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  1. Izzetin

    [SD/Misc] Meteor Fall Spell

    Hello nice People. could somebody help me with a pretty simple spell? Im looking for a Meteor/Fireball that slowly comes down to the ground with a heavy impact. I know there was a good Request for this in 2011 (Slow Meteor) but i need help to create such a spell. It could look like the Inferno...
  2. Izzetin

    Footstep / Move Sound (Trigger)

    Hello! Im looking for a Trigger or Idea to give my Unit a ''Footstep'' sound everytime i move it around on my Map I looked this up on the Forum but only found stuff from 2008 and the Triggers i found didnt work for me somehow (Im not a Trigger expert so i need a simple way or Explanation/Screen)...
  3. Izzetin

    [HD/Modeling] Skeleton, No Amor

    Hello! im looking for a Reforged Skeleton Model without Armor - so just a Naked Reforged Skeleton. I need weak looking Skeletons for a Graveyard / Crypt but with HQ reforged look :) ty♥
  4. Izzetin

    [SD/Modeling] Destructible-SmallRequest ''Vase''

    Hello all :) Im working on a RP Map and looking for someone who can create a Destructible ''Vase'' or ''Urn'' - like a simple Grey Vase that has a Death Animation for my Crypt. I dont like how there are only Crates and Barrels it just doesnt fit into a Crypt we need more small Destructible...
  5. Izzetin

    [Sound] Waygate sound

    Hello is there a Way to turn off the soundeffect of the Waygates i couldnt find anything that works (for Reforged) Just the Teleportation from one Waygate to another, the sound is annoying. THANKS..:D
  6. Izzetin

    [SD/Modeling] Simple Request: Snow(Pile)

    Hello! Atm im working on a Winter/Snow-Themed RPG map, and even though i got all my doodads and Units together it felt weird setting up a Village or Town in a Frozen Area without putting Snow/Snowpiles ON TOP of my Buildings/Doodads So i thought of a very simple request: can someone just...
  7. Izzetin

    [Solved] Skeleton, Reforged

    Hello! im looking for a Reforged Skeleton Model (Dark Minion) or some weak Skeleton like that without a Weapon in its Hands, or like a Skeleton Worker or something thanks alot :) !
  8. Izzetin

    [Solved] Refuge, Woodstuff doodads

    Hello im creating a Terrain for some Months now but i just cant find the right Wood stuff for my Structures and Bridges aso. im here to ask if somebody knows some good blank Wooden Support Beams or Wooden Planks -highres. I know the ones from the Template ''Refuge in Ruins'' created by 'oGre_'...
  9. Izzetin

    Gothic RPG Map (Models,Doodads,Sources)

    Hello For some months now i try to create an RPG Map inspired by Gothic the Game. Im searching on every single Warcraft Website for Models and Doodads. If you find or have any Gothic-related models or skins or doodads could you share them with me? (or link the source) -I know there are some...