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  1. darkreapers

    Request: Meat Hook spell

    Hi guys, i really need a meat hook spell in VJASS, unfortunatly the only spell in data base is black hook by RMX, which is well done but i wanted a VJASS version one. If anyone could please make for me i will be very grateful, and of course + reps n ur name in credits
  2. darkreapers

    Lightning As projectile

    How do i use the lightning projectile from units such as thunder lizard, bronze dragon, chimera, ( the lightning guy from DOTA ) you know the lightning Line projectile. i tried to just copy paste the projectile path file from thunder lizard to my unit, but its a different projectile.
  3. darkreapers

    Spell Request (Custom bash)

    Basically a 5 level bash spell like dota, where the spell can't trigger once every 2 seconds. because right now the normal bash is to imba cause it can be stacked. i tried to change the cooldown feild in normal bash spell but it didn't work. can somsone make this bash for me...
  4. darkreapers

    where can i Download working delay reducer?

    is there any working delay reducer versions out atm? n where can i DL one
  5. darkreapers

    Spell Request: (Shadow Mirror ) can be VJASS or GUI

    Hi there, i am making an request for a spell which i tried to do but only got it half way to work... Spell name : Shadow Mirror Type: Passive Describtion: Whenever the hero gets attacked, he will have 5/6/7/8/9% chance to create a mirror image of himself at the location, the hero then...
  6. darkreapers

    How to pause waves

    Look um i have made 3 mini games for my TD map, but i am having trouble figuring out how to pause the wave spawn when the mini games is starting. right now i am triggering next level by checking every 0.50 seconds if brown food is less then 1. the mini game i am starting right now with...
  7. darkreapers

    how to make bridges invurnerable?

    i have a bridge that connects 2 important part of the map, however during game play it can be destoried from effects of spells. how do i make bridges invurnerable?
  8. darkreapers

    Splash Damage HELP!

    Hi i am making a TD, and its got mazing it in. I have encountered a problem. my towers keep dieing, at first i thought its the creeps killing it. then i found the source. my splash towers damage will hit my towers too because it is doing AoE up to 200 radius. how can i avoide this? i...
  9. darkreapers

    [Trigger] Whats most effects anti block trigger for TD?

    Whats the most effective way to make creeps attack a tower when they are blocked? right now in my TD map when i was testing i setted up a maze that is blocked at the start. the creeps would reach the blocked end and wait maybe 1-2 seconds before destorying it and moving on. but when make...
  10. darkreapers

    [JASS] VJASS Access Violation error?

    when i tried to save my map with a new VjASS spell i am getting the following error Access Violation at address 0047AA2C in model ;jasshelper.exe.' read of address FFFFFFF anyone know what that error means?
  11. darkreapers

    Need a spell can be in VJASS or GUI

    hi I am requesting a spell. The Ranger shoots an arrow made out of pure arcane energy, the arrow will travel towards the target location, as they move forward they will shed their energies damaging any units they touch. When the destination is reached they will exploding dealing a final AoE...
  12. darkreapers

    [JASS] How can i use a existing JASS spell as a template for a new spell?

    look um i am just learning VJASS right now. anyways i want to try and use a already made VJASS spell into a new spell by modifying it ( dont worry this is on a blank test map and will never be released i am just doing this to try n learn stuff) so anyways, everything seems to be fine at...
  13. darkreapers

    [JASS] Just got NewGen can someone help me with import?

    Hi so i just got new Gen cause i wana try some JASS spells but i cant seem to get the import right, when i imported the spell and followed directions new gen is telling me there is 15 compiled errors and wont let me test the map. I have double and tripple checked my ID number and it all...
  14. darkreapers

    [Spell] Fire spiral

    Hi requestings a spell called fire spiral. It is a fire spell with 5 levels. What it does: Ceats fires that spiral outwards from the origin of the caster to a max of 400 AOE. Enemies walking through the flames will take 50/100/300/800/1500 damage per second. the burn lasts for 5...
  15. darkreapers

    [Trigger] Help with tower combination

    hi i have done a tower combination trigger, just asking how i can make it better, because right now i am making it do, if 2 towers that can combine r on the field, ur unit gains a research option. once u click the research it removes a random tower of the same type and places a new tower...
  16. darkreapers


    hey everyone, newbie here, hope to learn something new about triggers haha cause i suck at it!