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  1. Dragonfox

    wc3 viewer for mac?

    is there a version of wc3viewer for mac? if so, can i get a link to DL it? and if not, is there anyone currently working on converting it to mac? and also, what about oinkerwinker's tools. are there mac vetsions of those?
  2. Dragonfox

    a gnoll unit model request

    ok, i would like to have a gnoll spearthrower. that would be awesome. i don't think it would be that hard... could someone do this for me? just use the normal skin for the gnoll. thanks, Dragonfox
  3. Dragonfox

    raptor edit

    can someone edit the existing raptor to have no horn on it's nose plz? and also add some spikes down it's back and have 4 spikes on the end of its tail like a stegosaurus(not a must, but would be cool)... like this: and skin it with that...
  4. Dragonfox

    fox model request

    ok, i know that a skin could easily get me a fox, but i want a whole new model, based off of the dog critter model. I want a slightly bulkier/more muscular dog/fox with longer ears(like night elf ears, long long ears). i would like it to have *small* furry wings in the shape of illidan's, but...
  5. Dragonfox

    trigger help

    how can i make a trigger that will allow me to select a hero when a unit enters a circle of power? ( like in a hero arena) but I only want one of that type of hero in the game at a time. (like only one one pitlord, only one paladin, etc.) can anybody help me? do i have to create a region over...
  6. Dragonfox

    this is more of an upgrade issue

    but this is the best place i could find to get help for it. anyway, i am trying to get a unit to upgrade into another unit using the headhunter to berserker upgrade, but it isn't working. what happens is i build the starting unit and then reserach the upgrade but the unit i trained does...
  7. Dragonfox

    Tutorial request?

    I don't know if i can ask for these ehere, but only moderators can post in the tutorial forum thingy. Anyway, I would like a tutorial on how to alpha things out in Photoshop 7? Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance, Dragonfox
  8. Dragonfox

    Unit request

    Ok, could someone make for me a: Frost Wyrm Rider basically a skeleton archer on a frost wyrm with appropriate animations plz thanks in advance to anyone who would be willing to tackle this... :D