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  1. Hive_Parasite

    [General] Question about Dark Portal spell in world editor

    Can the creatures summoned by the Dark Portal spell inside world editor be damaged by Dispel/Purge/etc?
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    Upgrading from 1.27 to 1.31

    Hi, I heard there was a bug with the World Editor that deletes all unit/object? descriptions from any custom unit created when updating from 1.27 and 1.29 all the day to 1.31. Is there a way to go around this bug? Could I just update to 1.30, save my map with that version, then go to 1.31 to...
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    [Melee] Concept: Boss Camp

    Hi, So this one is going to be interesting for melee map players. I am thinking about designing a boss camp for a 2v2v2 map I am working on. I call this a boss camp because it will feature a unique drop, which I classify as a level 5 artifact and there will be no marketplace for other players...
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    [Altered Melee] Help me stat a "summon" for expanded melee map

    Right, so currently I am toying around with a melee map and I am thinking of adding a 5th hero for Human race. Model is based off of Garithos and he is called the Field Marshal. His key skill is that he can convert Footmen into advanced versions of themselves. At rank 1 I was thinking of...
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    [Altered Melee] Rate my hero for Melee Maps: Dragon Sworn Battle Mage

    Hello, I'd like to present to everyone a tavern hero for melee maps for you guys to disect. He is a high elf dragon sworn (prestige class from old warcraft rpg) using the Dark Soldier model by Freddyk. Dragonsworns are heroes who earn the trust of dragons and learn secret dragon techniques...
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    [Altered Melee] Help me polish my Firelord

    So on one of my upcoming maps, I replaced Soul Burn with a skill called Flame Cloak (base for it is Lighting Shield). Current values are 20/25/30 damage for 100 mana and 10/8/6 cooldown. Duration is 20/25/30 seconds. Targets allowed are Ground, Friend, Enemy, Neutral Is this balanced as it is...
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    [Altered Melee] Hero Concept: Field Marshal with skill based on Dark Conversion(fast)

    Hi, I'd like to get people's opinion on the following concept for a Human hero for melee maps. He is called the Field Marshan and his model is based off of Garithos. His first unique skill is called Conscript and it permanently converts Pesants to Militia. His second unique skill is called...
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    How to convert single map submision into a map submision?

    Hi, Just a quick one. I am trying to convert a single map submision into a bundle, but the interface is not showing me whether or not I am going to upload multiple maps or update my current submision. Can anyone help me out so I can understand how to go about doing what I want?
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    Help with mechanics regarding attack types

    Hello On one of my maps I added a second attack type to the Blood Mage. This second attack type is a Magic Type attack and not a Hero attack. I've done this so the Blood Mage can auto attack whatever he banished. How much Magic Damage should the Blood Mage do so that he deals the same amount...
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    Should undead heroes have baseline healing skills like undead units?

    Hi, I wanted to get people's opinion on this topic: all undead units have some form of self healing skill granted to themselves (ghouls and abom have canibalise, crypt fiends have burrow and gargs have stone form) so my question the community is this: should undead heroes have self healing...
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    [Altered Melee] UD Hero Balancing

    Hello, I am working on a themed altered melee map, in which the timeline has shifted from TFT era to Pre WoW Clasic era. As a result of this theme Dreadlord and Pitlord got booted from the game. In their place I have 2 new heroes, both housed at the Altar of Darkness; Deathbringer: Carrion...
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    Theory crafting: Tavern and Altar Expansions

    Hello, I am currently working on improving Tavern and Altar for TFT melee maps. So far I have created the following heroes and based on my tests (as a newb vs computer) they feel balanced and fun: Dragonsworn Battle Mage: Mirror Image, Demoralizing Shout(Howl of Terror, but it reduce armor -...
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    [Spell] Poison Arrow (TFT 1.26)

    Hi, I made a spell based off of Poison Arrow, it's an auto cast which adds a damage over time effect to the caster's attacks. The problem is, my spell is not applying the buff I told it to use in the Object Editor, but the poison buff from the passive poison spears skill. Can this be fixed...
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    Quick Question

