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  1. Zelda95

    Night Warrior Eyes

    Hello, im trying to make a Darkshore map based on the darkshore warfront from bfa. I need reforged Tyrande, Archer, and Huntress to have REALLY dark blue eyes, similar to the night warrior customization in world of warcraft
  2. Zelda95

    Blood Elves Request for Reforged

    Hello, back in 2013 someone posted this Blood Elf Arcane Guardian since im using reforged graphics now, is it possible if someone could get me a reforged version of something similar to that? also, in world edit > doodat palette > cityscape > props we can find high elf banners, can someone...
  3. Zelda95

    Ai HELP please

    I made a night elf sentinels ai and everything is fine but 1 thing thats driving me crazy, HIPPOGRYPH RIDERS, i told the ai to make archer and then a hippogryph and the hippo taming upgrade and THEN the hippogryph rider, it DOES make an archer,etc until it reaches the part with hyppo rider it...
  4. Zelda95

    AI HELP please

    hello everyone, i have an ai that i made making the computer defend against waves of enemies, and you as the player must attack the enemy and upon defeating it, i want the AI to change to another ai i made that allows the computer to attack enemies example: apply AI1 (does not attack, only...
  5. Zelda95

    Making a quest for specific player

    ok i searched the net, the hive, and everywhere but couldent understand what everyone was talking about. i want to know how to make a quest thats ONLY for player red, and another quest for ONLY player blue, anyone please can help me???
  6. Zelda95

    [Solved] Water without cliffs?

    hey there, i notices some maps have a water level without cliffs, even some blizzard maps have water without cliffs, anyone tell me how? :O
  7. Zelda95

    Tree Of Life Butterflies

    hey there, i made a dummy unit with this details: Art - Model File: tree of life upgrade ability <target> Art - Required animation names: Upgrade,First (put "Second" instead of first if you want the golden butterflies) the blue butterflies DOES work i dont need help on that, what i need is...
  8. Zelda95

    Eversong Tree

    Could someone please make me a tree (like the one in wow eversong woods) i searched everywhere couldent find it, i need 2 of them 1 is the yellow and the other is red and the normal tree animations "chop,death,etc" ill be really grateful :D and i have the pictures attached
  9. Zelda95

    Help with my spell please!

    hello everyone i made a spell called "Chain Ice" for my sorceress wich uses the siphon mana lightning and the frost nova target and jumps to 3 other targets damaging them, i need to add a chill effect (slowed) on each unit that gets damaged by THIS spell for 3 seconds they said i have to use a...
  10. Zelda95

    Sound Resources maybe?

    ok i know this is wierd but i saw models icons skins alot of resurces here, but i was thinking what if hive made a section for sounds resources? like units voices, lightning voices destructibles etc its just my idea so what do you think and what programs could help us with this kind of resource? :D
  11. Zelda95

    Campaign Background? O_O

    hello there, i had an idea floating around my mind for a while ever since i started making my campaign, i dont know if it can be done or not but how about editing the "background" of a campaign? for example open your warcraft the frozen throne, go to campaign and the night elf campaign, you see...
  12. Zelda95

    Sky Land??!!

    ok i dont know if this was discussed before, but how about changing the water terrain into "cloudian" or "sky" thing that you cant walk in, but can use some ships (airships maybe?) or instead of editing the water terrain maybe add another one incase if you want to use both water and sky terrain...
  13. Zelda95

    Clash of Elves

    hello there im planning to make a map of night elves vs blood/high elves so i need the following models please: 1- eversong treant (i found one but it changes the treant model so when night elf use force of nature it appears as eversong treant too) so i need 2 different treants 1 for ne and 1...
  14. Zelda95

    Need Deathguard model

    hello there im using the forsaken in my map and i need a deathguard model because ghouls looks awful in the forsaken i need deathguard model other than cavman's model its good but dosent fit forsaken i want something black like the ones used in dark ages of warcraft but i couldent find it, if...
  15. Zelda95

    Help on my map

    hello there i posted my map in the map discussion forum, here if what i need help with: i need the 3 coloured lichs to channel coloured lightning to the lich king (green lich channeling green lightning blue channle blue etc) i made the green do life drain the blue siphon mana and red finger of...
  16. Zelda95

    My new map :DDD

    ohai there my first post! (beside the introduce) first of all yes i need a better attractive name for my map, please dont judge my map yet! it isent even 50% done, i extracted blizzard's last frozen throne undead campaign (cus im not good at terrain) i cleaned the map from triggers variables...
  17. Zelda95

    Zelda95 joined the workshop

    Ohai there hive workshop, its been a while since i was visiting your site and using some models until one day i told myself, why not join? so i joined! im currently on a near - perfect map though i need help with it, i think ill ask that on the help forum. thing about me:- first of all im 17...