a serius recruitment, you only have to be willing to play the map a few times. - Hello. In this thread im trying to find some who want to test the Beta version of my TD-Wars map, Loka Wars. The name of the map is yet to be...
  10. Lingonberryjam

    Small Mineral Models

    2/5 done Hullo Hullo! Im working on a project called Infernals Vs. Golems. It is a sort of AoS map but with some major twists. One of the special things in this map will be that the Golem team, that is the Golem heroes, will be able to harvest minerals from "mines". With these minerals...
  11. Lingonberryjam

    Icons for Infernals

    Hullo hullo! Im in a project called Infernals vs. Golems, and we need 5 icons for the Infernals. If you want to know more about the project, or join the crew, just ask. Heres the models we need icons for: Shadow Ice Fire (we might call it magma) Brass Poison (Might get changed to...
  12. Lingonberryjam

    Two models using same textures

    Hullo hullo! Im working on a Infernal vs. Golem map, and having a problem with the usage of two specific models: and Here's the deal. The Crystalgolem (top of those two above) is imported...
  13. Lingonberryjam

    Loka Labyrinth - A Hero Arena

    Hullo Hullo! I started working on this map when i got an idea about a game where the level advantage of your hero wouldnt matter so much. I figured i wanted something like the "Ninja vs. Samurai"-style where your hero dies in just a few hits from another hero. Basically, this is just a...
  14. Lingonberryjam

    Need help with ability, and picking units with locust.

    Hey ya. Got a problem, and ive tested out many ways to fix it, but i "caaant get it riight" like Muse says. K. Tower with ability: Trueshoot Aura Trueshot aura requires a unit; Night ( a dummy unit with locust ) When in-game time of day turns 18.00 i create a "Night" for each player. Then...
  15. Lingonberryjam

    Help with using lightning effects!

    Ello! Im currently working on tower wars, and i need help with those lightning effects. My current trigger for a tower: lightning effect Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacking unit)) Equal to Lightning Turret Actions...
  16. Lingonberryjam

    Attack Cooldown

    I have some problems with my towerwars. I want some towers to have a really great attack speed, and the cooldown can be set down to even 0.01 seconds ( whcich should mean 100 attacks/second ) But when i set the attack cooldown of a tower to 0.01 or something low like that, there is almost no...
  17. Lingonberryjam

    [AI] Making simple AI: Make enemy units cast spells

    Hey. I have Never made an ai before. I think this is quite simple, to make an ai for a certain computer player (player 9) that makes that players units cast spells randomly, like sleep and such. Plz tell me how to make it, and if i should learn how to use ai, can u tip me of a good tutorial?
  18. Lingonberryjam

    Request for a tutorial: How to make "choice boards&quot

    Since i dont know what to call them, i just say "choice boards". Simply, how do i make things like this: Please make a tutorial, or if there already is one out there, tell me where. Dont bother to give me a JASS turorial since i cant make JASS. Im waiting.... :P
  19. Lingonberryjam

    Making "round" in my map...

    I bet alot of u out there have played Uther Party... Uther Part is based on 8 mini games, lets call this layout "rounds". Now, im not trying to make a map like Uther Party, but i need help making 1 round. My map is a "hero maze", a simple simple map, where the goal is just to have some fun...
  20. Lingonberryjam

    Item summoned units!

    I have a wierdo problem, hope you can explain it to me. I have made a unit called stinkbomb, (based on an ordinary serpent ward). The stinkbomb has an ability, disiease cloud (neutral hostile). Now, when i place out the stinkbomb with the unit pallette, enemies get affected of it in-game...
  21. Lingonberryjam

    How long is a day/night?

    Yo. Just wanna know cause im making a game based on day/night cycle. How long is 1 night, in real-time (seconds). I want to make a night take 40-50 minutes, by using [set time of day speed to ?% of the default speed] Anyone who knows? (checked blizzards site, nothing said about real time...
  22. Lingonberryjam

    change size of model/attachment?

