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  1. fran bel

    Night Warrior Tyrande

    Very very good model, a detail that perhaps happened is that tyrande also has glitter on her hands and legs, it is not that it is so necessary but otherwise the model is perfect
  2. fran bel


    From what I can see the mouth in the portrait talk animation is buggy
  3. fran bel

    Heroic Melee (2.64)

    very good map, I played it with some friends and it was great, very fun, but I have a question, is there the possibility of the divide and conquer map, create it in 1.27b? if you can't, no problem, but my pc doesn't support much the reforged so I have to play in 1.27b XD anyway thanks for your time
  4. fran bel

    Death Knight Kael

    It's magnificent, it's just perfect, I love it
  5. fran bel

    Chaos Hellscream Reforged Fix

    wow friend that's great, the truth is I'm kind of bad at adding animations hahaha, when it goes private and I update the model giving you credits
  6. fran bel

    Zovaal the Jailer

    VERY GOOD MODEL VERY VERY GOOD do you plan to do others like the possessed anduin?
  7. fran bel

    [SD/Modeling] Summon effect for warcraft 3 classic

    thanks i will check it
  8. fran bel

    [SD/Modeling] Summon effect for warcraft 3 classic

    hello, I'm fran bel, I tell you I'm doing a remastering of kinematics in the old warcraft 3 using sounds, music and effects of warcraft 3 reforged, but I have a problem and that is that the effect of when archimonde is invoked is much better in reforged and I would need that if someone knows how...
  9. fran bel

    PKBlaster - Reforged PKB Color Swapper

    friend I have a problem and it is that when changing the color of the immolation and the attack of illidan metamorphosis its sounds no longer sound, and the spheres when hitting do not disappear instantly
  10. fran bel

    Human Arthas with sword, animation restoration

    Personally I saw that model, I did not use it as a base since it is not my model and in part I do not like that animation very much
  11. fran bel

    Eternity's End Enhanced

    Yeah From what I understood, the bug happens if I save a game and then load it, right?
  12. fran bel

    Eternity's End Enhanced

    Let's go!! another campaign to play and record, I already missed your campaigns haha
  13. fran bel

    Human Arthas with sword, animation restoration

    hello friend, if you give it to see in 3d you get that the model that is to download if it has the animations, also my personal friends will download it and if it works for them, what I recommend is that you check if you have put the route correctly of the model, it is most likely because of that
  14. fran bel

    Human Arthas with sword, animation restoration (Model)

    Well, the normal sword arthas only has 3 animations, which did not convince me much so I added the missing animations, using the arthas with hammer as a base, and this was the result, enjoy it. I leave a photo doing the animation "Cinematic proud one" as an example
  15. F

    Human Arthas with sword, animation restoration (Warcraft 3 Model)

  16. fran bel

    Archimonde, ground fire restored

    Don't worry friend, that's how the effect is, it's set like this on purpose, in classic it's the same
  17. fran bel

    Archimonde, ground fire restored (Model)

    This is a model created to replace the original archimonde, placing it in its Units\Demon\Warlock. It has both the original reforged fire, that of the hands and that of the ground that is the one that restores, enjoy it
  18. F

    Archimonde, ground fire restored (Warcraft 3 Model)

  19. fran bel

    High Elf Kael'thas

    nah I like it red XD the high elves are equal to the blood elves only with blue eyes and clothes, the clear example is the priest, the sorceress (although he does not comply with the blond hair) the elf soldier
  20. fran bel

    High Elf Kael'thas

    Regarding the red I decided to leave it since a blue emissive in a blue layer is not something that is very aesthetically beautiful XD, regarding the error of the nails I had not noticed
  21. fran bel

    Chaos Hellscream Reforged Fix

    I actually tried, but I'm new to using Reteras, and from what I saw, you have to accommodate grom's weapon frame by frame and it's kind of complicated from what they told me.
  22. fran bel

    Reset ArthasMenethil transplant

    haha you don't know what you're missing XD (I mean it in a good way, just in case I don't express myself well XD)
  23. fran bel

    High Elf Kael'thas

    I honestly don't know how to do it XD
  24. F

    main emissive (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  25. F

    main diffuse (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  26. F

    cape emissive (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  27. F

    cape diffuse (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  28. F

    armor emissive (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  29. fran bel

    High Elf Kael'thas (Texture)

    as I saw that there were none and I was bored I decided to do it, this is the version of kaelthas high elf, and now, there is no more XD
  30. F

    High Elf Kael'thas (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  31. F

    Main (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  32. F

    Emissive (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  33. fran bel

    Kel'Thuzad Shadowlands WoW Rip

    great model, by the way do you plan to go up to the jailer and the new form of the jailer?
  34. F

    Hellscream Morph Animation Model (Warcraft 3 Model)

  35. fran bel

    Chaos Hellscream Reforged Fix

    Sure, I'll see what I can do
  36. fran bel

    Chaos Hellscream Reforged Fix

    sorry dude but this is oslo a fix and the blizzard created eye glow is red not green
  37. F

    Chaos Hellscream Fix (Warcraft 3 Model)

  38. fran bel

    Chaos Hellscream Reforged Fix

    This is a grom fix, since the blizzard created a main emissive but the model and its portrait do not use it so I decided to add it, then I leave you some images of how the model looks To replace the grom model for the whole game, just do the following enter the retail folder and there create a...
  39. F

    Chaos Hellscream Reforged Fix (Warcraft 3 Model)

  40. fran bel

    Tyrande Ascended

    VERY VERY good, the only recommendation I would give you is that you add the icons for both models
  41. fran bel

    Belf Illidari Pack (BY Zerglaive)

    I would make a claim in your place
  42. fran bel

    Belf Illidari (by Thuj)

    wooooooooooooooooooow 5 stars
  43. fran bel

    [Crash] bug when opening campaigns

    Hello friend, I mention a problem that maybe you know the solution since you edit the campaigns in warcraft 3 reforged I'm remastering the campaigns in the old warcraft 3 (version 1.27b). To make it look better, a person extracts the reforged sounds from me, but from whom I format the pc when...
  44. fran bel

    RoC mechanical units Reforged

    I leave you 2 photos, one of the lich roc and another of the tft la verdad es un cambio muy minimo pero ahi esta el detalle XDDD
  45. fran bel

    RoC mechanical units Reforged

    I was watching and the lich also has differences between roc and tft, will you create that model?
  46. fran bel

    Furion Reforged Beta

    Sorry, I had not understood since I speak Spanish and the google translation was not very good, sorry for the inconvenience
  47. fran bel

    Furion Reforged Beta

    Question, this model has animations that are from the druid of the talon, and from another model, since it has other animations that the druid of the talon does not have, I would like to know what that other model is, please.
  48. fran bel

    Illidari - Demonblade (Female)

  49. fran bel

    Illidari - Illidan (Demonblade)

    I already tried the model and it was 10 I loved it, the only negative thing is the elimination of the cinematic animations. I still give you 5 stars
  50. fran bel

    Illidari - Illidan (Demonblade)