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Search Results

  1. sc_freek


    I think he meant the armor and stuffs
    Post by: sc_freek, Mar 18, 2006 in forum: Models
  2. sc_freek
    the wolf is too small
    Post by: sc_freek, Mar 17, 2006 in forum: Icons
  3. sc_freek
    impale it looks like
    Post by: sc_freek, Dec 22, 2005 in forum: Icons
  4. sc_freek
  5. sc_freek
    Resource by: sc_freek, Dec 9, 2005 in repository: Models
  6. sc_freek
  7. sc_freek
  8. sc_freek
  9. sc_freek
  10. sc_freek
  11. sc_freek


    that chest armor looks fantastic
    Post by: sc_freek, Aug 9, 2005 in forum: Skins
  12. sc_freek
  13. sc_freek


    His shield is backwards
    Post by: sc_freek, Aug 4, 2005 in forum: Models
  14. sc_freek
  15. sc_freek
    You should fix up the head a bit
    Post by: sc_freek, Jul 19, 2005 in forum: Skins
  16. sc_freek
  17. sc_freek


    Resource by: sc_freek, Jul 14, 2005 in repository: Models
  18. sc_freek


    only uses one texture(Grievus.blp)
    Post by: sc_freek, Jul 13, 2005 in forum: Models
  19. sc_freek
  20. sc_freek
  21. sc_freek
    But he is wearing gloves...
    Post by: sc_freek, May 27, 2005 in forum: Models
  22. sc_freek
  23. sc_freek
  24. sc_freek
  25. sc_freek
    [img] Please fix his face...
    Post by: sc_freek, Mar 14, 2005 in forum: Models
  26. sc_freek
  27. sc_freek
  28. sc_freek
    not bad...
    Post by: sc_freek, Feb 28, 2005 in forum: Icons
  29. sc_freek
    animations are perfect...
    Post by: sc_freek, Feb 13, 2005 in forum: Models
  30. sc_freek
    Love that DISBTN
    Post by: sc_freek, Feb 7, 2005 in forum: Icons
  31. sc_freek
  32. sc_freek
    hard to tell what it is...
    Post by: sc_freek, Feb 7, 2005 in forum: Icons
  33. sc_freek
  34. sc_freek
  35. sc_freek
  36. sc_freek


    Resource by: sc_freek, Jan 30, 2005 in repository: Models
  37. sc_freek
  38. sc_freek


    You should give credit to Cookie, too.
    Post by: sc_freek, Jan 28, 2005 in forum: Models
  39. sc_freek
  40. sc_freek
  41. sc_freek


    give credits if you useblablabla...
    Post by: sc_freek, Jan 17, 2005 in forum: Skins
  42. sc_freek


    Resource by: sc_freek, Jan 17, 2005 in repository: Skins
  43. sc_freek


    recolor. bleh
    Post by: sc_freek, Jan 17, 2005 in forum: Icons
  44. sc_freek


    Resource by: sc_freek, Jan 17, 2005 in repository: Icons
  45. sc_freek
  46. sc_freek
    Post by: sc_freek, Jan 2, 2005 in forum: Models
  47. sc_freek


    Post by: sc_freek, Jan 1, 2005 in forum: Models
  48. sc_freek
    waaaaaaaaay too high poly
    Post by: sc_freek, Jan 1, 2005 in forum: Models
  49. sc_freek
  50. sc_freek