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  1. ThompZon

    Need Help with Strafe and Multiple shot archer

    Note that (Target unit of ability being cast) is not safe after the wait, meaning that if you cast another spell with another unit within those 10 seconds, it points to the wrong unit. You'd need to track the target, storing it in a variable
  2. ThompZon

    Damage Engine

    I'm not sure, but NextDamageIsAttack causes my trigger with FILTER_ATTACK to not trigger. When I look within the engine, I see that the "isCode"-variable is set if NextDamageIsAttack = true, witch is wierd imo. I solved it by removing all NextDamage..., becuase the triggered damage was...
  3. ThompZon


    Can there be more than 1 unit with this passive? Is it a learned passive? Does the unit exist in start of map or do you "pick" a hero? Is it even a hero? The basics are: 1. Have an initialize trigger, if it is a learned ability or you have a hero picking system, add the hero to a unit-group...
  4. ThompZon

    The Defence of the Castle

    Version 1.05 Released! See "Change log" for an overview of the changes and "development log" for even more details! This version comes with 7 new items (2 gadgets, 2 basic items, 3 advanced), several item adjustments, 1 new Diabolic Special Trait, Diabolics are now tintend, few enemy gold...
  5. ThompZon

    [Development] CliCli Incubation Program!

    It depends on what you define as "see your map triggers". If a scrambled mess that result in same thing in-game, but it barely editable due to variable names, function names etc. being shortened and/or optimized, you are technically correct. But in reality, probably not. It's likely easier to...
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    Good mechanic thing. Very useful :)
  7. ThompZon


    Another excellent icon from a legend, creating a ton of useful Icons over many years :) IMO this could use some touch ups on the top swirl in the background, making it slightly smoother with sparkles or something, but extremely useful as is! Thanks for all the icons!
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    Another extremely well made icon by NFWar :)
  9. ThompZon

    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    The ones you disabled to confirm that they were very likely the cause of issues, (hopefully) fixed leak in Loc3 assignment and (hopefully) removed unneeded remove of Loc3 (in the other trigger).
  10. ThompZon

    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    Can you post the latest slide triggers? It'd make it more clear with less assumptions on my part (and assumptions can easily miss details).
  11. ThompZon

    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    Good question. Not that I can see in the triggers above. I'd look for leaks in stuff that runs a lot (I.E. short timers or large groups typically), points and groups are most common and maybe excessive unit-creation (do you have a ton of dummies?). btw, Slide2 removes Loc3 but does not use...
  12. ThompZon

    How to create a frame spinner?

    I don't know how to do "inputs" (where you can write using keyboard) in RUID or FDF, but just placing text-labels (one with "date" and one with the value), two buttons with "/\" and "\/" on top of each other and make triggers to add/remove from a value and make one of text-labels get its text...
  13. ThompZon

    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    In this trigger, Loc3 does not use Loc1 for its "initial position", so that's a leak per unit per 0.03 seconds.
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    Decent icon for the model, but not too special
  15. ThompZon

    [Solved] How to detect enemy units within range?

    Kind of, yes. Store the previous "picked unit" (if you need it later) in another variable, set a group-variable to units within X range of some point, do another loop with that group and then destroy that group and start that for-each-unit-in-group with an if-block to filter enemy heroes...
  16. ThompZon

    Warcraft III: Reforged PTR – Version

    They're looking good imo!
  17. ThompZon

    Damage Engine

    It's fairly simple. First detect the instance where you want to do this, then modify the damage to deal 50% of its current value (I'd guess a pre-armor-event should be used), then deal new damage (same amount as the modified value) with DamageType universal and probably set NextDamageType =...
  18. ThompZon

    The Defence of the Castle

    Version 1.04 Released! See "Change log" for an overview of the changes and "development log" for even more details! This version comes with 2 new items (1 basic, 1 advanced), Darth Vader buffs/bugfixes, minor Hattori buffs, wave 20-30 made easier (yet again) and a brand new Difficulty System...
  19. ThompZon

    I started looking at it when he had already updated. No problem btw! :)

