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  1. Zorrot

    NEED YOUR VOICE: Quenching Trial

    The entire article will take about 10 minutes to read. If you are not a big fan of typefaces, you are welcome to watch the video first and go straight to the last part. This post will be quite straightforward - It's about the fate of a map. Quenching Trial is a passionate project which under...
  2. Zorrot

    Loading QM on Hive

    In order to avoid the network condition proble, you can download QM client and full package also at
  3. Zorrot

    Quenching Mod Help Gitbook

    If you get any problem about QM, now you can view this Gitbook first for answer! Feel free to add your suggestion to this book!
  4. Zorrot

    Quenching Github Reopen

    We're too busy lately to take care of our resource and officially released in Hiveworkshop but however we reopen the github and reduce some size to prevent our repo being locked by github again If you have anything interested in QuenchingMod, you may come to our github site and see if it's...
  5. Zorrot

    Quenching Mod w3n reader introduction and some API

    The w3n converter released with v1.5 and for now it's working fine and there are few notes for reforged campaign makers It's only work with unprotected w3n files if it's protected, you may call us to make some special fit in 0/ mechanism The convert process is basicly like the pervious...
  6. Zorrot

    Converted Campaign Download

    - NOTE - These campaigns were only converted to adjust custom campaign system, no other modification. We will keep convert until we finished [.w3n] reader - How to install - Use "Load Campaign" Function in QuenchingModCN.exe and Choose a [.cque] campagin files. If you find bugs please...
  7. Zorrot

    Setup Video/Tutorial

    If you meet "Units/Trees Dissapear" problem Try to use Lock Classic and reopen the Client and Warcraft III Normal Setup Put QuenchingModCN.exe to your warcraft III folder Push Uninstall -> install mod Campaign Install Video Here Normal Update Put QuenchingModCN.exe to your warcraft...
  8. Zorrot

    Feedback & Bugreport

    If you encounter any problem when using QuenchingMod please send them here
  9. Zorrot

    Quenching Mod Overview/Update

    About The Quenching Mod is a graphic enhance module of Warcarft III Reforged. The Quenching Mod was originally founded by Zorrot, Jixed and Keno as a passionate project. After a year of development, the quenching mod has become a more mature project and widely accepted by many lively...
  10. Zorrot


    Q. How to download quenching mod? A. You can just download normal and core version just at Hiveworshop - Tool - a few days later. If you want full version and campaign please go to our official site: Q. How to install quenching mod? A. 1 - unzip the...
  11. Zorrot

    Download / Useful Resource Link

    Download Mod: Maps quenching-showcase-campaign ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------
  12. Zorrot

    Quenching Mod Showcase

    Trailer Video (v1.21) ScreenShot of Melee and Campaign (v1.21) ScreenShot of Quenching Campaign (v1.21)
  13. Zorrot

    Is it possible to make a Mod in REFORGED?

    Hello, I tried to make some replacement by "Allow Local Files" in regedit, and put material in folder like "ReplaceableTextures" which was working just fine. But however a fatal problem comes that the CLIFF texture CANT CHANGE. Yes, put it in a folder named "ReplaceableTextures/cliff/" may...
  14. Zorrot

    allow local files problem

    Its possible to modify files like miscui in reforged by editing reg. But some files and dictionaries just can’t change like _tileset or _hdmod. Is there anyone who have a clue about this?
  15. Zorrot

    FileIO v1.1.0 fixed

    In reforged there are issues when using TriggerHappy's fileIO system. if you found error, try to replace method readpreload with following, Bold font is the modify: call Preloader(this.filename) call TriggerSleepAction(2) private method readPreload takes nothing returns string...
  16. Zorrot

    An easy smooth fog changing system

    Hi, haven't come for a long while. recently i was making some project for warcraft reforge, so there are few system i made for myself. But it's always a pleasure to share it anyway. library Fogchange initializer Init globals public real Rprim = 100 //Red public real Gprim = 100...
  17. Zorrot

    A New one here

    Er..................This is the first day I come here.I used to making maps but none of them is here now.................i want improve my skills about jass.And I wish we can get along well:grin: