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  1. jooster

    problem with removing dummy units

    alright so here's what i got. i have a ward ability. like serpent wards. i made them have a lighting attack gfx like on the lighting orb. but i also have an ability like the tinker's engineering upgrade. that ability effects the serpent ward ability. every level of the "engineering upgrade"...
  2. jooster

    rate my first time icons!

    alright well i couldnt quite figure out the right place to show these. but ya this is the first time i've made my own icons. so i'm here to share them with the rest of you and see what you all think.
  3. jooster

    blacking out mini-map and discovered areas

    how do i black out the minimap on the map initialization. i have a custom random reterrain trigger and like for the mini map to open up view the same time the black mask fades.
  4. jooster

    maxing heros to 3 with mui

    as the title says to. i've been tinkering around. and just im running brain dead atm. how would i make the triggers?
  5. jooster

    [Trigger] does this custom script solve this leak?

    Set player_group = (All players) Player Group - Pick every player in player_group and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Current research level of Researching...
  6. jooster

    importing cinematics from wc3 campaigns

    is it possible to import a cinematic (I.E the cinematic where medivh sees the battle between orc v human and the internals reign down upon them?
  7. jooster

    (spell request) trickster

    the abiltiy is exactly like mirror image. although unlike mirror image, when the hero splits into multiple images. each image is a random hero model and then becomes a new model. i was thinking about making it myself. i just have no idea where to begin or if its possible.
  8. jooster

    [Trigger] error when testing/loading map

    i have no idea why im getting this error....the error messege im receiving is if ( not ( UnitTypeIsInRegion(gg_rct_start_loc, 'hbla') == false ) ) then my trigger looks like this Player Group - Pick every player in Force1 and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are...
  9. jooster

    random integer number (detecting that number)

    Would it be possible to detect what integer was selected? say if i have 4 types of building, and 4 types of research/tech centers to go along with that building. is there any way to detect what integer the computer has chosen so i can create the allocating research/tech centers along with said...
  10. jooster

    icon request

    Hey. a friend of mine and i have been intensively working on a whole new footmen vs grunts map, we're completely rebuilding it from the ground up for about a month now. him and i are taking up different parts of the project and I opted to take charge in models and icons. Right now im at the...
  11. jooster

    seperating lifedrain/siphon mana from the same cooldown

    As the title says. I have been looking over these forums for about a hour and I don't know if my wording is wrong in the search. but i have been unable to find a solution. any help would be appreciated.
  12. jooster

    [Trigger] {help}-giving units in region a value.

    alright! (i know this leaks ill get to it later) Else - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Level of Forked Lighting (custom) for (Triggering unit)) Equal to 5 Then - Actions Set...
  13. jooster

    aura target effect not looping

    just like the title says i dl'd a couple custom .mdx's for a neat little custom aura. basically it's unholy aura backwards that decreases enemy movement speed and decreases their life regeneration. fairly simple yes. but when i add the custom buff, the model, well, any model is just poping up...
  14. jooster


    is it possible to have the cinematic scene from the campaing where the orc and humans fight then the infernal raigns down from the sky, to play for a opening scene in a multiplayer map?
  15. jooster

    help- channeled spell to increase another spells dmg

    im using aerial shackles to act as the triggering ability, also as a chain effect to the specified unit. every second the hero is channeling the ability to a unit it increases his immolation damage. can anyone help?
  16. jooster

    removing bought hero from random selection

    as the title says, what would be the best way to go about removing a bought hero so you could only have one hero playable in the map. removing them from the tavern is easy so they cant be picked. but there is also a random selection.
  17. jooster

    help please - attack icon numerical box

    i have a generic attack upgrade, such as is one in footmen frenzy. when i upgrade id like it to show the number to correspond with the number of upgrade value. ive tried adding "apply attack upgrade bonus" to the data- effect in the upgrade. ive tried chaning the icon around in the gameplay...
  18. jooster

    help with spawn point

    so at the start of the game u can select from 4 different races, each race has its own specific tower. when you select your race i have a trigger that fires off and places down your races main base then 2 of that specific races towers. i have 2 regions to place a tower next to the main base. the...