    I started looking at it when he had already updated. No problem btw! :)
  20. ThompZon


    Maybe if you resize the original to 64x64 the site will make it non-reforged format
  21. ThompZon

    Can't view any content section [Works now, a while later]

    When trying to view any content section (Maps, Models, Skins, Icons, Spells, Tools, search for people) I get: Oops! We ran into some problems. A server error occurred. Please try again later. I tried refresh-clear-cache (shift + F5) but same result. Edit: Fine now, when I tried ~5 hours or...
  22. ThompZon

    New Bonus [vJASS][LUA]

    Looks very similar to my trigger (although I have some items that needs to "refresh" and I have edit:ed the system to add a few more bonuses, as well as giving it capabilities that I needed). Edit: The bonus number seems to be Integer Max-value (around 2^31), meaning that something is messed...
  23. ThompZon

    New Bonus [vJASS][LUA]

    That's because with that trigger, the Bracer of Agility (lvl2) bonus is added when... Upgrading? You should add the bonus when picking up the item. That is: Create a new trigger for when gaining an item, if it is the lvl 2 item, then link the bonuses. Then you'll only need to remove/add item...
  24. ThompZon

    Playing with random terrain generation

    Yes, some thing like that, but maybe it's too slow. I've seen people say that triggers are processed every 0.03125 seconds. I have not done enough research to confirm, but I was thinking of processing 1 row every that much time.
  25. ThompZon

    Playing with random terrain generation

    There are ways to avoid function queue limitations, such as calculating one row/tick, storing result in an array, when all is complete, analyze the results and apply it to the map. Or something like that. Anyways, interested to follow the progression! :)
  26. ThompZon

    Playing with random terrain generation

    I love me some random terrain generation! Wonderful to see! The mountains could be improved by introducing some additinal noice on top of the "Shablam! Round, smooth mountain". I'd probably use some multi layered perlin noice with some fractals to achieve it, but as long as it looks good :P I...
  27. ThompZon

    Trigger help

    One thing about the special effect here is that if you have another trigger that creates a special effect during this 0.5 seconds wait, the "Destroy (Last created special effect)" of this trigger will destroy that one, because it is created AFTER this special effect. In this case, for feral...
  28. ThompZon

    Smoke of deceit

    I'm unsure how to handle the true-sight part, that sounds impossible to me, but you'd have to research all different invisibility and true-sight abilities to be sure. Actually making the system is fairly complicated, but if you know vjass, I made a "CamouflageSystem" (based on League of Legends...
  29. ThompZon

    The Defence of the Castle

    Version 1.03 Released! See "Change log" for an overview of the changes and "development log" for even more details! This version comes with an additional selectable Hero - Hattori Hanzou (Shadow Dancer). This is my take on a "Slippery ninja" that should work well on a castle defence map. Other...
  30. ThompZon

    [Solved] Playing specific animations for Special Effects

    Subanimation seems to be "Ready", "Defend", "Alternate", not "1", "2", "3", so not sure how it'd help me. I just solved the problem by editing the model and removed all Birth-animations except for the one I wanted, resulting in it working for me...
  31. ThompZon

    [Solved] Playing specific animations for Special Effects

    This thread only answered the question of subanimation, such as "Stand Ready" (how to add the "Ready" part). Is it possible to play specific animation such as "Attack 2" or "Birth 5" or whatever?
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    Excellent Shadowy Icon!
  33. ThompZon


    Excellent icon! I did a recolor to suit my needs. Turned out ok, but not excellent...
  34. ThompZon

    Checking if an ability has 0 cooldown currently

    I think that "BlzGetUnitAbilityCooldownRemaining" should work. native BlzGetUnitAbilityCooldownRemaining takes unit whichUnit, integer abilId returns real
  35. ThompZon

    [Solved] Gameplay Constants - Hero XP

    I tested real quick and it seems like "level factor" uses the "next levels" value, not the current value. I.E. Meaning: When you are on level 2 ("going to level 3") the factor for "Level Factor" is 3. Edit: Left side is your initial calculations
  36. ThompZon

    [AI] [Honeycombs] AI Script Framework

    Maybe try to outline your needs? Is it a melee-like-map that needs to support expansions, base-building, etc? Is it an RPG-map that "only" needs to handle "smaller encounters" with different behaviors for different units and(or bosses? Is it both (whatever that means)?
  37. ThompZon

    [Solved] Uncancelable Ability?

