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  1. Masky

    [General] Can i change the unit answer rate?

    Hello hive! I was wondering if there is a way to change the rate units answer to player orders. Its kinda anoying that they talks everytime i click and i wanted to change that, if possible. Thanks for reading!
  2. Masky

    Ghoul Edit (Model request)

    hello dear modelers, i have a request for a "mutated or corrupted ghoul". Basically i need a ghoul who have some tentacles or demon wings on her back, i tried to make it by myself but its to hard for me D: ill post a pic that i made in photoshop as a reference. Imgur ill give u +rep, credits...
  3. Masky

    [Trigger] I need help with a passive spell

    Hi everyone, i need help with a custom spell that im making D: apologizes for my bad english. It isnt my mother language Im triyng a stack spell, similar to Nasus Q from league of legends. Everytime a unit is attacked by the hero, he have a chance to stack 1 strenght point. I made an strenght...