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  1. HatoZILLA

    Frost Wyrm of the Undead

    This is a Frost Wyrm from the undead race. I really quite like it although it took me forever to draw. It took me 2 hours and 30 minutes total to draw. It turned out great though.
  2. HatoZILLA

    Hero Line Wars HatoZILLA Style v2.511

    Hero Line Wars HatoZILLA Style Version 2.511 Made by HatoZILLA The point of the game is to send units from a tier to get more income, allowing the ability to send stronger units to reach a circle of power and decrease the enemies lives, while they will try to fend off your sent units with...
  3. HatoZILLA

    Godzilla Model

    alright...can someone make a godzilla model please..... ?
  4. HatoZILLA

    godzilla skin

    i am looking for a custom model/godzilla skin thats good if anyone has or can help please do, ive been looking for one for weeks with no success. please help! HatoZILLA