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  1. tulee

    Mordork's Quest Remake

    This looks like a fantastic update to an already great campaign. Can't wait to try it out.
  2. tulee

    Lightfall - A Fading Home

    This looks fantastic Proxy. I am torn between trying it out now or waiting for future chapters to be released, because I know from past experience if I only am able to experience part of a story but not know the ending, I won't be able to sleep well at night for a few days.
  3. tulee

    Blackrock and Roll, Too Maps Pack

    Would prefer if the "campaign" tag is used for a series of maps that constitute some kind of story, as opposed to a situation like this where there are multiple versions based on a single campaign map. Reversing the teams seems like a fun idea though, look forward to trying it out.
  4. tulee


    Looks pretty great so far. Love it when old map makers come back to hive to update stuff.
  5. tulee

    Reverse Hearthglen

    Randomly decided to play this. Some points I found while playing: Purple's AI has not been disabled. I has to keep fighting control over his units even 2-3 minutes or so, and all he wanted to do was send the units back to his base and not fight anyone. Cannot use corpse collection on purple's...
  6. tulee

    Xetanth87's Campaign Splitter - Play Custom Campaigns in Reforged

    Trying to use it now, but the java download is requiring me to make an Oracle account just to download that legacy version. Is there any way to avoid requiring us to sign up to it, or is it a requirement to access the java plugin.
  7. tulee

    Xetanth87's Campaign Splitter - Play Custom Campaigns in Reforged

    Thanks for this tool xetanth87. I will try using it tomorrow on Reforged.
  8. tulee

    [Campaign] Fading Zenith

    Very few campaigns have begun utilizing the newer features that have come from the latestet versions of wc3. I think it's great you are using them--- the UI stuff looks fantastic from the screenshots you have shown. The campaign looks great, and I am sure lots of people will enjoy playing it.
  9. tulee

    Tactics Unleashed Remake v0.94

    Thanks for allowing people to see this resource again. Super looking forward to how the story ends after playing the original 15+ years ago.
  10. tulee

    Hive now has the campaign anyway by the way: The War of Corruption - Campaign 1 It was...

    Hive now has the campaign anyway by the way: The War of Corruption - Campaign 1 It was previously hard to find because it was not approved or something.
  11. tulee

    Saving Innisbrook

    Hi Alan, this map was fantastic, thanks for making it, was a ton of fun. Also thanks to Deepstrasz for recommending it. Some random notes from when I played it: Great dialogue going back and forth between characters, like when Esther says thats not true (in reference to the demon talking...
  12. tulee

    Isle of Despair v1.4

    I saw this recommended, so I decided to give it a try. The overarching story is fantastic, you even managed to create a world setting in a small rpg map. The amount of work you put into the professions is huge, this would be so much fun to play with a group of friends. I only did blacksmith, and...
  13. tulee

    Tomb of the Dragon

    This happened to my friend who did not own Reforged. S(i)n's map requires reforged to play.
  14. tulee

    Tomb of the Dragon

    Hey KiliX, played this with you last night (you were necro, i was mystic). Just wanted to comment and say this entire map experience was fantastic. Highlights were the great music, the animation movement between maps (when the map of the next chapter opens up before us), as well as the details...
  15. tulee

    Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

    Hi Bergi, this map was fantastic. I got up to the red elemental boss. The way the different skills were introduced was in my opinion perfect, players were not overwhelmed with everything at the start, and every time the new spells were introduced, it was directly related to an obstacle, like the...
  16. tulee

    Shadows of Hatred v2.3.0 (Patch 1.30)

    Had a ton of fun playing through the new version of the campaign since the last big change. Great job. I think the Magtheridon mission is the probably the best way a non-RTS type "storming the enemy base" kind of mission could have been done. One of my biggest issues with lots of those types of...
  17. tulee

    Destiny of Blood Elves

    I had more fun playing this than expected. One thing that caught my eye is some chapters have huge expansive terrain/space that don'y really play a purpose, specifically chapter 5 (the huge black temple terrain that doesn't do much), chapter 3 (the middle and bottom left areas could have been...
  18. tulee