    Does the "Disable other abilities=true" on the channel cause a pause?
  38. ThompZon

    [Solved] Uncancelable Ability?

    Cool, I'll try a few different solutions out and see how well they work :) Edit: So I Tried the easiest solution first: Disable other abilities=true. This seems to work as I hoped, meaning that I cannot cancel the order and stuns during the animation does not cancel anything and the stun...
  39. ThompZon

    [Solved] Uncancelable Ability?

    I have a spell where I want the caster to be "locked up" in an animation for 0.4 seconds or so, being unable to be cancelled by spamming move-orders and also not being cancelled by stuns and such. Is this achiveable? Current setup is a channel-based ability with Follow Through Time = 0.4 and...
  40. ThompZon

    [JASS] GUI Specific Unit Event Possible with udg Variable?

    If you an OtherTrigger with event "When unit gains item" it will trigger instantly on the line of "Give item to unit". This can cause issues if you use global variables (such as Integer A)
  41. ThompZon

    need some advice for tower defense

    It doesn't matter how you spawn units or "nothing going on", whenever 1 player have more than X units, it will cause issues with Warcraft 3 Path Finding that all move orders uses resulting in units "randomly" standing still, moving "towards" the move-order, but not always in the closest...
  42. ThompZon

    need some advice for tower defense

    If I remember correctly, the path finding issues (stuttering) starts when a player owns (or moves) more than 200 (or there around) units. Having 3-4 "enemy players" is recommended to keep units walking as expected when given move orders.
  43. ThompZon

    [Trigger] Set ability cooldown - map won't load anymore?

    It depends on what you're after. 1.31 have many new natives that enables cool stuff, latest (reforged) fixes few issues and adds very few new additional things... 1.31 have issues when you save, then load, that "Unit Specific Events" seems to disappear. Also ofc, saving does not work in...
  44. ThompZon

    [Trigger] Set ability cooldown - map won't load anymore?

    I haven't run 1.29 in ages, but one strange thing about setting cooldown is that you usually need to "refresh" the ability for it to take effect. By "refresh" I mean for example increase the level by 1, then decrease it by 1. This seems to be fine even if the ability only has 1 level or are at...
  45. ThompZon

    Damage Engine

    You need a newer version of Damage Engine to handle other event-values than exactly 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0. Any event-value was added in I upgraded recently from to, running on 1.31, no problems. I'd guess newer works well too. It was an easy upgrade process imo.
  46. ThompZon

    Piercing Thrust

    Another extremely useful vfx :)
  47. ThompZon

    Upgrading from 1.27 to 1.31

    It's been a while, but I don't remember having issues. I always keep backups if something would happen. I've encountered a bug a few times where all imported assets got deleted, but it's been a while since last time that happened.
  48. ThompZon

    New Bonus [vJASS][LUA]

    "casting time" in Warcraft 3, the few spells that has one, are on the ability, not the unit, making it impossible without a custom cast system. With a custom cast system, you'd go in to the system and add a new "case" in the "if-else" chain. If/When a new version of this system comes that does...
  49. ThompZon

    Dead Lab 416 [1.00b]

    Pretty cool map. Good things: Randomly generated interiors with doors and stuff You run out of ammo, so you need to keep moving. Fairly intense You have a quest first part of the map. It's pretty cool and you learn most of the basics. Bad things/feedback/imrovements: You need to use...
  50. ThompZon

    Wasteland RPG

    Pretty cool, but the shoulder camera is pretty annoying due to its delay. Also there is no obvious objectives except "level up" (at least level 1-6) except for taming a beast. Speaking of taming, it seems that you cannot tame a creature higher level than you, but it is not mentioned anywhere. I...