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  1. DracoL1ch

    Orders repo

    Since it's hard enough to find for newbies constant integer ORDER_wandillusion=852274 constant integer ORDER_absorb=852529 constant integer ORDER_acidbomb=852662 constant integer ORDER_acolyteharvest=852185 constant integer ORDER_AImove=851988 constant integer...
  2. Flux

    Change Model Texture Using Alternate Animations

    Change Model Texture Using Alternate Animations It is indeed possible to change a model's texture in game whether in object editor or via Triggers without using WAR CLUB ability. CONTENTS: 1. Pros and Cons 2. Modeling 2.1 Outcome 3. Triggering. 4. Make a unit use different texture without...
  3. Sylvie

    Add Multiple Skins for a Single Model

    How to add multiple skins for a single model. For this tutorial, you'll need of a single tool: War3 Model Editor, by Magos. For this tutorial, I'll be using the Scarlet Crusader, by CloudWolf. First of all, open the WME, and open its MPQ Browser [Windows > MPQ Browser]. Select War3.mpq...