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  1. BradPittlord

    Playing Warcraft III v1.31 on a NAS

    I have a Network Attached Storage that I use to store all of my games. Running Warcraft III v1.26a it runs just fine off of the network, however if I try to open Warcraft III v1.31 it won't open, it just gives this error; (The application encountered an unexpected error.) I've tried the x86...
  2. BradPittlord

    Playing Warcraft III Version 1.31 on a NAS/ network

    Not sure if this is quite in the right forum but anyways, I have a Network Attached Storage that I use to store all of my games. Running Warcraft III v1.26a it runs just fine off of the network, however if I try to open Warcraft III v1.31 it won't open, it just gives this error; (The...
  3. BradPittlord

    Boycott Diablo II Reforged, I mean Resurrected

    Blizzard released Warcraft III Reforged incomplete and buggy and when they reseived tons of negative backlash, rather than fix the game they broke, they swept it under the rug and acted like it never existed. And I garentee you, they'll find a way to screw up Diablo II as well. All they care...
  4. BradPittlord

    Lan Party!!! Ye

    Check it out, although I still feel like I'm missing something, but what?
  5. BradPittlord

    Wc3 v1.31 lan problem

    Ever since blizzard began updating prior to reforged to create a game on lan other players can only join if they have a copy of the map, otherwise it just kicks everyone. So testing my map on lan I make small bug fixes save it, then freakin have to put it on a flash drive and copy it to each...
  6. BradPittlord

    Desync Question

    Using get GetLocalPlayer() will this desync Set TempPointSpell = (Position of (Triggering unit)) Set Temp_Player = (Owner of (Triggering unit)) Custom script: if GetLocalPlayer() == udg_Temp_Player then Special Effect - Create a special effect at TempPointSpell using...
  7. BradPittlord

    2 Questions

    1)Used a imported .blp image, set the path to war3mapMap.blp and it works fine to change the in game minimap however soon as I updated to v1.31 the minimap image is just the map itself. So I deleted the imported image and reimported a new one and soon as I test the map it's still just the map...
  8. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Visual Studio, pasting code to Trigger editor

    For some reason sometimes when I copy/paste Lua code from visual studio to the trigger editor it pastes these random symbols instead 鿐ϴ 昰Ϯ I thought it was VS causing the problem at first but I'm pretty sure maximizing and minimizing world editor copies those symbols to the clipboard anyone...
  9. BradPittlord

    Lua Question

    I can't seem to get this to work, all it ever prints is "2" gets stuck on if IsUnitType(u, UNIT_TYPE_STRUCTURE) == false then function PortalActions (L, PG) print ("2") local u = GetTriggeringUnit() local n = GetUnitTypeId(u) if IsUnitType(u, UNIT_TYPE_STRUCTURE) == false then...
  10. BradPittlord

    syntax error

    When you save your map and it compiles your script if it gives a syntax error it tells you what it is but what line it's on and the text box of that line is never actually where the syntax error is. Is there a way to find where it is cause VS isn't catching any errors edit: For some reason if I...
  11. BradPittlord

    Couple Questions

    1. For bribes damage engine, it's faster if you combine all your triggers into one with the GDD_Damage_event. Does the same concept apply to other triggers? Say combining all your, "a unit is sold" or "periodic Event .03 sec" along with the many other events to reduce lag? 2...
  12. BradPittlord

    Loading Screen

    Is it possible to get an 1920 x 1080 loading screen? No matter what I can only get 4 x 3 aspect ratio Tried using Loading Screen Also is there a way to hide loading bar? I tried Importing .blp textures and giving them the paths below, idk if maybe the size counts, I tried 128 x 128, and 256 x...
  13. BradPittlord


    So its a known thing that waits are bad, Therefore players are advised to use timers or periodic time So why hasn't blizzard released a patch to fix waits yet?
  14. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Charge Gold and Lumber, techtree requirement

    Trying to have the ability "charge gold and lumber" to have an upgrade requirement but it's not working. Basically what I'm doing is a unit stores "flux" when it attacks, and I want him to be able upgrade into another unit which costs "50 flux" so I gave him the "charge gold and lumber"...
  15. BradPittlord

    Displaying Image

    I'm trying to show an Image at the point where a unit is attacked, problem is it only shows if the unit is standing in certain positions. Here's the trigger Sarah Palin Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True)...
  16. BradPittlord

    Instant Tower Block Detection with out lag?

    I've seen this asked before and it seems not possible to detect a block through triggers in a large mazing area without a lag spike. But it has been asked soo long ago, I don't know if anyone had any breakthroughs? I mean Warcraft 3 itself has to run A* code everytime a movement order is issued...
  17. BradPittlord

    Trigger Remove Event

    There is the trigger action "add new event" but is there a way to remove a event from a trigger or just a way to remove all events from a trigger?
  18. BradPittlord

    Dialog Box Problems

    Making a Dialog box with multiple buttons and certain buttons open other dialog boxes with multiple buttons and a Back button. For some reason I can't get it working, when I click "Normal Settings" it opens up "Entropy Settings" but some times it doesn't. Within "Normal Settings" the...
  19. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Special Effect Height

    Is there a way to set a special effects height? These don't seem to work Special Effect - Set Position - Z of (Last created special effect) to 400.00 Special Effect - Set Height of (Last created special effect) to: 400.00 This works on a dummy unit but does it leak a point? Special Effect...
  20. BradPittlord

    Building Problems

    Trying to get a building to cast Big Bad Voodoo, which also targets Structures but for some reason when I use it the buff and effect flickers on and off every second. Trying to get a building to use pendent of energy using the Hero Inventory ability, works fine but when you upgrade the building...
  21. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Image Photoshop Transparent Background

    Nother question, is it possible to show a Image in game with a transparent Photoshop background without it just showing up as a white background?
  22. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Hashtable Leaks?

    In a TD I'm trying to set a large number of units to a hashtable each wave. How do I remove all the units from the Hashtable between Waves so it doesn't leak each wave? Clear child hashtable wants a specific value, which that unit is only saved to that hashtable so I don't know how to get that...
  23. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Broken Map

    Alright so on a TD I've been working on for months with many backups saved. I load backup #44 test it, it runs fine. I then make a couple small changes to it, add a few spells, a few simple triggers, then save it as #45 I test #45 and the unit pathing makes no since, they can walk through...
  24. BradPittlord

    Ability Codes

    Is there a way to show the duration, damage, ect of a spells next level in the Tooltip Learn - Extended In Tooltip learn %d appears to be the code to show the number for the next level So using <AEer,DataA1> for duration, in theory I should be able to use <AEer,DataA%d> but it doesn't work...
  25. BradPittlord

    Phoenix Fire

    I'm using Phoenix fire as a hero ability; I disabled dummy buttons and triggers for testing. I also have duration set to 0.01 For some reason when I level up the skill the attack cooldown still remains as it was at level 1. Ex. Level 1 Cooldown 10.00 Level 2 Cooldown .25 At level 2 he...
  26. BradPittlord

    Number Models

    Looking for a unit model file that is just a number; 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 I can then use those models with the art attachment "overhead" to stick em on other units. I can use floating text but I can quite get it to work the way I want. Don't know if this exists somewhere but I can't find it.