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  1. OhhEmmGee

    Archion RPG

    The city of Archion lies in the central area of Kalimdor; Archion was a peaceful city, south of the Ashenvale Forest. Due to the recent attacks of the corrupted creatures from the Ashenvale Forest, Archion had suffered a great loss in population, many were killed. The King of Archion...
  2. OhhEmmGee

    Erm, Hello Hive! :D

    I'm not really new to hive, I've been mapmaking for years, ever since I was 9. Now I'm 15 but I must say my maps still aren't good enough for anything. :vw_unimpressed: If EVER you heard of war of 2 sides, I made the whole series of it, believe it or not it was very long ago. That was when I...