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  1. Mugzippit

    surprise surprise i do :D

    surprise surprise i do :D
  2. Mugzippit

    2P Campaign: Human 05

    Another amazingly modified campaign map!
  3. Mugzippit

    2P Campaign: Human 03

    very well modified for 2 player
  4. Mugzippit

    2P Campaign: Human 01

    what is the level grade based on? me and a friend did the first 2 levels and ended up with a B and a C :(
  5. Mugzippit

    Reputation (+1): (Post) brilliant mapmaking

    Reputation (+1): (Post) brilliant mapmaking
  6. Mugzippit

    Dark Invasion 1.1.0 FINAL

    Final version to an amazing map
  7. Mugzippit

    Roller Coaster Beta v.07

    brilliant map 4 playing with friends! hope you keep going with it!
  8. Mugzippit

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very helpful tutorial

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very helpful tutorial
  9. Mugzippit

    The Path Of Proper Map Making - What to do and what should be avoided

    worked it out! (well i think its fixed as the trigger works and has the custom script). Thanks for all the help! Lack of Description/Detail/Information ive looked though the tutorials and theres nothing on how to make a proper description, let alone up to the level of skill used in...
  10. Mugzippit

    The Path Of Proper Map Making - What to do and what should be avoided

    Problems following the tutorial II changed (ugd_respawn) to (ugd_RespawnOutpost) and still not working. RespawnOutpost is the variable used in the trigger.
  11. Mugzippit

    The Path Of Proper Map Making - What to do and what should be avoided

    Problems following the tutorial ive tried to improve the respawn in a map ive been working on but the tutorial doesnt give enough info. it came up with Line 539:Expect a name The trigger is: can you say what ive done wrong?
  12. Mugzippit

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01

    rejected.... no mention why...
  13. Mugzippit

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01

    1.01b Uploaded the update before double checking the hotkeys! They are sorted now though ive also shrinked the map to 2.84mb
  14. Mugzippit

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01

    v 1.01 ive tried to improve my map using the points you made in your review. ive redone the necklace so its still valueable and made quite a few new skills as replacements to the normal wc3 ones and ive tried to improve parts of the terrain but i know it still needs work.
  15. Mugzippit

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01

    while making ive tried to cover all aspects of the worldeditor without doing something that hasnt been done hundreds of times before (for example maze maps) and without finding an unprotected map and working it out from that, with the exception of finding out how to cancel a cinematic midway...
  16. Mugzippit

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01

    i appreciate the criticsm. its needed for something to be improved. did you find any other bugs aside from the necklace?
  17. Mugzippit

    Reputation (+1): (Post) being extra nice :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) being extra nice :D
  18. Mugzippit

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01

    Reply to review Ive fixed the necklace so it can still help players move around but not teleportation anymore and im working on the terrain and spells atm. the scout probably said nothing beacause subtitles needs to be on
  19. Mugzippit

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01 (Map)

    Mugzippit Castle The kingdom has been under the dark rule of Mugzippit. Now a group of 6 heroes, consisting of humans, elves and a dwarf, are the only ones with the courage and power to face the dark king. The heroes have rallied together to assault the fortress and the people of the city...
  20. M

    Mugzippit's Castle 1.01 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  21. Mugzippit

    VideoGame RPG v2.0e

    theres a couple of problems with skills in this, ive played the v1.8 version several times on bnet but almost every game ends with the fatal error.(i think its pikachu's Thunder spell)
  22. Mugzippit

    SotDRP [1.02] - Barrens

    There r a bunch of custom heroes that i think u can only spawn using spawn 01 Custom_#### command (like on DoBRP) but i cant find a complete list of them. is there a website with a list of them or am i completely wrong and the only custom heroes there are r the ones in the custom hero places...
  23. Mugzippit

    Return of Alisia Dragoon

    amazing campaign. u may want to alter the spell you use on the missions where you are flying because you can target and kill yourself with 1 misclick.
  24. Mugzippit

    Eragon 0.36

    its OK. needs alot more work in tho. you may want 2 take out the custom items (e.g. the random potion that kills the hero that drinks it which is also quite near where eragon achually starts) and the random heroes that dont really have a reason to be there. it might be best if u waited for the...
  25. Mugzippit

    Empire Builder

    this is a bit messed up. Most of the forts arnt defeatable.
  26. Mugzippit

    Dwarf Campaign (Voice Acted)

    3 well made maps and a nice storyline
  27. Mugzippit


    very good!