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  1. TaintedRuins

    [JASS] Fourth Resource

    I'm having some difficulty figuring out how to set up a fourth resource. Event - a unit (requiring the resource) begins training Condition - Action - If: Real (?): ??? (Something to the effect of, amount of variable x equal to x) Then: Subtract x amount of variable x Else: Stop training...
  2. TaintedRuins

    The Siege of Anglesey // An Invasion [HELP NEEDED!]

    Screenshots are here!
  3. TaintedRuins

    Status on Repairing NewGen?

    I'm waiting... D: I have mucho work to do... WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE WARN ME THAT THE NEWEST PATCH WOULD KILL IT? :{
  4. TaintedRuins

    Replacing Tiles

    I know this may be nubby of me, but I don't want to screw up my terrain. So, I just imported two new skin tilesets, I have the right pathing, et cetera. How do I replace the rock I already have with the new rock I imported, without having to completely redo it? Any thoughts?
  5. TaintedRuins

    Farm Tiles [EBR: Inferno]

    Tile Models Requested: Farm Tiles [EBR: Inferno] [x] Wut does this nub want? A farm tile set. [x] Huhhh? Essentially, a set of several different tiles that when combined in an area would create a farm-style terrain, with interchangeable pieces for variety. [x] Ohhhh...
  6. TaintedRuins

    Pre-Roman Europe Models/Campaign Screen Needed! [EBR: Inferno]

    Whatever you can loan to me to assist in the way of adding realism to the extraordinarily popular EBR, newest version would be GREATLY appreciated. You will receive at least 30 seconds of on-screen credits at the beginning of the game with both the name of your creation and your username being...
  7. TaintedRuins

    Europe Before Rome Revived: Inferno [MODELLER NEEDED!]

    EBR Revived: Inferno [NEW Screenshots] [Index] [x] Introduction [x] To-Do List [x] Request for Help/ Status Update [x] Screenshots [x] Playable Factions [x] Models [x.] Introduction [.x] So, you all thought it was dead did you? Ahahaha. I have been given the...