    [Campaign] Lightfall

    This looks fantastic Proxy! Really fantastic terraining. Also thanks for making this on 1.32- changing back to old versions of Wc3 to play things is a trouble that will hopefully become less common over time as more projects move to the latest Wc3 patch.
  19. tulee

    Living Nerubian Campaign

    This is the first campaign I have played where a real custom race is used, and not just some some alternation of normal blizzard stuff. Very impressive. Mission 6 seems to allow 2 players to play the mission (2nd player would get that grey base above red I think). Hope you consider bringing...
  20. tulee

    Exodus of the Horde REVAMP

    Ch1 I like how humans are on the offensive, actually making there be a reason for the orcs to flee The different units are cool, for both human and orc When meeting the golem, thrall repeats the line about meeting a forest troll (how they were once a part of the Horde, etc) and not the golem...
  21. tulee


    I don't currently have access to a computer that can play Wc3 unfortunately. Yea, from what i remember the plot probably cannot be just explained in a few paragraphs. I appreciate that short summary Mathayis. Yea, I will probably need to go play it for myself again, since that description...
  22. tulee


    Was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to write the full story (with as many details as possible) of this great map for me. I got up to accessing the flying machine and going to the frozen continent when I played this 2-3~ years ago, but I won't ever likely get access to my save files...
  23. tulee

    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    I think it is unfair to make strange assumptions about Quenching mod having "common bugs" without backing them up with proof. Quenching works fine within the limits Zorrot has set out, and it arguably works better for all unprotected campaigns than any of the older versions, since 1.32 fixed a...
  24. tulee

    Mysterious campaign

    This should be the map you are looking for:
  25. tulee

    [Lua] JRPG Dialogue System v1.1

    Thanks for including the "Example Scene: GUI" in your map description. Quite a few great systems on hive don't include something like that, and it makes them somewhat inaccessible to people who only know the basics. I will definitely look forward to playing around with your resource, appreciate...
  26. tulee

    Call of The Swarm

    You should be able to download the Quenching mod and play the campaign with it.
  27. tulee

    Quenching Mod v1.5 - Custom Campaigns on Patch 1.32+

    I have been playing a custom campaign using Quenching Mod this weekend using the classic graphics option, played through 10 + chapters with zero issues/problems. This tool is fantastic. It has saved all campaign players from the bugs that remain on 1.31, but were fixed in 1.32+. Thank you Zorrot...
  28. tulee

    Mathias Chronicles I - The Pursuit

    Map03 Was there any advantage to saving Kel Zarach from the cage? Map ended without any talking Map04 The ogre Grathnar left his gem lying around for Larissa to pick up? Even though the human base was basically destroyed last mission, it suddenly has come back to life this mission Duncan and...
  29. tulee

    Mathias Chronicles I - The Pursuit

    This campaign is a work of art, I love the cinematics and camera angles. Map01 Map starts suddenly without any talking Can force subtitles on so we can see the in-game talking even if players have them disabled (referring to Mathias message about forest trolls) Love the choice for speaking...
  30. tulee

    Path of the Damned Revamp

    Didn't know. I normally just interact with save code map-map systems, so I've never played around with cache before. Map06 Workers not collecting gold at start of map if cinematic is skipped at start of mission Dealthholme (red) sent a bunch of zombified peasants to the far middle left...
  31. tulee

    Tool: make WEU maps openable WE

    Alright. I can work around them. Thank you for updating your tool so it was able to open the 7th map. :)
  32. tulee

    Tool: make WEU maps openable WE

    Hi Ghostwolf, i just tried to open all the maps in the campaign, they were all open-able, which is great. Thank you! Map 1 and 6 had 1 syntax error, while the map07, which was the one we talked about above, had 38. Forgive my ignorance, but do syntax errors only mean those relevant triggers...
  33. tulee