    I have imported a dagger to my map. It looks great, but its way to big for the child that's gonna use it. Is there any way i can make the model smaller, without using anything to advanced like modeler tools and programs?
  23. Lingonberryjam

    A simple model needed!

    Hey guys! I need a model for my project; Eragon: Defense of Tronjheim. What i need is a child (use the child(2)) in we, the one with brown hair. The only difference should be that the child should have a dagger in his hand, left/right hand doesnt matter. And if possible the dagger should be...
  24. Lingonberryjam

    Map Project start! Eragon: Defense of Tronjheim

    I will finally start the project. A sort of hero defense based on the battle of Tronjheim, in the book Eragon written by Christopher Paolini. The film will be realeased on cinemas over the world later this year. The map will be a 5vs5 defense, with one computer player for each force. For...
  25. Lingonberryjam

    Mass Hex

    Im gonna try doing a mass hex. I know how to use dummies and allrdeady have 1 ficed and rdy to go. So, can some1 help me with a simple trigger that either: creates 1 dummy for each affected unit, and then orders all dummys to do a hex on their specific unit or creates 1 dummy, and...
  26. Lingonberryjam

    Several icons for project needed!

    I may be starting an Eragon map project, and if so there will be a number of icons needed to be done. For those who havent read the books by Christopher Paolini, do it! Website for Inheritance trilogy: And for those interested in helping with the project...
  27. Lingonberryjam

    Map idea: Eragon: Defense of Farten dür

    Eragon: Defense of Farten dür So?? Who has read the very, very good books "Eragon" and the second in the trilogy, "Eldest" ? They are written by Christopher Paolini, here are short summary of the first book: "When Eragon finds a polished blue stone in the forest, he thinks it is the lucky...
  28. Lingonberryjam

    Simple dummy stun?

    I was reading about simple dummy units (using triggers, not jass) and came up with an idea. I've never used dummys before, and a usefull thing would be to stun a unit with a dummy. So, the idea is like this; to use a trigger (event: unit casts a spell), to create dummy who attacks (once)...
  29. Lingonberryjam

    Normal wc3 maps, melee map question: Items dropped

    I am making a normal 1v1 melee map, and i have only only thoose problems: How to choose what items to be dropped be the creeps? How do i make certain creep levels drop certain items? I have tested item tables but i cant make it work, can i get somesimple help? will hear from ya. . ...
  30. Lingonberryjam

    Spell: Dehydration

    I have a nice spell idea for my hero, dehydration. Its quite simple, just a spell that deals damage over time, like a shadowstrike, but when the affected hero crosses or stands in shallow water the spell will be turned off. How do i make that with triggers? :?:
  31. Lingonberryjam

    Hero idea? +skills

    Maybe some people here has lurked out Im making a hero "arena" map, you only conrtol your own hero, no armys. Ok, I have made a hero whos boring, simply a lich king, and I would like to exchange the hero to a more interesting hero, and now i mean no boring abilities like critical and bash and a...
  32. Lingonberryjam

    Array variable trouble

    I have used arrays for a long time now, and it works perect. But now i have a problem. Im making a simple "choose random hero for player" trigger. It works, and ive used a unit type array variable to create the random hero. But how do i make sure that the choosen hero does not get created again...
  33. Lingonberryjam

    Trigger to temporary change model used by unit

    If i, for example, wanna turn a hero into a sheep for, say, 3 seconds, how do i do that with a trigger? Searched under actions; animation, unit. And now i mean to just change the model, how it looks, not the whole unit...
  34. Lingonberryjam

    Prevent "friendly fire"

    Can someone please tell me a nice trigger, or tell me were i can find one here, thet prevents allies from attacking eachother. I'vve tried simple ones, like just order unit to stop, but its kinda buggy and only works from time to time.
  35. Lingonberryjam

    Advanced Leaderboards

    I have just made a leaderboard for my map. It's a simple board with the players names and the value is the number of heroes you have killed, (its a hero arena map). But i need some help adding new values, such as times you have been killed, deaths. And also how to make comments in the...
  36. Lingonberryjam

    Chain Stun

    I wanna make an active hero ability that works like a chain lightning, but that stuns all units it hits. And if possible the stunned unit should affected by a buff, so that its owner may see it. Dont come up with jass enhanced abilitys cause i dont really understand that, yet. But trigger...
  37. Lingonberryjam

    64x64 pixels without ruining the icon...

