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  1. kStiyl

    [vJASS] EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ISSUED_ORDER memory leak issue

    My map has been having a lot of fatal errors due to 'out of memory' errors, and I traced the issue down to a single line of JASS code (in a unit indexing system) that looks something like this: call TriggerRegisterPlayerUnitEvent(CreateTrigger(), Player(12), EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ISSUED_ORDER...
  2. kStiyl

    [vJASS] using boolexpr like triggers

    Is there any downside to using boolexpr like a trigger, instead of using actual trigger? boolexpr seems to use much less memory than creating a trigger. The code below works just like Nestharus' Event library: pretty much same fps drop and op limit library SmallEvent private module...
  3. kStiyl

    [vJASS] question about compiled vjass

    When static method in vjass is compiled into jass, I notice things like function sc__scope__struct_method takes arguments returns nothing set f__arg_arg1 = argument 1 set f__arg_arg2 = argument 2 ... call TriggerEvaluate(st__scope__struct_method) endfunction in which st__scope__struct_method...
  4. kStiyl

    looking for a defense map

    Hello. I could not think of an appropriate forum to post this question. I'm looking for a defense with following information: 1. It's a hero defense map; goal is to protect a big ice tomb at base and then move onto offensive mode like X Hero Siege. Overall map is ice terrain 2. There are some...
  5. kStiyl

    [vJASS] private/non-private members

    I really love the struct 'fold' option. However, JNGP seems to have some bugs with it; using private methods disables the folding after like halfway through. Are there any weird code/bugs generated from using non-private methods? or would it be fine to discard putting 'private' infront of...
  6. kStiyl

    [JASS] UnitAddItemById bug?

    hello I've found this really, really weird glitch with UnitAddItemById. When it is used in conjunction with RemoveItem() [using some kind of item with same abilities], the item's ability somehow binds to buying unit so that whenever the unit is using an item, the binded ability activates too...
  7. kStiyl

    [Spell] Channel skill's agro..

    I've found a major flaw with 'channel' (ANcl) skill. When used, it generates agro on target if its creep. For instance, an object based storm bolt will cause agro on target after the missile lands and stuns unit for duration. However, a channel-based storm bolt will cause agro immediately...
  8. kStiyl

    [vJASS] very strange bug

    i have run into a very strange bug lately I have no clue what's causing it, but here are the symptoms: The player can control his units, but most of his spells except some instant cast abilities like blink CANNOT be cast. In same manners, items cannot be used (click and nothing happens. not...
  9. kStiyl

    [System] Effect

    I thought it might be a good idea to use one effect array.. since you likely won't have 8191 effects in map at once. library EffectList /* v1.0.0.4 ************************************************************************************* * * This system allows you to easily manage and link...
  10. kStiyl

    [Solved] LinkedList error

    is there a problem with this list? struct PercentMod extends array thistype prev thistype next real percent static integer index = 0 method destroyHead takes nothing returns nothing set .next.prev =...
  11. kStiyl

    [JASS] GetLocalPlayer() problem

    I have problem saving values to variables retrieved from local player functions. Is there any way to get around this problem? Below code causes disconnections.. local integer i = 8 loop set i = i - 1 if GetLocalPlayer() == Player(i) then set...
  12. kStiyl

    [vJASS] Strangest bug I've ever seen (with UnitIndexer)

    Weird bug with spellbook / upgrade I'm having the strangest bug, and I'm totally stuck because of this bug. A unit, with some kind of HP(%) upgrade that's level 3+, has a disabled spellbook with an evasion ability added, the unit will instantly die. I came across this bug after about a...
  13. kStiyl

    [Rewrite] [Needs work] AuraStruct

    [GY Please] AuraStruct edit* nes fixed his
  14. kStiyl

    [Trigger] strange handleid bug

    Very strange handle ID bug My trigger's handleId is changed when it's fired and I retrieve the id It is very strange. What's even more strange is that all triggers created seem to have same handle id when I use GetHandleId(GetTriggeringTrigger()) Seems to be related with the post below...
  15. kStiyl

    [General] Strangest object bug I've encountered

    I have 2 abilities (based on Hero Attribute skill) They are exactly same, and has ability code 'A01V' and 'A04Q' Now, if I use the 'A01V' one, it won't show up on hero's spell learning section. 'A04Q' does. (Ex. 'A000' 'A001' 'A01V' 'A002' the third icon is missing. I cannot learn it 'A000'...
  16. kStiyl

    [Trigger] boundary problem

    is there a way to detect if given coordinates are within boundary or not? (black area) i need to prevent caster from moving into them =(
  17. kStiyl

    [AI] creeps not returning to camp

    Creeps won't return to original camp spots when I moved them with SetUnitX/Y and stunned them for a few seconds. Which constants do i need to change to prevent this?
  18. kStiyl

    [JASS] How does handle id work?