    Pastebin not allowing upload of big files

    I checked if someone else had mentioned this topic, but couldn't find anything, so came to write about it. Basically, i've been trying to upload a 100+mb campaign to pastebin, and it sometimes just stays at 0, never moving. Even when it does move (and eventually gets to 100) when I click save...
  34. tulee

    Tool: make WEU maps openable WE

    Cool. Just wanted to check, the colour system for non red (blue, green dark yellow) are all converted successfully, those three colours are just like you said above, to make it easier to read/distinguish different things being converted? Below is something that came up as an error, and stopped...
  35. tulee

    Tool: make WEU maps openable WE

    Hey Ghostwolf, I had a chance to play around with your updated tool yesterday. Was wondering if I could ask some questions about some of the conversions? I also came across some multiple and/or/it conditions (something like that) which caused an entire map in the campaign to not be converted...
  36. tulee

    Path of the Damned Revamp

    Map01 The atmosphere of the opening scene with young arthas/ his horse was really good in terms of the fog and snow background Nice to have death pact reworked so it is actually a useful spell Like how the fallen footmen and zombie are actually slow in movement speed, which is representative of...
  37. tulee

    a few issues

    Not sure if worth mentioning, but the example of using the "hidden" bb code has been removed from the BB code example page.
  38. tulee

    2 Player Campaign 2020 - HD & SD

    If anyone is interested in seeing Spoon's coop first before playing it themselves, a guy called Muffin did the entire series via Youtube with his friend Kane. Just watching how much fun they have working together to beat insane mode will...
  39. tulee

    Mathias Chronicles II - Reckoning

    Great to see part 2 in the series. Thanks for putting your effort into all these campaigns, Med. Mapguy.
  40. tulee

    Searching for an old ORPG map! Please help me out!

    Your map description also fits Dark Invasion II better than Tempest, but glad you found the map you were looking for. If you wanted to check it out, heres the link: Dark Invasion II v2.14
  41. tulee

    [Campaign] Call of the Swarm

    The scale of this project looks huge, and it is really refreshing to have the chance to play as a faction we almost never see in custom campaigns. If I may ask, from what you have written, you will maintain both the RU version and the ENG verwion at the same time. Is that something that would...
  42. tulee

    Bones Scourge

    Unless you are 100% sure Thunder and Nick are using the correct patch required, then I would be hesitant to assume they do, since many people who don't state the exact version they are playing could be using any random patch. I personally know Thunder did exactly that in another campaign, with...
  43. tulee

    how can run war3 classic in clinet

    If you are talking about classic graphics, Mustang's answer is correct. But seeing as the error you show is the one that occurs when non-reforged players try to open Wc3 for the first time without adding their CD keys prior, then I guess you mean more about what Pyf said. Just redeem your Reign...
  44. tulee

    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    Chosen Ones campaign carries far more data between missions than the average hero level/spell level/item, so that would be quite a task.
  45. tulee

    BETA ENDS March 12 (2021) - [TODAY]

    I really like how the icons at the top of the screen (forum, maps, models, etc.) become tiny and appear at the top of the screen when scrolling down, so we don't need to scroll back up to the top if we want to click on them. It is quite a fantastic quality of life change. Edit: Just curious, is...
  46. tulee

    BETA ENDS March 12 (2021) - [TODAY]

    Just out of curiosity, was setting the order of multiple resources in a single resource to alphabetical from the original order of date added intentional? So, for resources like Spoon's Coop campaign, the maps now appear based on the name of the maps...
  47. tulee

    What happened to Warcraft ?

    That only affects the playerbase who are not using Battlenet. For people using Battlenet, the game autoupdates before even letting people play, so everyone who plays on Battlenet/Reforged is forced to play on same patch. People who were playing on pirated Wc3 before will likely not move onto...
  48. tulee


    It's pretty neat how well this model visually fits into the Wc3 art style. Great job.
  49. tulee

    Chronicles of the Second War - Updated Demo

    To hate Reforged so much that you would purposely give 1/5 stars to projects that use Reforged graphics doesn't seem really fair. "Private secrets"
  50. tulee

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Look at his post history

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Look at his post history