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  1. darkreapers

    Servant Nultiboard System (SMS) v1.0

    HAHAHA reading that was painful, it's like he used google translator and stuck a few "big" words into random spots within the sentence
  2. darkreapers

    Spellpack by Foopad ver 1.02

    love the spell, awesome :D
  3. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) awesome spell pack! keep up the gd work!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) awesome spell pack! keep up the gd work!
  4. darkreapers

    [vJass] Lost Souls v1.01b

    there is no need for words, its a awesome spell
  5. darkreapers

    Menag's Spellpack [GUI]

    ahh isnt sleep always a bitch lol
  6. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) + Gw on spell!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) + Gw on spell!
  7. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) + rep for amazing first spell, keep it up!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) + rep for amazing first spell, keep it up!
  8. darkreapers

    Menag's Spellpack [GUI]

    the green ball spell is nice, but u didnt turn off the movement trigger
  9. darkreapers

    Liquid Bomb v1.1

    the waves should also damage when they move towards the caster, it just looks very messy this way, 3.5/5
  10. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) now u have ur first rep :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) now u have ur first rep :D
  11. darkreapers

    [v]JASS - Spinning Shards v0.4

    yep i jsut found that bug when i tested the spell as well, when the shards is spinning you can actually open "learn skill menu" and the spell is there to be learnt, however it will be level 1. so if someone have this skills as level 3, they can learn it again and it be level 1.
  12. darkreapers

    Gaulish Spellpack V1.00 [GUI] [MUI]

    I found several bugs with the spells 1) multi shot does not do damage if the arrow travelled for 400 range or so, even though u can still see the arrows moving forward, it just flies through the enemy. 2) when u shoot multi shot over the cliff, it will get stuck there 3) volley does...
  13. darkreapers

    Taking Spell Requests

    hi Aspard and TY, i am at work now so i can't test it, but i will, the first thing i get home.
  14. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Ty mate for the spell. much appreicated

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Ty mate for the spell. much appreicated
  15. darkreapers

    Taking Spell Requests

    Hi aspard i got 2 spells if you or anyone can do, as always can be GUI, VJASS, + reps for all attempts at making these spells. Spell name : Spike Ram The crypt lord borrows under ground and moves towards the target location, ann units above the crypt lord movement will be hit with an...
  16. darkreapers

    Request: Meat Hook spell

    Hi guys, i really need a meat hook spell in VJASS, unfortunatly the only spell in data base is black hook by RMX, which is well done but i wanted a VJASS version one. If anyone could please make for me i will be very grateful, and of course + reps n ur name in credits
  17. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thx bro

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thx bro
  18. darkreapers

    Lightning As projectile

    thx loyal, it worked now, i gave u a rep
  19. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) TY for help!!!!!!!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) TY for help!!!!!!!
  20. darkreapers

    Lightning As projectile

    How do i use the lightning projectile from units such as thunder lizard, bronze dragon, chimera, ( the lightning guy from DOTA ) you know the lightning Line projectile. i tried to just copy paste the projectile path file from thunder lizard to my unit, but its a different projectile.
  21. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx for helping me out with my PM problem!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx for helping me out with my PM problem!
  22. darkreapers

    Spell Request (Custom bash)

    Hey sorry i was offline for sometime. just go back on, anyway i tested out the spell and it was gd + rep!!! is that how the double attack for dota works as well? lol. however can i ask is there anyway to allow it to trigger without sending an attack order? like just normal auto attack. e.g...
  23. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Hi thx for the spell

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Hi thx for the spell
  24. darkreapers

    Spell Request (Custom bash)

    Basically a 5 level bash spell like dota, where the spell can't trigger once every 2 seconds. because right now the normal bash is to imba cause it can be stacked. i tried to change the cooldown feild in normal bash spell but it didn't work. can somsone make this bash for me...
  25. darkreapers

    Learn GUI MUI, Guide ( V6.2) ) [RMX]

    Hey RMX, i was looking over your code for stomping jump, and i realised u turned the collusion off but u didnt turn it back on =P i reckon u can just insert turn on after the caster deals the damage... i dunno
  26. darkreapers

    Taking Spell Requests

    Hi, i want to request a hard spell, so please see if u can do it, it can be either VJASS or GUI 1) Tree of Destruction 2) Summons a tree (if possible, treant for level 1, then ancenits for each higher level, if not then just ancient of war model) that walks slowly towards the target...
  27. darkreapers

    importing trigers

    stop confusing the poor man. Ok this is how it breaks down. Each spell/unit have a unique code which is different from map to map, so when you import something to your map, that code would change, hence you get things replaced in your trigger. TO FIX THIS: U gotta do it by hand, open...
  28. darkreapers

    Orb of Fire

    it reminds me of your water mini whirlpool spell but only BETTER!!! 5/5
  29. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) great spell!!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) great spell!!
  30. darkreapers

    where can i Download working delay reducer?