    I have made my own icon, with all different versions; BTN, DISBTN, PASBTN and DISPASBTN. But when im going to shrink the size to 64x64 pixels (Its 192x192 right now), it ruins the picture by making the nice metal-frame gray. I know why this happens (its black and white), but dont know a way to...
  38. Lingonberryjam

    How do i take a screenshot?

    Simple question, how do i take a screenshot for my ability? Do i need to download any specific tool :?:
  39. Lingonberryjam

    Disabled ability icons

    How do i make sure that the disabeld version of an imported icon gets used, so it doesnt just get green. It works sometimes, and somtimes not, and i cant figure out how to use the data correctly. PS. Yes I've read the topick "my icon is green, why?", so dont tell me about it, :lol:
  40. Lingonberryjam

    Holy Wrath: Mass Holy Light

    I have made my own ability and would like to get some feedback and ideas, and i also got one question. Here is the ability: Calls the Gods for aid, repleneshing life of nearby allied units, and damaging enemys. Level 1 - Damages and heals by 250. Level 2 - Damages and heals by 400. Level...
  41. Lingonberryjam

    Make a nice icon for me?

    I have made my own ability for a hero, it goes like this: The Gnoll Shaman learns from ancient forfathers. Gives a permanent bonus to Intelligence and gives mana per each kill. Level 1: Adds 6 intelligence and gives 4% of the Gnoll Shamans max mana per kill. Level 2: Adds 12...
  42. Lingonberryjam

    no talk of protected maps

    Ok, maybe we're not allowed to discuss map protecting here. But where can i get help to protect my map then? Give me a website so i can fx it plz. . .
  43. Lingonberryjam

    Where to find the wc3 icons?

    Where can i get the real icons from wc3, so i can fix them in photoshop:?:
  44. Lingonberryjam

    where is the image extractor?

    I need to get the wc3 image extractor again, a couple of months ago my comp broke, and back then i had the program and it worked perfectly. I have just forgot where the ***** i can find it here. And everywhere people talks about it but does not say where i can download it. Its NOT in the...
  45. Lingonberryjam

    tga making in photoshop

    ok just wanna know. is the tga file all talks about targa... it says so in photoshop. is that the real tga? if it is then can i change it to blp using a tool and then simply extract and import directly to the editor? if im totally wrong, then plz just dont tell "ur wrong", give me some...
  46. Lingonberryjam

    HTML. Where do i find the player colours?

    I have just some of the coulours and i want to have all twelwe player colours. Do you have them or do you know where i can find them? Please tell me, or give me a hyperlink... See yaa... :wink:
  47. Lingonberryjam


    Im making an allrandom mode for a map. I have the heros in a tavern and uses a variable for each player to set the hero. A problem is that it takes a lot of time to make it and when i come up with new heros it also takes alot of time to set them into the trigger. And how to make sure that...
  48. Lingonberryjam

    Hero Ability with percentage triggers! HELP!

    Hi its me again the lingon man. I want too make an hero ability that deals 50% of the heros life in damage. I haveallready managed to do that, but im having a problem. Im using a trigger to the abiltity, which sets the enemys life to= life of targeted unit - life of casting unit/2. That doesnt...
  49. Lingonberryjam

    Bounty for killing units, HELP ME

    OK, this may be a noobish question, but i still have too find out what i do wrong. I have a problem with bounty gold. I am making myself a maul tower defense and i cant make the bounty work for the creeps, so i have to make a trigger, which i clearly do not really need. Why doesnt it work? Do...