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  1. Xaerth

    I dunno, I might need to redo the way arrows work, which will be a while.

    I dunno, I might need to redo the way arrows work, which will be a while.
  2. Xaerth

    Need a free music slow down program..

    I'm fairly sure that your standard Windows Sound Recorder can decrease speed on WAVs by 100% (no fine tuning, I think)
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    Animation Transfering Question

    In your equip event, add Animation - Add the gold animation tag to (Picked unit) Or whatever the corresponding animation tag is to whatever the corresponding unit is. This means you have to add said animations to the model as well. NOTE: WC3 models have limited animation tags. I suggest...
  4. Xaerth

    Colision Shape help+Magos

    I've never used collision boxes, but you might want to try using Magos' Calculate Extents tool, that might do what you're looking for.
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    Using Magos' editor, save the MDX as an MDL. Then, use Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modifier to open the MDL. You can individually open each geoset in there and delete parts of the model. I find this is a lot easier to do when removing small parts of models, like weapons. Of course, there is also a...
  6. Xaerth

    Custom Models won't work ingame!?!

    Did you save the model as an MDX, not an MDL?
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    I opened it up with Magos' and it looked messed up there as well. I started a new one and removed the shield myself, and upon removing the top of the shield's geoset, I broke the animations. I really don't know much about geosets and all that stuff, but if you just scale down the top of the...
  8. Xaerth

    Problem with my deathcharger model

    Helper "wc3wowforum dot superforo dot net" { ObjectId 77, Parent 76, } I replaced what you had there (Line 8636, I believe) with a text version. Symbols in HelperName = bad It should work now. For any further problems with models crashing, I recommend...
  9. Xaerth

    Model Lighting

    3DSMAX9, saving as a 3DS, opening in Milkshape3d, using the MDLX converter there, and toying with it in Magos' and Oinerwinkles' (sp) vertex editor to UV wrap it. As far as Omni Lights go, I haven't used any. After toying around with the lights, I think I made it a bit more obvious as to which...
  10. Xaerth

    Can't import some model files I downloaded in this web !

    You only need to change the path of the .blp, not the mdx.
  11. Xaerth

    I know I'm out of luck, but...

    My hero pack from my map here. It's got a headless guy with left handed attachments (except for one spellcasting one and the parry one, I think. But all his attacks are left handed from the Footman). It also has a few heads you can attach. Might have weapons too, I forget. EDIT: Wow, way for...
  12. Xaerth

    Model Lighting

    While looking at my models in Magos' viewer, they look fine - however, once I drag them into WE, the shading from the light looks bad. After a thorough search, I found a thread about steep angles causing this; if so, is there any OTHER way to remove this effect? Adding and redoing every angle...
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    Untitled ORPG

    Just updated the map: Islands of Serahul ORPG - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site Added a yacht-class ship out in the Uncharted Isles - Has a bed onboard, 5 cannons, 250 extra hull points, but at the cost of not being able to be upgraded. Now it's at a static location, though I...
  14. Xaerth

    How to change unit Maximum roll angle to negative by trigger

    I'm not sure if this is it, but you might want to look at Animation - Change Unit Prop Window Angle. It sounds similar.
  15. Xaerth

    How to change unit Maximum roll angle to negative by trigger

    I don't understand why you'd want a negative angle. Wouldn't -10 be equivalent to 80 or 350?
  16. Xaerth

    Make specific aura unable to affect magic-immune units?

    Event - Unit starts effect of ability Conditions - Ability being cast is equal to _______ Unit - Add Classification (mechanical or something) you can do a periodic check for when the buff dissipates to remove the classification
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    how to change art target on command aura

    Change the art of the buff it applies
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    Problem with talking in rpg.

    King Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Talk Actions Game - Display to (Player group((Owner of (Triggering unit)))) the text: |c00aaff00Armorer T... Therein lies your problem. You have only specified...
  19. Xaerth

    Untitled ORPG

    There's instructions that come up, but you have to read them :/ If you would rather read now than ingame... you have to walk over to the ax, press escape, take item, click the axe, press escape, press S, click on the enemy. Or you can read the instructions :P
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    Is there a way to hide healthbar of unit (not locust ability)?

    You might want to look at Game - Enable/Disable pre-selection functionality, however it affects all units.
  21. Xaerth

    Untitled ORPG

    First, you need a dummy ability (Channel ability). The benefit of using Channel is that you can have as many channel abilities as there are order strings, so you never have to use any other abilities unless you want to, plus it has great trigger stuff. Channel settings: Data - Art Duration: I...
  22. Xaerth

    Untitled ORPG

    Quest NPC question: Blue circle (units affected by an aura in normal WC3) underneath NPC depicts conversation-ability Willow Tree question: Stole it from the Ultimate Terraining Map :X (credit was given in credits to the author, if it was listed) Item Customization: There's magic items and...
  23. Xaerth

    Untitled ORPG

    I added a beta version of the map to the map archive. Some features were cut: Jump (I had it in, it was buggy and made the camera sad. Swimming MAY return, however, I'm not sure how I'll make the animations not look so bad. Two Island towns do not get income from a farm, whereas the two on...
  24. Xaerth

    Dark Invasion II - [ORPG]

