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  1. LordVladec

    Campaign Screen Meteorites

    Hi there, I've realized right now that if I choose the WC3 main manu as campaign Screen for my costum campaign, all the meteorites are missing. Why? Anyone knows this Problem? greez
  2. LordVladec

    spawn building if no units are near

    Hi there, I'm working on this: Two Teams fight each other. On each side, every Team has as example 4 Towers. If a unit Group of Team 1 attack Team 2 and destroys a Tower, nothing should happens. But if the attacking Group is dead or retreats (leaving the "Team 2 Area"), all Towers should...
  3. LordVladec

    Melee Map Visibility

    Hi all, I've made a melee map featuring my own (UD based) custom race. Everything is working great, but I got always the messange "build one Nekropole or you're visible to the enemy" at game start. I've edited the gameplay-constant and added my custom town hall to the specific lines: how I...
  4. LordVladec

    custon ressource permission problem

    Hi there! Long time ago I made some WC3 maps just for myself :) I used lot of ressources from this site to create my own custom campaigne. Now I am overworking the whole compaign to a "professional" niveau and has plans to publish it on my modding blog. The problem is that I never asked for...
  5. LordVladec

    Change the birth animation

    Hi all, I work on a custom race and made already small model-jobs for this (learning by doing; change attachmentpoints, delete animations, rescale, such things) Now I want to change the birth animation of my custom race's buildings. Is there a easy way/small tutorial how to do this? Is...
  6. LordVladec

    Hero limit per Techlvl

    Hi all, I made some custom heros and want to implement them into a melee-map. Everything works great, there is just one thing: I can recruit all three heroes without upgrading the townhall first. I don't know why; I set in the object editor at 'technology-tree - conditions - Niveu...
  7. LordVladec


    Hi Guys, I made some Icons for custom models (from the Hive); do I need the permission of the model's maker to upload the Icon? I just ask because I don't want to make someone angry ;) Greez
  8. LordVladec

    Unholy Armor (WC2)

    Hi all, I need a spell (or a explanation how to make this), found nothing to download... It's the unholy Armor Spell from WC2. Cast the Spell on a friendly unit; this unit should get 50% damage of the current life and become invulnerable for X seconds. Would be great if someone nows...
  9. LordVladec

    demonic demon hunter

    Hi guys, I need for my project an specific model (as secondary main-hero). It should be a NE-demonhunter without the blindfold and glowing, demonic eyes (like the fel orc from here->...
  10. LordVladec

    Trigger which ends a Trigger

    Hi Guys, I search a solution for the following problem: Trigger A triggers every X seconds; all actions together have an duration of circa 120 seconds (lot of wait-actions). Trigger B will be executed if a specific unit enters Area XY; this trigger should deactivate Trigger A (turn off...
  11. LordVladec

    AI stop working after Cutscene

    Hi Guys, I work on a custom campaign. On one Map I have this strange problem: The AI stop working after an cinematic. If you start the Game everything works allright; There are no problems if you complete the 1st part of the main quest (including some cinematics). After the 2nd big...
  12. LordVladec

    unit - make XYZ face YZX over ZXY seconds

    Einheit - Make Nehrak Hellcleaver 0219 <gen> face Senneca, Heldin von Erodinor 0226 <gen> over 0.10 seconds I've a Problem: Nehrak should face Senneca (~30°), but he turns ~180°. Without any reason. Have this Problem not with every "facing" command, but from time to time in several...
  13. LordVladec

    Skip Cinematic Problem

    Hi Guys, I've a lot of Problems with make a cinematic skippable. I think I'm near to a good solution, but there is atm one question: Where I have to set an "skip remaining Actions"-Action? After every "wait" and "Transmission" Action? Or before? I'm in hurry atm and can test it :D Would...
  14. LordVladec

    triggered attacks

    Hi Guys, I wonder how you make this: A triggered attack. If I'm right there are 2 possibilities: 1. after every "creat unit" Action a "ignore AI guard Position" Action and after that a "move/attack" Action. 2. after every "create unit" Action a "ignore AI guard Position" Action and...
  15. LordVladec

    Evil Demonhunter

    Hi Guys :) I Need an model of an evil demonhunter, "evil illidan-style". It's a night-elve-demon hunter who's exiled to draenor after drinking demon-blood (orc-style) and fight there against the burning Legion/Illidan/alliance with some hellish orcs. I could use the evil Ilidan model...
  16. LordVladec

    Fire-Effect on attack

    Hi Guys, I want to make a unit that use an fire effect on attack (as example like Jaina, antonidas, archmage - the fire at the top of there staffs). I only know how to attach an effect permamently (exactly like to attach weapons and armors etc.), but I want an effect just for the few...
  17. LordVladec

    Hi Guys!

    The board tells to me: Hello LordVladec! Please introduce yourself to The Hive Workshop! And I'm follow this order! I worked with the WC3 Wold Edit since the releas of WC3 and still love it. I never made a mod or map for realese them in the www, I just love to made my own creations...
  18. LordVladec

    Attachment too small?!

    Hi Guys, I read in this Forum since several years, and now my first post :D At first: Sorry for my english, It isn't my main language, and If I make mistakes in spelling etc I'm really sorry :S Okay, now my Problem: Atm I work for first time intensive with RPG-elements/maps. I take a model...