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  1. wEaksaUce

    Terrian help please.

    Im working on a RPG but im VERY bad a terrian and i was wondering if somone could help me it.. if ur interested i can get u of outline of what i would like.
  2. wEaksaUce

    Laughing animation?

    is there a laughing stance or animation on any unit? i wanna use it for a begining intro and i want to have some evil guy laughing :P
  3. wEaksaUce

    Changing CriticalStrike text?

    is there a way to change the crit stirke text (the one that flaots up ingame when you get a cirt *the numbers) i have an skill called Backstab, and i based it of cirt strike, but insted of the numbers that flaot up u want "Backstabed" to float up
  4. wEaksaUce

    a Skill and Icon question.

    1. multiple Skills? Is it possible to make it so if you level up you can pick 5 spells insted of just one? 2. Lumber Icon? i changed the lumber Icon, the one that shows up on the top right next to the gold, but at the vendors when you need to buy something that requires lumber, it still...
  5. wEaksaUce

    Help with Item droping Trigger

    alright, in my map i have classes, and alrdy made varible for them and when they enter game they get assigned classes. and i wanna make it so only certain classes can buy certain items. so for example i made all melee wepaons Misc. and heres my code that doest work.. Events .Unit - a...
  6. wEaksaUce

    Selection Box help.

    I need help with fixing my trigger for a menu box that lets u pick a hero. here the trigger Events -Map initialization Actions -Dialog - Change the title of Select to "Select a Hero" -Dialog - Create a dialog button for Slect labelled "Warrior" Set Warrior =...
  7. wEaksaUce

    Custom skill unclickable. help!

    i made a cuztom skill based from Liquid fire but when i test it out in game it is unclickable! can someone tell me how to fix this?
  8. wEaksaUce

    ? on Custom Load screen and Map preview.

    How i made a pic for my rpgs map preview but i dont know how to put it in lol :P also what are the we requirements for the cuztom load screen and how do i put one in? thanks in advnaced. much apprecation
  9. wEaksaUce

    Can you cancel an action?

    can you cancel an anction thats part of the trigger? like if person buys X, increase Y skill by one and say "You have learned bah" But if Y skill lvl is 5 and person buys again. DONT say "you have learned bah" and say "Your skill is at the amx lvl (all one trigger) thats the only way...
  10. wEaksaUce

    Buy Skills Trigger Help

    i got it so you can buys skills from a vender. but i dont know how to do it so if u buy it agian, you get lvl2 of the skill. can somone please help me.
  11. wEaksaUce

    Help with Buy-Skill Trigger

    Events- Unit – a unit sells an item (form shop) Conditions- (item-type of (sold items)) equal to “Learn Bloodlust” Actions- Item – Remove (sold items) If (all conditions are ture) then do (then actions) else do (else actions) If – conditions -*HeroType* [(player number of...
  12. wEaksaUce

    Weapon Weilding

    2 parts.. 1. How do u make it so the weapon apears in the left hand? the way i got it, it only appears in the right hand. 2. Can someone tell me how to make it so you can only weild one weapon/armor/ammy/ring/ at the same time?
  13. wEaksaUce

    group Exp from quest ?

    I am making a RPG and as a reward for the 1st quest your are givin 200 exp. but the game is more a group thing and the only way i know how to give exp is to one person.. is there a way to give exp to multiple heros?