    Visual custome kick is banned by war3, i went to thier site event he admin suggest we don't use it anymore cause it sbeen banned. i will try ur list checker
  31. darkreapers

    where can i Download working delay reducer?

    Clearly, since its not in Menu ---> Tools But which version actually works for the new patch? there is so many versions to Dl off google, i dont even know which is the newest one EDIT : Still cnat find a working DR, + rep if anyone can give me a "DIRECT link"
  32. darkreapers

    Dofus Models

    if i remember i was onn umm RUSHU, i was the first cra in my server with a full near perfect Soft oak set and i had this awesome wand which i forgot the name. here is a screen shot of my crap kicking ass. i have a shit load more pics but i dun wana flood the topic hahah
  33. darkreapers

    where can i Download working delay reducer?

    is there any working delay reducer versions out atm? n where can i DL one
  34. darkreapers

    1.24 Released!

    my Newgen pack 5c works perfectly fine, thank god i didnt upgrade to 5d lol, but still some spells in my map doesnt function anymore cause of the new patch =( ah well time to redone some
  35. darkreapers

    Dofus Models

    lol wow somsone actually played dofus, when i was playing 2 years ago i was the best cra in my server, i was level 150 and i could beat level 190+ any character
  36. darkreapers

    Map Terrain

    cant see nothing...
  37. darkreapers

    How to pause waves

    do you know a tutorial on how to set the camera bounds? that would be very helpful to me
  38. darkreapers

    Spell Request: (Shadow Mirror ) can be VJASS or GUI

    hey mate thx for the spell i will DL it the moment i get home, At work now =( sucks haha anyways thx again
  39. darkreapers

    Spell Request: (Shadow Mirror ) can be VJASS or GUI

    could not create the mirror image of the hero.... i have no idea how to do that... i tried to do add ability mirror image to (triggering hero) order hero do mirror image. but that takes some delay and i want the mirror to appear right away in the position of the hero so the enemy gets...
  40. darkreapers

    vJass Spells by Roflcoptor v1.0d

    why is every great GUI coders doing VJASS now =( on the main topic... the charge strike is the best spell in the pack, its fun to use and the effects are well done. more visuals can be added to lightning spell because right now its not very eye catchy. finally i think the blink strike...
  41. darkreapers

    xxdingo93xx's Spellpack FINAL - Clan NgO

    cant wait for the new update! keep up the epic spells dingo wish u all the best
  42. darkreapers

    Spell Request: (Shadow Mirror ) can be VJASS or GUI

    Hi there, i am making an request for a spell which i tried to do but only got it half way to work... Spell name : Shadow Mirror Type: Passive Describtion: Whenever the hero gets attacked, he will have 5/6/7/8/9% chance to create a mirror image of himself at the location, the hero then...
  43. darkreapers

    How to pause waves

    Look um i have made 3 mini games for my TD map, but i am having trouble figuring out how to pause the wave spawn when the mini games is starting. right now i am triggering next level by checking every 0.50 seconds if brown food is less then 1. the mini game i am starting right now with...
  44. darkreapers

    Talking GUI Spell Requests

    Spell Name: Fire Ring Target Type: No Target Levels: 5 Description: once the caster uses the spell a single ring of fire will be drawn around the caster at 400 AoE circle when the ring of fire finished drawing everything inside the ring will explode dealing fire damage. (mass flame strike...
  45. darkreapers

    Rain of [X] System, Version 1.1a

    woah nice system cant wait to try it out!
  46. darkreapers

    Reputation (+1): (Post) you need some more of this too =)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) you need some more of this too =)
  47. darkreapers

    [Trigger] Nova spell

    :slp: how is that anywhere near the concept of a nova? All ur trigger does is damage all units within a certain AoE
  48. darkreapers

    [GUI] - Taking Spell Requests

    err wat?
  49. darkreapers

    "Human vs Scourge" (dont got a name yet) AOS

    ok i am just going to come out and say it. 1) looks like a good start and you have the motivation which is the main thing in making a map! 2) AoS map, you are going to face the biggest competition ever so good luck to you 3) Do you plan to release your map over battle net? if so how big is...