    Which version of Warcraft 3 is being most played these days? I have 1.26 version of the game and am unsure if there is any point in updating to 1.29 or 1.31.
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    [General] Orb Effects on Heroes with both attacks enabled

    Hi, I'm currently experimenting with this concept myself,however, I wanted to ask if anyone else tried this. On Blood Mage, I have enabled both attacks and have set the damage type of the 2nd attack to Magic,from Hero so that he can attack banished/ethereal units. What sort of bugs have you...
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    [Spell] Charm

    Hi, Has anyone ever used the Charm spell as a base for a spell used to try and capture buildings? If so, does casting Charm on a building enable to train the units made by that building?
  17. Hive_Parasite

    [Melee] Rate fix my custom heroes for a Melee map

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any members who still play WC3 melee maps and who could have a look at some heroes I designed. No triggered spells substitutes/recommendations as I want the map to be playable across multiple versions. Bandit Warlock: Mystical Hero, adept at demonology. Can...
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    UD Balancing

    Hi, I wanted to ask the community's opinion on the following topic: What if all UD heroes on Melee maps gained a research-able UNIT ability that lets them create blighted land? This effect would replace Sacrificial Skulls.
  19. Hive_Parasite

    [Melee] Help with Fire Orb rework required

    Hi, I am working on a 1.26 map that mimicks most of the improvements of 1.32 for Warcraft 3. I have hit several dead ends in this endeavour, reworking the Fire Orb is one of them. I wanted to ask what people would think, if I made Fire Orb enable a Hero's 2nd attack and cast Light Shield...
  20. Hive_Parasite

    So I think I screwed my map

    Hi, I redownloaded the game recently, applied a 1.26 patch and as I was editing my map (for patch 1.26) manually to reflect the changes of patch 1.32 I noticed (with horror) that stuff that should have been applied from previous patches are actually missing. Vodoo Lounge has Dust of Appearence...
  21. Hive_Parasite

    [Standard Melee] Need help with balancing an item for UD shop

    Hi, I made the following item today and wanted to ask people if they think it is a viable alternative for Ritual Dagger, a WC3 Reforged item. Ritual Stone, purchasable from Tomb of Relics, no tech tree requirements: Provides 1& health regen to the all units owned by the owner of the stone...
  22. Hive_Parasite

    [Spell] Spinning Wards

    Hi, I'm trying to make a ward, using Blackrock Blademaster skin from WC3 editor. It has Permanent Immolation on it. How can I make this Blademaster constantly spin in GUI? Do I just add "spin" to Animation Name segment?
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    [Altered Melee] Race Design

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask what everyone thinks about melee maps that feature a race that uses Red Orc models while the standard Green Orc race remains a playable race. I have this one map, which is a legion invasion themed reskin of turtle rock and I was considering replacing the human...
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    GameRanger/Garena and WC3 Reforged

    Hi, Is it possible run WC3 reforged in either Game Ranger or Garena? If so, does using these platforms enhance the multiplayer experience?
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    Balance Advice for Legion themed map

    So I am working on altered melee map, called Legion Invasion of Turtle Rock's the standard Turtle Rock map, with the standard 4 races, except I've edited 2 existing tavern heroes and made 3 new heroes themed after the Illidari faction. Changes made: Pit Lord, replaced rain of fire...
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    AI related toppic

    Does anyone know where I can find the AI used by wc3 in standard melee maps (I want to edit that AI so I can teach it to use Tavern Heroes). I would also like to know if someone made some custom AI scripts for traditional Melee maps. Finaly, if possible could people here on the forums give me...
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    Looking for inspiration

    Hello I am trying to make a unique hero for an altered melee map(standard races are used). The concept of the hero is that he is a schyzo warrior gone mad in Outland. The main ideea of this hero is that he is based around the 3 generic paladin skin models (black haired paladin, white haired...
  28. Hive_Parasite

    Looking for inspiration

    Hello I am trying to make a unique hero for an altered melee map(standard races are used). The concept of the hero is that he is a schyzo warrior gone mad in Outland. The main ideea of this hero is that he is based around the 3 generic paladin skin models (black haired paladin, white haired...