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  1. HatoZILLA

    Reputation: (Post) great artist

    Reputation: (Post) great artist
  2. HatoZILLA

    Frost Wyrm of the Undead

    This is a Frost Wyrm from the undead race. I really quite like it although it took me forever to draw. It took me 2 hours and 30 minutes total to draw. It turned out great though.
  3. HatoZILLA

    Hero Line Wars HatoZILLA Stylev2.7.2

    "wrote it so you can understand it" oh that hurts. lol. the only reason i didn't understand was because the way you told me it always went into team one's area, you didn't explian how to get team 2 to their area. but what you pmed help. thanks.
  4. HatoZILLA

    Hero Line Wars HatoZILLA Stylev2.7.2

    i don't understand it. when i set it up, the region part has to be team one or 2, however if i made 2 sep triggers for both teams, they would get that hero on both sides. care to explain how to get it to work?
  5. HatoZILLA

    Ragnarok PvP Prontera

    why lvl 99 only with 1 of each stat?
  6. HatoZILLA

    Goldrush -New map-

    is the dracorian a dragon?
  7. HatoZILLA

    Warriors Of Ashenvale

    yeah, itll be good, i had fun playing it
  8. HatoZILLA

    Battle of the Mages - the title might be taken

    and fix your warcraft!
  9. HatoZILLA

    XZife ORPG

    they all good. are there any more instances for 30?
  10. HatoZILLA

    Feedback / General Questions

    how do i pronounce dilaur? cause i got the the "saur" sound on the end
  11. HatoZILLA

    Team Assault (beta 0.77) - need desync help

    can we get screenshots of gameplay?
  12. HatoZILLA

    T.S.O.F -Terran Special Operation Force

    i would ask to help with voice except my mic makes me sound like im 7 O.O
  13. HatoZILLA

    Battle For Monda'Kan

    screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenshots! this is like the 800th time ive posted this! (different topics)
  14. HatoZILLA

    Resident Evil 1

    or use a ability that slows them, but edit it to stun them, such as cripple?
  15. HatoZILLA

    (12) Emeralda and the soldiers

    this map looks so awesome i almost shat myself
  16. HatoZILLA

    Hero Dynamics!

    i will! and only noobs cant figure it out for themselves :P xD
  17. HatoZILLA

    Mythe ORPG

    very well....ill get to many heroes?
  18. HatoZILLA

    PvP Underground

    if i knew half of what was going on, i might be able to help
  19. HatoZILLA

    Mythe ORPG

    so basically you want 1 skill, such as an aura, 1 skill like death bolt, and then 5 skills like defend, barrage, and the like?
  20. HatoZILLA

    Revivers VS Spawners

    make small amounts of fog?
  21. HatoZILLA

    WoW Raidmasters - Confrontation

    so is it single player, or multi?
  22. HatoZILLA

    Conflict Rising!®

    so make an advertisement thread.
  23. HatoZILLA

    Super Smash Bros. War

    what ARE you doing with the map then?
  24. HatoZILLA

    Modern Confict : World War Wc3

    not really. never seen a sniper cloak.
  25. HatoZILLA

    Naznoran (1P RPG)

    damn.....that's good
  26. HatoZILLA


    i got it to work...
  27. HatoZILLA

    Feedback / General Questions

    crystal can be different colors from blue. such as red, or purple.
  28. HatoZILLA


    any more heroes to be added?
  29. HatoZILLA

    !aVast: Join Us!

    wth was that sound?!
  30. HatoZILLA

    Dark Invasion - ORPG

    ohhhh i get it. so can you upgrade the wep for more dmg?
  31. HatoZILLA

    Warriors Of Ashenvale

    feh, so triggered abilities are just abilities that arent originally in the game?
  32. HatoZILLA

    Day of Destiny 2 (AoS Genre)

    so wait, if a fire bomb is consumable, how do you throw it?
  33. HatoZILLA

    Naznoran (1P RPG)

    but if hes a death mage wont healing kill him?
  34. HatoZILLA

    Modern Confict : World War Wc3

    the ghost was a guy that had weak hp, but had some okay range, and the ability to cloak and still dmg people while cloaked.
  35. HatoZILLA

    The Battle for Draenor: The Arrival of the Burning Legion (Altered Melee map)

    the circle of upgrades are neat, yeah. the heroes going INTO the buildings, do you mean like standin next to em, then disappearing and the building gains dmg?
  36. HatoZILLA

    Super Smash Bros. War

    ohhhh metal gear! i rarely play that so i had not idea
  37. HatoZILLA

    Dwarven Airship Themed Campaign

    ask the moderators, they always help
  38. HatoZILLA

    T.S.O.F -Terran Special Operation Force

    i say that a and d should be used as strafing, not what they are used for now.
  39. HatoZILLA

    XZife ORPG

    do you play as a naga myrmidon/guard or do you have to fight them? and if not, then what do you play as?
  40. HatoZILLA

    PvP Underground

    first post is good, he just needs to describe what to do in the map.
  41. HatoZILLA

    Goldrush -New map-

    oooo shiny.....AGH must look away. anyways, with this addition, should add more heroes
  42. HatoZILLA

    Dark Lineage Owen

    getting to the right forum. DUH
  43. HatoZILLA

    Naznoran (1P RPG)

    on the death wizard, the damaging self may not be too good, because if he doesnt kill what hes trying to kill, hes in some serious sh** because the guys comin for him and hes low on hp
  44. HatoZILLA

    Super Mario TD

    lol thats what im trying to tell you!
  45. HatoZILLA

    Hero Dynamics!

    i still think more people would like it with more slots because think, the more people that dl it and play it will be like "oh this is fun" when its only 1v1, you got just 1 new guy per round who may be like "oh i dont like this" or "i like this" either way its gonna go slower with just 1v1...
  46. HatoZILLA

    Resident Evil 1

    ragingspeedhorn is right. if you want it in and you think people will like it, put it in. if you think people wont like it, dont put it in.
  47. HatoZILLA

    T.S.O.F -Terran Special Operation Force

    yabooer is right. maybe a little mini-game of it might help us out, and get more people psyched about this map. P.S. you herd rite
  48. HatoZILLA

    Loap Anient Evil - Soon to be final release

    ahhh....i try to do that, but no one posts in my thread xD
  49. HatoZILLA

    Resident Evil 1

    what does " on the 21st, its a sunday btw :)" mean?
  50. HatoZILLA

    Mythe ORPG

    ill agree to that. but only if he needs help. btw, check out my map.