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    Battle of the Chiefs2.35

    Ty for the rating, ill think about what you said.
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    Your First Terrain?

    I think their really good :O
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    Hello and welcome to THW. You should try some THW tea some time. It is delicous.
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    A tasty Ice Cream Bar joins the hive!

    Hello, and welcome to THW... Can i eat you?
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    Battle of the Chiefs2.35

    Please comment on this map
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    Battle of the Chiefs2.35 (Map)

    This map is a 10 player map with tons of custom units and heroes. It is a war like map with large clashes in the middle of the map and with unpredictible tactics. The Objective is to kill your enemys Chief Builder. Updates: - 2 new modes added -panic and -heroes glory - Balancing
  7. B

    Battle of the Chiefs2.35 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Rookie terrain contest

    Psst... Change the first posts contestents so Rickys not there and add HerotoDLstuff
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    Terrain Challenge - Ashenvale - Poll

    Herio-san got my vote. His use of Doodads is great and i love the waterfall.
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    Which is your favorite race and how many levels you have on

    I also enjoy playing as the Undead. And I usually do random so i never know what race i'll get. I usually hope for Undead or Orcs and I do not do that damn annoying Blademaster Abuse.
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    Im new ! Drp3

    Enjoy the paradise which is THW
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    Random Statement

    I'm not up to date in Dota. And whenever i join their like "BOOT THAT NOOB!11!!!" And also there are so many good players at Dota that noobies (Like me) don't stand a chance and they are immediately crushed under the heel of pros. And no i never think dota will die out.
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    Broken Leg - Oh My God!!

    OUCH, that gotta hurt. Damn man but he did deserve it
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    Craka_J's Terrain Showcase

    Excellent, you deserve a hug, I also like #5 and i like #1
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    I cant host , why ? (please help)

    Hosting Probs Alright, My old modem was broken so i had to buy a new one. And on that old one i was able to host games on Now i have gotten a new modem and i have tryed hosting but it didn't work. I checked the ports and i had ports 6112 for both TSB and USB checked, I also hade both WC3...
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    Greetings and welcome to THW :off topic: I learned that the hard way...
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    Sunny Day road...

    Can u put in more screenshots. I'd like to see some more
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    Which is your favorite race and how many levels you have on

    Woot Orcs. They tear apart the standard infantry with their grunts. The Disadvantage of Orcs though is that their air units are not good. But their ground troops definitely crush others. (Except Mountain Giants)
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    Rookie terrain contest

    Hey Sacrimo... I hope its not to late for me to join in, I've always wanted to be in a terraining contest but their are so many excellent terrainers at the hive and im not nearly as good, but this may be my lucky day for this is for rookies :D Hope i can join
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    Sweet song Numa Numa

    Intresting i never thought such a awesome song would be done by this weird person........... I like the Navi Version Alot :D
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    [Trigger] Nobish Question Ever! XD

    Please be more specific... Is this what you want though? Trigger Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions Actions Unit - Cause (Attacking unit) to damage (Attacked unit), dealing damage damage of attack type Normal and damage type Normal
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    Tinting Colors

    There's tons of colouring programs in the Tools Section.
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    Hero mounting Pets..

    Trigger Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Mount (Unit-type of (Target unit of ability being cast)) Equal to Horse Actions Unit - Replace (Casting unit) with a Horse Guy using The old unit's...
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    Battlemage of the Crimson Order

    Its ok, about 3/5. Why don't you put some designs on the blades of her wing set?
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    Intresting....................................I like it
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    I slit someones throat then starting eating them. Then I walked by a guy who was selling illegal candy canes. And i bought one and started throwing it at a statue. (This dream was really weird)
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    Liquid Nitrogen

    Ugh....I don't know why but that makes me sick to the stomach
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    [Trigger] How do you use Game Cache?

    this is a broad topic... Well... here's a tutorial on campaign basic's including the Game Cache.
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    How will you die? quiz

    Uhhh, I wouldn't really call it "Clean".I mean, im not going into gory detail or anything but wouldn't there be blood everywhere? Like all over the walls or something? And i wouldn't actually call it beautiful...
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    map corruption

    Ummmm he has posted the map in his latest post. And if that trigger restore idea doesnt work then you can always start a new one as suggested.
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    Can we create a password in the map using world editor? And what are the needs of....

    Well actually, if the map isn't protected someone can open it in WE and find the trigger with the password in it.
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    [Trigger] Problem with spawning

    Simple, Your trigger says 2 beast's on the same action. Meaning that the have to spawn on the same spot because they are on the same action. You must create two seperate actions for them to spawn in diffrent places.
  33. Burger_Bling

    Can we create a password in the map using world editor? And what are the needs of....

    There is another way. Which is protecting but it doesn't have a password system, and this website doesn't support it.
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    Activating abilities on death (or spawn.)

    For the first one, simple. Use the ability Kaboom from Goblin Sappers and swith the Activates on death to yes. And POW! you got it. And second one, what cormag said. [off topic]Since you new I reccomend introducing your self here so people can know your around.
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    Here is a tutorial made by Werewulf. If your trying to avoid re-modeling, don't worry, this tutorial is easy and is very helpful.
  36. Burger_Bling

    Cluster Rocket Based Spells

    Yes i think you should use default buffs and effects
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    Yes that is true, but it's a chance none the less
  38. Burger_Bling

    Inserting Models

    Ok here's a quick tut Say you have a model named war3mapImported\Shotgun1.mdx and a texture named war3mapImported\ShotGUN.blp 1. Import the model and the Skin using Import Manager 2. Double click on the war3mapImported\Shotgun1.mdx (The Model) and change the path to Shotgun1.mdx (Basically...
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    Item Reload System Help

    Well I fixed it. It turned out i needed a dummy spell for the item.
  40. Burger_Bling

    Mission File 105: Black Rifle

    Actually, It is like that. When you first begin the game your a marine with no gun. When you get a gun you get the attachment and then your marine is holding the gun. If you look closely at some screenies, he's holding a diffrent gun. I'll add a screenie of when you first start out.
  41. Burger_Bling

    Item Reload System Help

    I need help with this trigger. It's an ammo system when the unit gets the Item then uses it adds to the Players Gold (Ammo) But it does not seem to be working... Event- Unit - A unit Uses an Item Conditions- (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Primary Ammo Actions- Player-...
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    Mission File 105: Black Rifle

    ( Uh oh triple post. O well it's an update so I hope it's nessecary.) I added some screenies to the main post. I have also changed it so each team has only one type of unit but you can now pick up multiple weapons such as pistols, rifles, shotguns etc. and equipt them on to your unit. I...
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    How will you die? quiz

    I got Natural Causes
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    Negs Urban Sports

    Here are some funny video's of a guy named neg who makes up crazy and out of no where sports....
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    Reputation: (Post) Deeply sorry for your mother

    Reputation: (Post) Deeply sorry for your mother
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    Terrible... I am deeply sorry about what's happening to your mother I hope she will be able to bear the consequences of cancer...
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    Heroes Of Might and Magic Ultimate

    Woot im looking forward to this map
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    Problem Playing With Icons

    You double threaded...
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    Mission File 105: Black Rifle

    (Sry for double post but its an update so it may be nessecary) Ok Фeanor I saw your comment then started thinking of a diffrent objective. Now i made it so you have to get a certain amount of kills to win and there is no computers (no spawn force) and no home base's. Hope this makes the map...
  50. Burger_Bling

    Mission File 105: Black Rifle

    Lol so much negative things..... D: hope the map is ok...