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  1. gengar

    (Jass) Libraries, scopes and calling functions inside them

    Hi, I'm posting this because i would like to make good spell system, however: I have a library, where are functions which runs everytime some spell of the pack is cast, because all of them uses same functions. I need every single spell to have own library or scope or something, with functions...
  2. gengar

    A question about uploading

    Hello, I would like to know if I can upload the model I "made" Facts: It's was originally blizzard Warcraft III model, however it looks very different than the originnal. I have moved some parts. I added something to model. I completelly remapped all textures (using other blizzard textures)...
  3. gengar

    Several Skins

    Hi, I want to know: Is there any way how can I use several skins for one model ? ( for example: I have an Knight model, i need to import new skin for it, but I also need model with the old standard skin ) Can I prevent importing the model with changed texture pathes? (Yes, I readt "texture...
  4. gengar


    What is hash and hash table ? What does it exactly mean and what is it used for? Is it used in JASS or only in MUI ? :confused: Could somebody make some tutorial, or explain it here for me here at least ? I'll be grateful for your help, rep+, Thank you
  5. gengar

    boolean ? boolexpr ?

    Hello, Please help me somebody... I don't know what's wrong there, I know that my function returns boolean, but the function GetUnitsInRectMatching requie something like boolexpr code ... ???? what is boolexpr ?:eekani: What do I have to do? GetUnitsInRectMatching(GetPlayableMapRect()...
  6. gengar

    Debug messages

    Please, can somebody tell me how to show my debug messages in my map? I'm not sure if my JASS trigger doesn't do anything or It just is not visible :-) I bet it's very simple, but I couldn't find it :grin: ... Thanks EDIT: Sorry, I found that it shows all the time, I just had mistake in code :)
  7. gengar

    A question: Multiple texture paths

    Hello, I have a problem. I have more models in my map that uses the same texture/skin path. I wanna them to have other textures (everyone may have their own skin). So how can I change texture path for model. I'll be thankful to all the tips. Thanks...:hohum: (please excuse me if this thread...