    If I have a item, remove it and instantly create a new item, would the new item have the same handle id as the one destroyed? or does the counter increase infinitely?
  19. kStiyl

    [Solved] which group recycling system do you use?

    Question about group recycling I don't know what to choose between GroupUtils at or Recycle at THW. Also, how does this stack thingy work? static method get takes nothing returns group if .index == 0 then return CreateGroup() endif...
  20. kStiyl

    [JASS] Filter(code) and the code

    i did somethig like call TriggerAddCondition(trg,Filter(c)) and c did not return boolean. this caused my map to bug horribly, like boolean variables returning all false.. timer util saying invalid timers on every single timer... is this supposed to happen?
  21. kStiyl

    [JASS] Detecting removed unit in group

    It seems like when a unit is removed, it is automatically removed from groups as well (I cannot retrieve them with ForGroup; maybe ForGroup simply won't return removed units even if they're in group?) This is a first time that I actually NEED to detect ghost units because I need to remove...
  22. kStiyl

    [JASS] texttags with localplayer

    after hearing that creating texttags with localplayer allows each player to have 100 texttags instead of a global stack, I started using it. I have a few question though 1. After creating the texttag with GetLocalPlayer, do I have to use functions involving texttag within the local player...
  23. kStiyl

    [JASS] exit in FirstOfGroup loops

    Is it okay to exit in mid of FirstOfGroup loop? since GroupEnum clears the group everytime (the group I'm using is global and permanent) //! runtextmacro GroupMacro("u", "x", "y", "325") if IsEnemy(u, globalUnit) then...
  24. kStiyl

    [System] Movement

    A vJass system to handle natural movements of units. Criticism is welcome and appreciated. Credits to Jesus4Lyf for original ideas. library Movement requires CTL, Event, UnitIndexer /* Movement v0.2.0 Combined vJass system managing movements of units. Requirements...
  25. kStiyl

    [vJASS] speed difference

    I have a system dealing with unit movements i happen to save their coordinates periodically onto variables (all systems changing unit's x/y also change these variables) would it be better to get their coordinates by just doing x[unitId] or just use GetUnitX(unit)?
  26. kStiyl

    [Trigger] Room split on map init

    I've been having a strange issue with my map and haven't been able to fix it Players playing my map would disconnect when the game starts but the strange thing is, it only happens if it isn't your first game in multiplayer since you joined the (I've tested it with my friends many...
  27. kStiyl

    [JASS] bj_lastCreatedGroup in FirstOfGroup loops

    a lot of people seem to be using bj_lastCreatedGroup.. to save a group handle? call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(bj_lastCreatedGroup,this.x,this.y,collsion_size,null) loop set u=FirstOfGroup(bj_lastCreatedGroup)...
  28. kStiyl

    [vJASS] Is this code useless?

    I've been thinking "If I have hundreds of triggers checking itemid of the used item for EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_USE_ITEM, it would call GetManipulatedItem() hundreds of times everytime an item is used" am I right? I decided to write this short code so I can reduce the amount I call...
  29. kStiyl

    [vJASS] Efficient way to put abilities into items?

    I've been trying to put special abilties into items (mainly passives) What would be efficient way to do it? Checking if a unit has the item every time it gets damaged/healed/etc. looks pretty bad I was going to try to use Nestharus' Event.. but I realized it has no unregister(the special...
  30. kStiyl

    [Solved] private textmacro?

    Is it possible to have private textmacros? or some kind of encapsulation? I'm trying to use 2 textmacros called "register" and I don't know how to do it :vw_wtf:
  31. kStiyl

    [vJASS] EnterRegion trigger glitching

    Hello My code is glitching and I need some help! The actions don't work for some reason library Teleport initializer onInit //The part that's glitching //! textmacro CreateMovePoint takes LETTER, moveX, moveY private function move$LETTER$ takes nothing returns boolean...
  32. kStiyl


    Hello Nice to meet you all "Please introduce yourself to The Hive Workshop!" wasn't gone for some reason
  33. kStiyl

    Hello Hiveworkshop

    new to world editor nice to meet you all!