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  1. deathsin


    great fucking job 5/5
  2. deathsin

    Tech UI

    plz upload it , it looks great , gj
  3. deathsin

    Police car

    i love you and i love your model . and im not gay its just this model is too good :D
  4. deathsin

    Unbroken Sage

    this is great man 5/5 gj
  5. deathsin

    [JASS] Height on Destructable

    no i dont think Destructables can be moved in game.
  6. deathsin

    Tropic Thunder

    nice terrain , looks just like the movie :p are you gonna make a map out of it ?
  7. deathsin

    [Trigger] super simple trigger not working

    after using wait Casting unit becomes null so before using the wait save Casting unit in a unit variable then use that variable
  8. deathsin

    making tiles unbuildable

    1st download jass new gen pack then go to UMSWE --> customize tile pathability then you can click on any tile you want and uncheck the buildable option
  9. deathsin

    Kingdom Hearts Models

    WarCraft Unlimited :: View topic - Donald Duck WarCraft Unlimited :: View topic - Goofy found goofy and donald :D
  10. deathsin

    Kingdom Hearts Models

    Xenmas - WarCraft Unlimited :: View topic - Xenmas from KH2 Keyblade - WarCraft Unlimited :: View topic - Kingdom Key [Key Blade] Marluxia - WarCraft Unlimited :: View topic - Marluxia from KH2 Kairi - WarCraft Unlimited :: View topic - Kairi from KH2 Sora Valor Form - WarCraft Unlimited :: View...
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    Favorite Bands (Metalheads only!)

    children of bodom arch enemy lamb of god Metallica wintersun archeon
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    Ninja Duels Advanced v2.2

    oh i was talking about the one made by pogsnet Ninja Duels:Ninja Strikes Back v2.6p - Warcraft 3 Maps -
  13. deathsin

    Ninja Duels Advanced v2.2

    the counter ability you are talking about is from another ninja duels made by another guy , as i remember he replaced hide in tree ability with counter, correct it me if im wrong , any way im working on a new ninja , called Lightning ninja
  14. deathsin

    Hive fanboy/girl debate. Why the ps3 will rule on 2010

    i love ps3 because of guitar hero and rock band , they rock :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) nice Reviews

    Reputation (+1): (Post) nice Reviews
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    vJass Crashes WC3?

    can you send me the map so i can trace it better ?
  17. deathsin

    Making sfx model bigger

    im guessing that you want to use the pirate hat , hmm and the only way to make the dummy way work is to make a periodic timer every 0.03 seconds and change the position of the dummy with that timer , and i dont recommend that if you are going to keep that hat all the game , cause you have to be...
  18. deathsin

    Protect a unit from auto-acquiring enemies?

    make it Invulnerable
  19. deathsin

    vJass Crashes WC3?

    set We[6] is the syntax error , u have to set it to something i guess making it like this will work set We[6]='hfoo'
  20. deathsin

    Making sfx model bigger

    the effect takes the size of the unit you are attaching to it , so if you make your unit bigger you get a bigger effect , another way around this is to make a dummy unit , make it big and attach the effect to it , and set the position of the dummy at your unit
  21. deathsin

    vJass Crashes WC3?

    go to jasshelper menu and make sure that you have jasshelper enabled and vjass syntax is not disabled
  22. deathsin

    ShadowMoon RP

    great ideas keep it up
  23. deathsin

    vJass Crashes WC3?

    you have to save the map every time you test it
  24. deathsin

    looking for pirate hat model

    piratehat01 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site and bandana - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site i found these for you
  25. deathsin

    Detect unit's "CODE" by Trigger (ASCII)

    Set hero = (Random unit from (Units of type Paladin)) maybe this is what you want
  26. deathsin

    Fire Projectile

    the green one looks great :D
  27. deathsin

    Ninja Duels Advanced v2.2

    thnx for the feedback 1) the 1st version i had only the felwood arena i made just like the original ninja duels and then i made the outland and northren arenas but now im out of ideas :( coz im not realy a good at terrain 2)about the ninja-picking system it takes the color of the player that...
  28. deathsin

    Check this models Texture path?

    Textures/Computer.blp this is the path if you have this problem again use this program Mdx Pather - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
  29. deathsin

    spells need a animation???

    only put in it the required animation
  30. deathsin

    Simple Question this map was made with RtC
  31. deathsin

    Simple Question

    call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ANGLE_OF_ATTACK,270,0) try this
  32. deathsin

    I need to play sound for player ?

    local sound soundHandle = CreateSound(soundName, false, false, true, 12700, 12700, "") if GetLocalPlayer() == YourPlayer then call StartSound(soundHandle) call KillSoundWhenDone(soundHandle) endif this is a fast example
  33. deathsin

    Ninja Duels Advanced v2.2

    thnx alot :D , i found alot of bugs in this version , so next version will be out in 2 days and ill try to balance the spells
  34. deathsin

    spells need a animation???

    Jass NewGen Pack 1.5b - The Helper Forums
  35. deathsin

    spells need a animation???

    it could be , i recommend you to download the latest TFT patch and download jass new gen pack , cause if dont then your really missing alot
  36. deathsin

    spells need a animation???

    hmm that's weird
  37. deathsin

    spells need a animation???

    here's a pic of the ability Cleaving Attack in the object editor put the name of the animation you want in "art-animation names"
  38. deathsin

    [JASS] How can I set a loop to exit when a unit moves?

    globals boolean stop = true endglobals //=========================================================================== // loop function when this function is called it will start the loop and when a unit moves it will stop function loop_function takes nothing returns nothing loop exitwhen stop ==...
  39. deathsin

    HELP! Model trouble

    or use this great tool Mdx Pather - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site and get the name of texture files and search on google
  40. deathsin

    Red Star Armageddon Tank

    this is the best tank ever
  41. deathsin

    [JASS] how to clear arrays

    local integer index = 0 loop set YourArray[index] = null exitwhen index == ArraySize set index = index + 1 endloop is this what you mean ?
  42. deathsin

    Map Crashes

    make sure you initialize variables
  43. deathsin


    great model , i love it but why you textured the shoes ?! i mean who's gonna look at the model from under the ground.
  44. deathsin

    Custom Skin = Game Crash (upon loading)

    try searching every skin path in your map maybe you left some thing from the old skin and maybe because you are using Mac is what causing that bug . i dunno
  45. deathsin

    Future of Gaming

    im not gonna buy any thing till warcraft 4 come's out , im sure it will :D
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    hey i joined hive long time ago and im introducing my self cause i wanna get rid of the "Hello deathsin!" "Please introduce yourself to The Hive Workshop!"
  47. deathsin

    Megaman X

    niiiiiice 5/5
  48. deathsin

    Ninja Duels Advanced v2.2

    yeh im working on new heroes too :D
  49. deathsin

    Ninja Duels Advanced v2.2

    it have only one . but dont worry in the next version ill add other arenas
  50. deathsin

    Ninja Duels Advanced v2.2 (Map)

    Ninja Duels Advanced V 2.2 This map is an advanced version of the original Ninja Duels made by ThredNThrash it's a mini game where you fight other ninjas with tactic spells , very fun to play this map is made from scratch , and 100 % jassed version 1.1 added -ma , -repick updated...