    That multiboard is amazing. Wow.
  25. Xaerth

    Untitled ORPG

    I've had quite a bit of progress thus far. I have almost finished the swamps and first fort, added the crime system for murder, theft, and trespassing, and am almost done with all the models. For those interested in my RPG hero pack, I have uploaded it to the following link...
  26. Xaerth

    Reputation: (Post) found my dumb mistakes

    Reputation: (Post) found my dumb mistakes
  27. Xaerth

    Reputation: (Post) very helpful

    Reputation: (Post) very helpful
  28. Xaerth

    [Trigger] Camera locks onto wrong unit

    Ok, first I would change the "Map Initialization" event to "Elapsed Game time is 0.4 seconds." Then make the 2nd initially off and have the first one turn it on. Tried it, no difference. I used map init out of laziness, I'll keep it this way, thanks. Next you forgot to specifiy a unit type the...
  29. Xaerth

    [Trigger] Camera locks onto wrong unit

    When I test the map, in the update event, it follows around the proper rotation, but still locks onto player one's camera. This is the map initialization, and this is probably what would cause it to lock incorrectly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Camera Events Map...
  30. Xaerth

    Untitled ORPG

    This map is a truly unique ORPG (irony). Rather than the traditional ORPG, it has a class-less system, custom face selection, armor physically on the player, and boardable ships (with upgradeable interiors and interior fires), crime system, and completely unique combat (attacking and parrying...
  31. Xaerth

    Terrain 1.0

    This tool is unbelievably helpful. The only downside are the steppes formed, but they are easily fixed with a smooth brush. If you don't know how to draw detailed heightmaps, I'd recommend using GeoControl to make some decent heightmaps.
  32. Xaerth

    Damage Inflicted

    You'd probably need to use code, and it's much easier to just stick to GUI Triggers with WEU as Ramza suggested.
  33. Xaerth

    CentaurKhan (Model)

  34. X

    CentaurKhan (Warcraft 3 Model)

  35. Xaerth

    Animation Help

    Save it as a MDL, open it up in notepad, and look for this, or something similar: Sequences 22 { Anim "Stand" { Interval { 167, 1567 }, MinimumExtent { -203.47, -201.277, -35.6347 }, MaximumExtent { 198.457, 200.65, 209.786 }, BoundsRadius 292.089, } } Delete all the Anim...
  36. Xaerth

    Town Hall Export Problem

    I've been using Magos' Model Editor, 1.02. Whenever I try to export certain things (Town Hall, Tavern to be specific, the rest work I think) as MDLs, I get an error message... and they don't export. Any ideas?
  37. Xaerth

    A problem with importing my new models.

    Hey, thanks... finally fixed em. Geoset animations and an extra "{" in there f---ed the model up.
  38. Xaerth

    A problem with importing my new models.

    I'll pretend I know what that [the mistake] is? Does that mean that the animation adding thing is messed up?
  39. Xaerth

    A problem with importing my new models.

    I import them, and they all crash. My Human Peasant with a removed Pick-Ax and Blademaster Animations works fine, but the following do not (And this sucks, since I spent like 8 hours on them): Troll Headhunter (I fixed some bone names with this model... that might be it?) without spear or...
  40. Xaerth

    War of the Acolytes (in process of making) DON'T MAKE IT!!!!

    QFE. Is this thread requesting a terrainer or something? I gathered that in addition to what Sven said.
  41. Xaerth

    Need a glitch fixed..

    Oops :o I don't think yo ucan do it with variables. This will be very frustrating.. I reccomend you use this method: get 8 dummy units and trigger-unit create them at the polar offsets then give them a useless ability like... life drain with 0 everything (except duration, of course, and...
  42. Xaerth

    Attack Sound

    That way people can miss, aim where they want to, and its better than Shockwave/Carrion Swarm for counter-strike map style shooting since they don't go over walls and they can shoot better with a repeating type weapon (ex, machine gun) and work especially well with acquisition (sp, I know it)...
  43. Xaerth

    Need a glitch fixed..

    Set them all to Variables... The reason it doesnt remove all of them is because it says "Remove Last Created" (Theres no indication of plural :P, not to be an arse or anything)... which is too bad because those are some sweet effects that are pain to use.
  44. Xaerth

    Attack Sound

    Aye, tried that. No success... even looked in a MPQ viewer to see if it was hidden or something.
  45. Xaerth

    Attack Sound

    Yeah... well sorta. I just realized that it still makes noise of some sort... sounds like an arrow or something still. But I removed the machine-gun noise. That's the trick, isn't it? I would love to do that and all, but its not in the sound editor. No marine sounds are that I have found...
  46. Xaerth

    Attack Sound

    Marine. I'll edit after I try and take it out. EDIT: Hey, it works. Thanks.
  47. Xaerth

    Attack Sound

    So I've got my stormtrooper, and replaced a couple sounds with my laser shot sound. When I use him, he uses two sounds when attacking: the default marine fire, and some arrow firing sound or something (I replaced the Arrow Sounds, and that didn't work). Any idea how to make it so all I hear is...
  48. Xaerth

    Cliffs/Hills dissapear when my Map loads???

    Didnt see that this was answered yet... Are you using WEU? If so... are you using special cliffs other than the normal tileset's? If so, then you gotta get a WEU patch to actually see the cliffs. Which is bad. Not many people on Bnet are gunna be using the WEU patch...
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    Iconpack downloaded from
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