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  1. Burger_Bling

    Item Reload System Help

    I need help with this trigger. It's an ammo system when the unit gets the Item then uses it adds to the Players Gold (Ammo) But it does not seem to be working... Event- Unit - A unit Uses an Item Conditions- (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Primary Ammo Actions- Player-...
  2. Burger_Bling

    Negs Urban Sports

    Here are some funny video's of a guy named neg who makes up crazy and out of no where sports....
  3. Burger_Bling

    Mission File 105: Black Rifle

    Mission File 105: Black Rifle Created by Burger_Bling Map story (Trooper Story Line) You're a trooper who was trained to fight and destroy. You think all your battles have been hard until your newest mission has just been realesed. It is called Black Rifle. Your...
  4. Burger_Bling

    Burger_Blings Official Terraining Display Gallery

    This is the Gallery where I post my terrain. I hope you enjoy this and please leave comments and tell me which ones you like best. More will come soon enough 1. The Forest (2 Pictures) 2. The Warden and Archer Camp (2 Pictures) 3. The Lone Temple in the Sea (2 Pictures and this is in another...
  5. Burger_Bling

    First Serious Terrain!

    This is some terraining I did when i was bored Its a lone temple island in the middle of a Sea
  6. Burger_Bling

    Screen Shot Help

    Im having trouble with showing Screenshots at the Hive Ive already taken a ScreenShot but now i dont know what to do after that I tryed attaching the screen shot to one of my posts but it said it wasnt the proper file type. I dont know what to do now.
  7. Burger_Bling

    A True Bizzare and Sick Story

    One day one of my friends decided to do an experiment with his Dog. He made a Pogo (The Food) and feed it to his dog. Around 5 minutes later the dog threw up the Pogo and it looked exactly same as it was before but it was grey. This is a true story. This will change the way you look...
  8. Burger_Bling

    Infinity Arena

    Name: Infinity Arena Creator:Burger_Bling or Bnet name Chef-Nightmare Summary:An Arena Map with heroes, items, teams, bases,Creeps Spawning and Army Spawning. Objective is to kill your enemy's home base. Features: -24 heroes to select *(12 Custom, 12 Standard) -Over 90 spells and each...
  9. Burger_Bling

    Skinning Section Bug

    There is a bug whenever i open the skinning section it displays a white pag saying Warning: require_once(/includes/functions.general.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/hivework/public_html/resources/includes/common.php on line 35 Fatal...
  10. Burger_Bling

    Beta Test This Map

    Meh well nvm dont bother dling it's winning trigger doesn't work... Plz delete this thread
  11. Burger_Bling

    [Trigger] Trigger Help Plz

    I want to make it so if one of your units is standing on a region for a certain amount of time, you win. But if that unit dies, the time will go back to 0 until another unit comes in and starts the timer again. Plz help me :D
  12. Burger_Bling

    Item Fusing Help

    I know this may be a noobish request but I want to make it so when u go in the circle of power with certain items. They fuse together to create a better item. And if you have no clue what im talking about, Like Hell vs Heaven item fusing
  13. Burger_Bling

    Line Rider !

    Has any one here ever played line rider?! well if u havent you should try it out, google Line Rider and play the first selection and play it. ITS SO :D or play Line Flyer if u dont like Line rider because he crashes to easily :evil:
  14. Burger_Bling

    Damage Dash spell help!

    Some spells ive seen are very cool where the hero moves really fast in a line dealing damage to all the enemy units that the hero collides with. Can someone tell me how to make the hero move like this :!: :!: :?: :?: :idea:
  15. Burger_Bling

    Leap Smash Spell

    I really wanna make a spell where the hero jumps really high in the air then lands on some place else dealing damage to all units around it. Can anyone help me make this spell and if u can ill appreciate it alot 8)
  16. Burger_Bling

    Shadow Strike Font

    U know the ability shadow strike. Is there any way that i can change the font of when it shows the damage appear one the target unit for Shadow Strike :idea: :? :idea:
  17. Burger_Bling

    Starcraft 2 Ideas

    Starcraft 2!Well im here to talk about what do you think should be in Starcraft 2 if it is actually coming out. I think there should new races and Heroes that have spells and that can level up :D
  18. Burger_Bling

    Games we love

    :D What games do you like PLaying, Why do you like them and if you do like some post it here!
  19. Burger_Bling

    Battle Net VARIETY! enough dota. more variety

    :evil: :shock: Has any one ever gone on B Net and seen all dota games! Well i have. We need to make way more maps and lower the amount of dota on!